This Papa Bear Chair Is The Maximum In Comfort & Style

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One of the most iconic mid-century décor pieces produced by Hans. J Wagner is the extraordinarily stunning Papa Bear Chair. This modern-day throne’s ultimate purpose is to promote relaxation and cocoon you in a blanket of comfort.

However, you have to think of the repercussions of its dimensions and scale before you can begin to reap the benefits of its comforting folds. The layout you form has to be styled in a manner as to highlight the true potential of this masterwork. 

The Papa Bear Chair!

Look no further for inspiration for the 5 ideas outlined below are all you need. I was smitten upon discovering this stunning Papa Bear Chair and can’t believe it slipped past my decor radar. 

If you never heard about the Papa Bear Chair, you’re in for a treat. It’s always been on my wishlist, and I hope yours too. 

1 – Cultivate a Sense of Warmth

This deluxe reading room offers a cozy welcome due to the wonderful combination of plush texture and posh form offered by the Papa Bear Chair, immersed in toasty hues.

This cocooning effect results from this commodious chair paired with the weighty outline of the patterned rug bringing in intimacy and a comfy sense of scale to the entire room.

One of our favorites is this stunning Safavieh Mid-Century Gomer Papa Bear Chair. Put your modern flair on display with the Gomer armchair from Safavieh. This chair transforms any room and creates the perfect cozy nook for reading too.

With a nod to iconic mid-century Danish style, this exquisite chair sports slender legs, dramatically flared arms, and button tufting on the backrest. The sturdy oak frame is upholstered in a neutral grey cotton fabric, giving this high-backed chair both comfort and strength.

Safavieh Mid-Century Gomer Papa Bear Chair

This layout idea featuring a myriad of colors from the animated artwork to the ceiling-floor bookshelves bursting with colorful books is a smart way of breaking through the monotony of a normally boring and monotonous library.

The entire ambiance lets you enjoy some shapely diversity whilst retaining a sophisticated and slightly traditional aura at the same time.

2 – Create Order with symmetry

The monochrome scheme is anything but dreary as the rich undertones make the whole space effortlessly attractive. The Papa Bear Chair pictured above imposes a sense of order and interlinks every article inside the room.

This living room arrangement is far from the domestic and traditional layout people are used to and is basically oriented towards appealing modern sensibilities. The muted neutral tones of the carpet and walls provide the perfect canvas upon which to frame this setup.

Photo by Elms Interior Design – Browse living room photos

Adding pops of color to your decor will ensure you aren’t spiraling into a dismal single color system. By installing secondary furniture pieces that are much less overpowering, like the center tables and floating shelves, you won’t direct attention away from the chair itself.

3 – A Luxe Nook

Turn a bay window into an intimate and cozy little spot for two with a Papa Bear Chair duo. By taking on white as the foundational color palette, you can introduce fashion-forward, trendy color.

You can do this by adding patterned or solid pillows, stylish throws, embellished curtains, and attractively arranged decoration pieces on the accompanying side table.

This work of art is clearly a study in stunning artistry and minimalistic visuals as the angelic white aura targets both casual and formal events. To highlight the workmanship, it is best to complement the chair with unembellished supporting pieces like plain plywood side tables, miniature flower pieces, etc.
This very same setting can be transferred into bedrooms, living rooms, waiting areas, office settings, etc. I would love one in my living room to replace our current easy chair. 

4 – Sophisticated Beauty

A traditional feel to interior decor is much easier to execute if the finishes give the appearance of age and solidity. The Papa Bear Chair’s brickwork contributes to its regal good looks, transforming it into a classical piece.

The arrangement captured below tantalizes visual senses by blending diverse textures and elements from the rustic patterned carpet to the pillow style side-table, the strategically worn-out wall, and the chair’s plush seating.

Hans has clearly crafted this simple yet tasteful design from a stroke of genius. Following this theme, you can create a wonderfully humble setup featuring warm tones and charming old-fashioned vibes.

5 – Build around metallic accents

Whoever claimed that dark colors like grey and black are dull and drab clearly haven’t seen the Papa Bear Chair in action. The unique proportions and gracefully clean-cut aura of this particular piece are pretty kingly in the traditional sense. Placing it smack in the middle of a room curates a wholly eclectic ambiance around its marvelous frame.

You can even upgrade the room’s mood with complimentary throw pillows and rugs that sport a diverse array of prim and playful patterns. It poses as a harmony of trendy yet class, dynamic yet not very overwhelming center-focused lounging area.

The Papa Bear Chair is a décor piece that has stood the test of time whilst enhancing the visual charm within any interior setup, making it a homemaker’s ideal purchase.

To help you emulate beauty into your lives, browse through this article, and augment any room’s aesthetic aspect. I know I have one on my wishlist, do you?

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This Papa Bear Chair Is The Maximum In Comfort & Style - Sassy Townhouse Living

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