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How To Stop Using Plastic Bags And Be Eco-Conscious With EcoBasket

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If you pride yourself on being eco-conscious and want to finally stop using plastic bags then you are going to love learning about the CleverMade EcoBasket!

I’ve been plagued by guilt for years using plastic bags when shopping and felt bad that those reusable totes weren’t working for me. I found them too flimsy and not comfortable to carry my items in, but now, I’ve finally found the perfect solution! 

Plastic Bags Eco-Conscious EcoBasket

How The EcoBasket Keeps Me Organized

Being eco-conscious is very important to all of us, and plastic bags, as we all know, are so bad for the environment. When reusable totes came into the market, I bought so many of them and was always struggling to force myself to use them.

I know, it might not seem like a big deal to use them but it was for me. They always hurt my hands and arms when carrying them and they never lasted long. That’s why when I discovered the EcoBasket by CleverMade, I was so excited because it was the perfect solution!

Plastic Bags Eco-Conscious EcoBasket

Let me tell you all about the CleverMade EcoBasket and why they are successfully replacing every plastic bag in my home. 

Description Of the EcoBasket

  • EcoBasket is a reusable, collapsible tote that is friendly on the environment and your wallet
  • Transport up to 25 pounds of your favorite goods, groceries, and gear
  • Two ways to carry: adjustable, removable shoulder strap for heavy loads and top handles for lighter loads
  • Folds down flat to less than 1.5″ and stores neatly with the built-in WrapStrap
  • EcoBasket has been engineered to be eco-nomical, while still offering the same easy snap open design and sleek storage as our SnapBasket

Shopping is so much easier now and this EcoBasket 3-pack makes it easy to keep one in my car, one at home, and yep, one in my handbag too. Since they are collapsible, they are so lightweight and easy to tote around!

Plastic Bags Eco-Conscious EcoBasket

This year, getting socially conscious has never been easier with CleverMade’s smart design that combines eco-friendly packing, transport, and storage, to simplify shopping trips and day-to-day tasks.

Plastic Bags Eco-Conscious EcoBasket

I love discovering new products that help make my life easier and more manageable and the EcoBasket does just that. It’s also perfect for the beach too. I can easily tote around my beach towel, bathing suit, snacks, and lotions in it and keep them all clean and organized too! 

You can easily transport 25 pounds of your favorite goods, groceries, and gear then collapse it flat to less than 1.5 inches to store in your trunk or home with ease!

Plastic Bags Eco-Conscious EcoBasket

You can choose from vibrant colors too! Pink is my spirit-color so of course, I had to go with it! The CleverMade EcoBasket is available in three colors: Dusty Blue, Fuchsia, and Lavender – I want all three, please! 

Plastic Bags Eco-Conscious EcoBasket

And, starting in April, you can pick up the Eco-Basket at select Walmart stores or grab the stylish navy striped SnapBasket Luxe Tote available at most Target Stores. The EcoBasket is also available at Amazon.com too.

Plastic Bags Eco-Conscious EcoBasket

The EcoBaskets are so easy to load up with my groceries and carry around either with the comfortable shoulder strap or the super soft and sturdy handles. 

Plastic Bags Eco-Conscious EcoBasket

Of course, my poodle, Ollie, had to get in the action too!

Plastic Bags Eco-Conscious EcoBasket

You might notice the stores you normally shop at are phasing out free plastic bags to carry your goods out of the store. As retail becomes more committed to sustainable business practices, it’s time to get socially conscious and start using more eco-friendly products for shopping trips.

CleverMade has a range of collapsible totes that are sturdy, stylish, convenient and most of all, friendly on the environment too! 

Plastic Bags Eco-Conscious EcoBasket


With versatility in mind, CleverMade Totes open and close hassle-free with built-in patented SnapHinge™ technology. Unlike reusable bags of similar design, these totes are structured to be flop-free, meaning your life isn’t about to spill over in a time-consuming mess. Not only are the CleverMade totes perfect for shopping they are great for everyday use, from the office to the gym and any errand in between.

Plastic Bags Eco-Conscious EcoBasket


EcoBaskets (3 Packs Pack for $30):  

It’s so awesome that you can get a 3-pack of EcoBaskets for just $30 too. They are chic, stylish, and sturdy, and an eco-friendly on-the-go tote. 

Plastic Bags Eco-Conscious EcoBasket


I am thrilled with my CleverMade EcoBaskets and they’ve sure made my life easier too. Now, I feel good about my shopping because I know I’ve finally gotten rid of plastic bags for good! If you have any questions, please let me know below in the comments. 

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How To Stop Using Plastic Bags And Be More Eco-Conscious With EcoBasket - Sassy Townhouse Living


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  1. These bags are just beautiful! Here in CA where I live, it has been at least a decade if not more (I am thinking somewhere around 2005), when they did away with free bags. I made some, have purchased some and both cars are stocked with bags. I have a bunch so they can be laundered if something should leak. I always need back up! These look perfect for the farm markets I go to. Thanks for offering yet another fantastic product!

  2. Thanks, Naomie. Yes, they are really getting strict about plastic bags most everywhere now. That’s why I love these totes. It’s great that you can wash yours too. I love these because they are so sturdy and super easy to carry. Have a wonderful weekend!

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