15 Easy Tips To Have And Keep A Cleaner Kitchen

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Kitchens seem to be the hardest to keep clean, and even more so with a larger family. Don’t fret! These tips will help you keep a cleaner kitchen in no time! With a new year, we set goals and look to a more productive year ahead. Well, you can use these essential tips to help you keep a clean kitchen longer!

Cleaner Kitchen

Best Tips For A Cleaner Kitchen  

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Recently, we tested some of the best tips for a cleaner kitchen and found them failproof. Of course, as we dig into this new year, we want easier cleaning tips for our whole house as well. So, we started with the kitchen since most of us find it’s the most challenging to keep clean.

Additionally, with this new year, you’ll want to clean and organize the rest of your home but one step at a time. Now, that we have more time at home, we can focus on creating new cleaning habits too! More importantly, did you know studies show a clean kitchen is good for your mental health as well?

We know, the tips below on how to keep a cleaner kitchen will transform the way your kitchen looks and feels. Of course, you can tweak them to your preferences and schedule as well.

leaner Kitchen

1 – Your Kitchen Sponge

As you know, many places in your kitchen harbor nasty germs and bacteria. Your kitchen sponge is home to many of them, and it’s essential to ditch it at least once a week. Plus, you can microwave the germs away, but that’s not the best solution. Since our kitchen sponge makes for the ideal breeding ground for various microbes, it’s best to ditch it.

Cleaner Kitchen

More so, many microbes become resistant and can still thrive after microwave cleaning. A recent study shows microbes can re-colonize and thrive on your sponges. Therefore, it’s best to replace your kitchen sponge weekly and avoid the health risks.

Instead, you can try these Antimicrobial Kitchen Sponges that are 100% Mold Mildew and Bacteria Resistant. And to keep your sponges in top shape, don’t forget this top-rated Sponge Holder too. Now, your kitchen sponges will last longer and stay safe for the entire family.

2 – Stick Vac Your Floors Clean In A Snap

Sweeping floors is a drag and expends more energy than it deserves. Sweeping your floors involves a two-step process and takes far longer to do. Last year, we fell in love with our Dyson V8 Animal Cord-free Stick Vacuum. But if you don’t want to lay out the cash, consider this Shark® Freestyle Pro Cordless Vacuum for a third of the price instead.

For example, you can stick vac your kitchen floors once a day for a cleaner kitchen and less fuss. Stick Vacs make perfect sense anytime the kids spill an entire box of Cheerios or steps on those delicious chocolate cookies you just baked. With a stick vac, you can have a cleaner kitchen in no time!

Additionally, you can use it on your rugs, wood, or tile floors. Stick Vacs are the best invention since sliced bread! These easy to clean and use vacuums are all we reach to clean our kitchen floors and the rest of the home. You’ll discover they clean your floors and save you so much time. If you haven’t considered using one, it’s time to reconsider.

3 – Give Your Kitchen Sink A Nightly Onceover

Did you ever walk into your kitchen in the morning, look at your sink and say, yuck! Well, you can easily avoid this by scrubbing your sink once at the end of the evening. We love Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser & Polish Trio. You’ll see just how scrubbing your sink clean before bedtime gives you a cleaner kitchen overall.

Versatile and easy to use, Bar Keeper’s Friend products work on multiple surfaces, including copper, stainless steel, porcelain, and more. It’s a non-abrasive formula that helps to remove rust and stains left behind by hard water. Plus, it not only great for kitchens but ideal for use in bathrooms as well.

4 – Don’t Let Dishes Pile Up On Your Dish Drying Rack – Do This Instead!

Let’s face it. You can’t have a cleaner kitchen with dishes piled up all over the place. Instead, this revolutionary Over The Sink Multipurpose Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack solves that problem immediately!

Once you see how it works, you’ll never want another dishrack ever. Every night, we do our dishes using this rack, and in one fall swoop, put them away and fold away the dishrack inside a drawer. After all, you don’t want that dish rack out for display.

Not only does it dry dishes, but you can use it to hold wet vegetables and fruits, thaw frozen items, and dry washcloths and sponges. This dishrack features so many versatile uses and will keep your kitchen organized and cleaner.

5 – Don’t Waste Time Prewashing Your Dishes And Have A Cleaner Kitchen

Most dishwashers today can handle larger bits of food leftovers on your dishes. Prewashing wastes time, water, and money! Dishwashers have sensors that check your dishes to ensure they come out sparkling clean. While you don’t want to leave huge chunks of leftover food, don’t bother scraping the sauces and bits off your dishes before dishwashing.

Furthermore, you can use that extra time tidying up so you can have a cleaner kitchen at the end of the day. Stop feeling guilty about precleaning your dishes before you load them up and use that time for other much-needed chores instead.

7 – Want A Cleaner Kitchen? Your Trash Can Needs Some Love Too

No one likes cleaning the trash can, but you should deep clean it weekly. When we say deep clean, we mean the following: the outside, the interior walls, around the lid, pedal, and up and under the rim. More so, you’ll have a cleaner kitchen, and it will smell nicer as well.

Also, don’t forget to keep your trash can smelling nice too. You can pop in a Fresh Wave Lavender Odor Eliminating & Deodorizing Packs. These packs work to eliminate odors & freshen the air in your kitchen. You can also use them for drawers, closets, wastebaskets, and more. Place them where you notice odors and let them make your home spaces smell clean again.

More so, this iTouchless 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can features an Odor Absorbing Filter and a wide opening sensor! Plus, because it’s 100% Touch-Free, that means less grime! All you do, it let the motion of your hand opens the lid – no touching needed! Keep a healthier home when you reduce exposure to illness-causing bacteria that live on trash cans.

Cleaner Kitchen
Image Amazon: 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can

8 – Kitchen Drawers And Shelves

Fortunately, cleaning your kitchen drawers and shelves requires attention about once a month. But doing so will ensure you get a cleaner kitchen in no time. Start by asking yourself when you cleaned them last? While once a month is a good timeframe, you can push it off a few months depending on the heavy kitchen traffic.

As you know, crumbs and debris collet in drawers and on shelves. It’s not something you can ignore because it looks and feel unsightly. Once a month, tackle that mess with some spray cleaner and washcloth, and we promise, your kitchen will look and feel cleaner. You can also use your Stick Vac to clean the leftover crumbs!

By the way, it’s a great idea to line your kitchen shelves and drawers with Con-Tact® Grip Non-Adhesive Ultra Shelf and Drawer Liner. These liners are easy to remove, clean, and place right back! We have all the shelves and cabinets lined with them as well.

9 – Clean The Clutter Once And For All

As you know, paper clutter can pile up fast, and your kitchen is no place for it. Instead, gather up all the menus, mail, and any other paper you have lying around and organize it permanently.

As you know, paper clutter looks unsightly, and your kitchen is no place for it. Instead, gather up all the menus, mail, and any other paper you have lying around and organize it permanently.

Now, we have two choices for organizing your kitchen papers, and we love them both. First, we use a Mounted Wall Organizer and also a countertop Free-Standing Mail Organizer. One sits in our foyer and houses all of our menus, coupon books, keys, etc., and the other sits on our countertop, stowing away important mail, scissors, pens, and other items.

Whether you choose both, or one, you’ll have a cleaner kitchen quickly and easily by organizing your kitchen paper mess!

10 – Cleaning Your Kitchen Mats And Area Rugs

While it might seem challenging to clean our kitchen floor mats and area rugs, you’ll find it much easier with these tips. First, decide if the whole floor needs vacuuming. If not, grab a rag with some antibacterial spray cleaner and give them a good cleaning on both sides. Try to schedule your mats and rugs into your cleaning schedule at least once a month as well.

If you have machine washable area rugs, it’s best to clean them at least once a month, especially in the fall and winter months. If they require professional cleaning, try adding Febreze Heavy Traffic Carpet Foam Cleaner to remove lingering and trapped odors. We love this foam cleaner because it doesn’t leave a sticky residue and makes our area rugs look and smell clean!

11 – Clean Your Kitchen Chairs

Furthermore, your kitchen chairs can often look neglected if you don’t give them a good cleaning. We clean our kitchen chairs weekly because we spend oodles of time in the kitchen cooking and baking. If you do as well, they deserve a good clean at least once a week. Don’t forget to add them to your cleaning schedule. Just take a microfiber cloth and use a good all-purpose cleaner to perk them back to life.

Cleaner Kitchen

12 – The Easiest Way To Clean Your Kitchen Cabinets

Recently, we found the easiest way to clean our kitchen cabinets. Of course, it involves using a product to give them a clean and beautiful shine! Never before have we used anything that cleans as well and as fast. Scotts Liquid Gold Wood Clean & Preservative is all you need! Not only does it help you zip past cleaning your kitchen cabinets but all the wood in your home as well.

You’ll want to spray them down at least once a month, and we promise, doing so will give you a cleaner kitchen in no time! All you need to do is either spray a microfiber cloth or rag with one spray of Scotts, wipe the cabinets quickly, and you’ll have a clean shine that lasts for weeks.

Holiday Cleaning Tip
Scotts Liquid Gold Wood Clean & Preservative

13 – Clean Your Oven Hood Vents

Last year, we discovered a cleaning hack that will make your oven hood vents look brand new. It only takes about 10 minutes from start to finish, and you’ll never clean them any other way again!

As you can see from the images below, our vents look brand new, shiny, and most of all, sparkling clean. Head over to our how-to clean your oven vents article to find out how to finally get your old, dirty, grimy oven vents sparkling clean again!

14 – You Need A Kitchen Shut Down Routine

Finally, if you don’t have a kitchen shut-down routine, you can use the above tips to make one. If you have late-night snackers, set time limits for them to dirty up the kitchen. If they insist on snacking late, buy a clean-up chart and stick it on the fridge for them to adhere to and if they don’t, they can’t late-night snack anymore.

Plus, before you turn in for the night, add a list of quick clean up chores for a cleaner kitchen. Typically, we vacuum and quickly Swiffer Jet the floors, clean the countertops, wipe down the oven, and make sure the tabletop looks neat and the chairs neatly arranged.

With these cleaning kitchen tips, you too can have your kitchen immaculate and shiny all day and night long. Once you develop these cleaning habits, you’ll find your entire home will fall right into place as well.

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