Holiday Cleaning Tips You Need To Ready Your Home

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Everyone who cleans their homes knows how arduous it is, especially before and after the holidays. When it comes to holiday cleaning tips, you don’t want to miss these. We want our homes to look their best during the holidays, even if we spend it with just our families.  

Additionally, these holiday cleaning tips work perfectly all year long as well. Discovering how to ready your home anytime, you need a cleanup and fast! You don’t need to spend all day cleaning either. With these holiday cleaning tips, you can get the key areas of your home holiday-ready in no time.

Holiday Cleaning Tips

It’s All About Appearances

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We have enough stress from shopping, wrapping, and cooking during the holidays, and we don’t need any from cleaning. That’s why it’s a good idea to think globally about our homes and not detailed nuances. After all, we want our homes to look organized, sparkling clean, and the envy of the neighborhood.

Let’s break it down. First, let’s assume you keep your abode in good shape when it comes to organizing and cleaning. If that’s the case, these holiday cleaning tips are a walk in the park. Think about your home globally, and don’t sweat the details. Of course, there’s cleaning involved, but we’ll focus on key areas first.

Below, you’ll discover easy ways to perk your home for the holidays. But equally as necessary, the game-changing products we use to get the job done right. I’m starting with two of my favorite products that work fast and effectively to clean many surfaces in my home.

Holiday Cleaning Tips

1 – Make Key Areas Look Clean And Shiny – One Of Our Favorite Holiday Cleaning Tips

First, for our homes to look and feel holiday-ready, you should start by quickly polishing up your wood furniture. As you know, polishing furniture can make an entire room look and feel brand new and sparkling clean.

More importantly, you don’t need to break a sweat. Our go-to cleaning and dusting product is Scotts Liquid Gold Wood Care. Once you use it, you’ll never use anything else to clean and care for your wood. Once applied, it visibly hydrates and deeply nourishes while cleaning and dusting!

Scott’s Liquid Gold, trusted to care for real wood since 1951, is a brand we all know and trust. Now, they take care of our wood surfaces and so much more.

The Proof Is In The Pictures

More so, Scotts Liquid Gold Wood Care moisturizes to enhance your real wood furniture’s natural beauty, texture, and grain. It also contains natural oils for a visible shine and no wax, silicon, or nut products.

For example, in the images below, you can see the incredible transformation after using Scotts Liquid Gold Wood Care on my kitchen cabinets and wood furniture. Polishing up before the holidays is a great way to make your home look and feel clean, fresh, and shiny! You can also purchase Scotts Liquid Gold Wood Care from Scott’s website.

Plus, you can use it on your furniture, cabinets, doors, baseboard and paneling, antiques, and even stainless steel and brass! Scotts cleans everything in your home, leaving a shine like no other cleaner.

You can see stains on my wood table that disappeared after using Scotts Liquid Gold. And my kitchen cabinets look shiny, clean, and holiday-ready. My wood furniture and kitchen cabinets never looked so clean before, and they look as new as when we first bought our home.

Also, my wood furniture is so shiny that I can see my reflection! Dusting with subpar wood cleaners and polishes never produces such a brilliant shine and cleans your most delicate wood pieces. You’ll find holiday cleaning tips like this one invaluable!

Cleaning Your Appliances And All Hard Surfaces

Next, you’ll want to ensure all your appliances and surfaces look clean, shiny, and presentable, especially during the holiday season. Again, this doesn’t need to take hours but more like minutes. If you own a stainless steel fridge, you know how fingerprints, dust, and sticky handles can look awful.

The good news is that you only need one product to clean just about every surface in your home. Scott’s Liquid Gold ONE CLEAN HOME, a new multi-surface cleaner, works great for wood and more! ONE CLEAN HOME uses naturally occurring, non-toxic citric acid to clean all kinds of household messes for cleaning that makes you feel good. You can also purchase Scott’s Liquid Gold ONE CLEAN HOME directly from Scott’s website.

Plus, it only takes me about 15 minutes to perk up my appliances, computer equipment, and even my countertops. Moreover, you can use this product on all types of hard surfaces. It cleans greasy, grimy, gritty, goopy messes too. I love the foaming no-drip formula because it stays put and is super easy to clean up messes quickly. You can use it on finished wood, tile, stone, wood laminates, plastic, porcelain, stainless steel, metal, and vinyl!

In the images below, you can see how my fridge looks clean and shiny in minutes. Don’t forget to perk up your stainless steel garbage pail, too. You can see the before and after images of how amazing One Clean Home works. With these holiday cleaning tips, your home will always look and feel perfect day in and day out.

3 – Prioritize And Tidy Up Obvious Messes

As we mentioned, you don’t want to worry about every nook in your home. Instead, take a good look around at the main areas in your home and get to work on tidying those first.

For example, declutter countertops, your entryway, dirty laundry, and anything you notice lying around and out of place. Hide stuff if you need to. Also, ensure your kitchen looks nice and tidy by cleaning up anything that looks out of place.

Remember, think about your home globally, and don’t sweat the small stuff. Regarding holiday cleaning tips, you want to get your home in shape quickly. This way, when the holidays are over, you can start to focus on the heavy cleaning and organizing.

deep cleaning

4 – Cleaning And Mopping Your Floors – No-Fail Holiday Cleaning Tips

When our floors look dirty, our whole home feels and looks like a mess. You don’t need to spend hours vacuuming and mopping, either. First, pull out that Dyson Stick Vacuum and get going! If you don’t own one, you might consider gifting yourself one this year.

The Flagship Dyson V7 Allergy HEPA Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is a game-changer when it comes to vacuuming the floors. I can quickly vacuum the entire home in under 15 minutes. If you don’t own a stick vacuum but a bulky traditional one, focus on only heavy-traffic areas.

Then, you’ll want to mop and do it quickly as well. With the Swiffer WetJet Floor Mopping and Cleaning Starter Kit, it’s a snap! You can clean and brighten your floors quickly and easily.

This mopping system gives you a great clean on virtually any floor in your home. With a unique dual-nozzle sprayer, this all-in-one mopping system breaks up and dissolves tough messes for a powerful clean. Its cleaning solution loosens dirt and lifts it off the floor, pulling dirt and grime into the WetJet pad and locking it away for good.

I believe these two products will allow you to vacuum and mop your floor effectively and in no time. Once you try them, there’s no going back!

5 – Bathroom & Guest Rooms – Quick & Easy Holiday Cleaning Tips

Of course, we want our bathrooms squeaky clean, but we don’t have the time to clean them, especially around the holiday. But don’t fret. You can make your bathroom clean in under 15 minutes.

First, make sure the floors are clean using the methods listed above. Next, clean your bowl inside and out. Use Lysol Toliet Bowl Cleaner inside with the best toilet bowl brush cleaner, Clorox Under Rim Toilet Bowl Brush with Corner Storage Caddy. This brush set rocks. It features a side brush to clean under the rim quickly and easily.

Then, spray down the bowl with Lysol Power Bathroom Cleaner. It’s my go-to bathroom cleaner for quick, effective cleaning. Plus, it cleans all bathroom surfaces with a brilliant shine and powers through soap scum and limescale.

Now, when it comes to perking up your guest room, you can also do this easily. Many of us will spend the holidays without family and friends with the pandemic’s onset. If that’s the case, you can skip this step entirely.

To perk up your guest room quickly, use these few holiday cleaning tips to get started.

  • Add fresh flowers, scented soaps, and one of your favorite aromatherapy candles to perk up the space.
  • Stock some fluffy 100% cotton towels in holiday colors for your guests to enjoy.
  • Fill a wicker basket with shower gel, bath bombs, body lotion, scented soap, and soft cotton washcloths.
  • Also, provide guests with a beautiful wicker basket for housing towels and dirty laundry.
  • Provide some yummy snacks for your guests to enjoy. Place them in a basket beside their bed for a late-night holiday treat.
  • Leave some highly-rated books for them to read. You can add a few home decor magazines or a link to their favorite lifestyle blog.
  • Make sure you place a note with the password to your WiFi.
  • Finally, make sure you make room for their suitcase to fit comfortably. You can also clear out a drawer for guests to house items during their stay.

When it comes to cleaning up for the holidays, you need the fastest ways to clean up your home and make your guests feel comfortable and welcome. With these easy holiday cleaning tips, you can do it all quickly.

6 – You Know Your Home Better Than Anyone

Since you know your home better than anyone, you can spot what needs tidying and cleaning right away. Please sit back and take a good look at what you think needs cleaning and add it to your list. Maybe its toys cluttered about or a laundry pile up, start by quickly clearing away the clutter.

While we want our homes to look great all year round, it’s even more essential during the holidays. Whether you have guests over or not, we want our homes to look and feel cozy and clean for our family and close friends.

Also, don’t overlook the importance of pest control services to ensure a clean and pest-free environment. The hustle and bustle of holiday activities can inadvertently attract unwanted guests like insects and rodents. A proactive approach to pest management complements your cleaning efforts, ensuring that your home remains a welcoming and hygienic space for festive celebrations. 

You still have enough time to start, and by using these holiday cleaning tips, you can do it and feel good about the upcoming holidays. After all, aside from cleaning, we should plan our holiday meals as well. You don’t need all the pressure mounting at once, so take a look around and start today!

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We participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, Skimlinks, and other Associate Affiliate Programs. Affiliate advertising programs like these allow us to earn fees by linking to affiliated sites at no cost to you. As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases. Please check our Disclosure Privacy Policy page. Thank you for supporting our website.

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