Renting A Home Or Apartment? This Is What You Need To Know

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Renting A Home Or Apartment? This Is What You Need To Know

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Do you remember your first experience renting a home or apartment? Renting is never easy that’s for sure. Renting a home or apartment doesn’t have to be a stressful time and, armed with good research, you can make it a seamless event! 

Renting A Home

I remember the first apartment we ever rented as a couple. I went from living with my parents right into moving in with my husband. Talk about culture shock! It was a fun and exciting time, that’s for sure. 

The first time we furniture shopped, it was a day I’ll never forget. For the first time in my young life, I felt a sense of pride of ownership. I was actually going to own things that weren’t my parents! We bought furniture, appliances, and as newlyweds, and treated to some beautiful pieces of jewelry too!

Suddenly, it dawned on me, we need to protect our investments! After discussing this with my husband, we purchased our first renter’s insurance. We had nice things and we knew it was time to protect them.

Renting A Home

If you stop to think about what the replacement cost is for your property, it’s well justified protecting them. What if someone gets injured on your property? These issues are very real and worth thinking about and protecting yourself and property too. 

Many people assume that their landlord’s insurance covers everything, including their own personal belongings, but clearly, that’s not the case. That’s why we bought renters insurance right away and we were so glad we did. 

renting a home or apartment

Getting renters insurance covers your personal property everywhere you go and anywhere in the world. For example, say you are at your favorite coffee shop and your expensive tablet or laptop gets stolen. No worries, your renter’s insurance will protect you. Even if your bicycle disappears – rental insurance covers losses like those. 

renting a home or apartment

Did you know that renters insurance can also pay medical bills if someone is accidentally hurt while visiting you at your apartment too? It can also pay medical bills if someone is accidentally hurt while visiting you are your apartment. 

If you do decide to get renters insurance, make sure you work with a company you can trust. Erie Insurance wants you to relax, sink into that fave chair and enjoy a good cup of joe. They believe that one of the many benefits of renters protection is your well-deserved chill time.

Don’t let anxiety keep you from enjoying what matters in life. When you know your stuff is secure, you can spend your energy appreciate all of life’s sweetness and small pleasures.

I know when it came to protecting our valuables, having renters insurance lifted a huge weight off our shoulders so we were able to devote our time focusing on what mattered – like getting new furniture! 

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Renting A Home Or Apartment This Is What You Need To Know - Sassy Townhouse Living

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