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What Are Sustainable Sneakers And Why You Need To Know

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If you haven’t heard about sustainable sneakers, you‘ll miss out on this significant trend this year. Also called eco-friendly or ethical sneakers, they feature organic materials and a smart design. It’s crucial to know what they are and why you might want to start wearing them.

While we all love wearing sneakers, the eco-conscious refuse to buy them unless they are suitable and sustainable for our planet. And at the same time, you don’t sacrifice style and comfort! Plus, these sock-less, odor-busting, eco-conscious sneakers are helping restructure the footwear industry!

Sustainable Sneakers

Why It’s Vital To Wear Sustainable Sneakers

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Let’s face it. We all have several pairs of sneakers in our closets at any given time. Once they start looking shabby, we thoughtlessly toss them in the garbage, and into the landfill, they go! For years, the buzz about sustainable sneakers began to grow, and that’s an excellent thing.

Typically, the materials used to make sustainable sneakers consist of recycled plastics and rubber. Manufactures also use renewable materials like cotton, tree fiber, bamboo, or cork which are all sustainable. It seems the fashion industry is starting to take sustainability very seriously, and so should we.

Moreover, reducing waste and pollution and translating these natural resources into shoes is a brilliant idea! It’s time to stop polluting our planet, and every small step toward that goal helps the transformation. It’s time we start thinking about every pair of sneakers that end up in our landfill. And the boxes manufacturers use to ship them.

Now that you know some key facts about sustainable sneakers and why they make perfect sense, let’s look at my favorite pair.

 Sustainable Sneakers

LONO | The Sock-Less, Odor-Busting, Eco-Conscious Sneaker

After discovering LONO Sneakers, I knew I made the right choice. It was a feel-good moment, and the cutting-edge style drew me right in. Once I slipped a pair on, it felt almost like walking barefoot except with superior support and cushion clouds surrounding my feet. I chose LONO Sneaker in BREEZE. The color is perfect for any time of year and neutral enough to wear with any outfit.

Discover How LONO Makes Their Sneakers!

Plus, since you don’t need to wear socks, my feet felt free, happy, and in their natural state. LONO translates organic materials into smart design sneakers for comfort and convenience. I felt good knowing I owned a pair of plant-based sneakers. And they provided comfort and support, unlike any other pair I owned.

Furthermore, they designed LONO sneakers for a sockless and eco-conscious lifestyle. Once you slip them on, you know the feeling. Plus, thanks to tree fiber, you can enjoy the benefits of a quick-drying, breathable, and odor-resistant sneaker.

So, whether you are going out to yoga, working out, hiking, or just about anyplace, LONO sustainable sneakers fight against sweat. Did you know tree fiber dries 3x faster than merino wool in the same conditions? That’s why these sustainable sneakers feature the ultimate material to fight against sweat. Read about their exciting Kickstarter Campaign!

More so, once you wear LONO sneakers, you’ll never go back to traditional sneakers again. Wearing them is like putting your feet in plastic bags! It’s no wonder they make our feet stink. And the same holds for water-proof sneakers. Did you know they chemically coat them suffocating your feet?

Sustainable Sneakers For Men and Women

Of course, you can find LONO sneakers for men and women in a wide array of colors and sizes. When you discover the perfect fit and comfort, you’ll never wear anything else.

LONO’s Transition From Man-Made Material To Organic

LONO’s goal is to reduce waste and pollution with sustainable resources when it comes to sustainable sneakers. More importantly, the use of animal by-products such as wool and leather is a big NO-NO for LONO! And the tree fiber they use originates in a sustainably managed forest certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). The non-toxic solvent used in the process has a remarkable 99% recovery rate, keeping the cycle self-sustainable.

At LONO, they use a cleaner and greener choice of plant-based oil without sacrificing support and comfort, which Castorfoam provides. And they work with Tree-Nation, who’ve been planting trees since 2006. And they planted over 5 million trees! When it comes to sustainable sneakers, LONO doesn’t mess around.

More so, another highly commendable reason to love LONO sneakers is their mission statement. Their ultimate goal is to fight and raise awareness of climate change. For every pair of LONO you back, they plant a tree with growth updates.

Nothing Beats The Feeling Of Being Barefoot

Let’s face it. When it comes to comfort, nothing beats the feeling of being barefoot. That’s why LONO uses all-natural materials on their sneakers to mimic the connection between nature and our bodies. Comfort is one of the first features you’ll notice when you slip on your LONO sneakers. With every step, you’ll feel like you are walking in an open field with pillows under your feet.

To quote the folks at LONO, “You don’t change the world by flipping a switch, but you can start by turning off the lights. Every single positive step that you take counts. And there’s no single approach to changing the world.” In short, each of us gets to decide how we want to live. And how far we will go to protect our precious blue planet.

Removable Washable Insoles

One of the most exciting features of the LONO sneakers is the insole. It’s completely removable and covered with a washable sock! This way, you can quickly wear them without socks and never worry about foot odor. You can see how easily you can remove them and wash them in the images below whenever you feel they need refreshing. Essentially, it’s a sock for your insole!

Sustainable Sneakers – Sustainable Distribution

When I received my LONO Sneaker in BREEZE, I loved the packaging. They use pouches instead of boxes! I dread those boxes shoes arrive in, so this method is excellent. Using pouches instead of boxes drastically reduces carton size and reduces our carbon footprint. Image how wonderful when it comes to bulk transportation.

Furthermore, LONO strongly prohibits employment of child labor and/or operating under harsh working conditions. Of course, all the natural materials in the sneaker are biodegradable. And the pouch is reusable as well!

Some brands use sustainability as a marketing ploy; LONO maximizes these remarkable materials’ natural benefits to create shoes with unmatched functionality.

These materials include:

  • Tree fiber
  • Bamboo
  • Cotton
  • Algae
  • Castor beans

Plus, with the LONO sneaker, you’ll discover a wide range of colors to choose from, each color more beautiful and fun than the next.

Now, you can go sockless and not worry about sneaker odor. LONO, the ultimate vegan, eco-friendly, breathable, sustainable sneaker on the market! When you want to go barefoot but can’t, LONO will help you step confidently and comfortably.

In closing, I hope you can experience the pure comfort of LONO Sneakers. Plus, with sustainability a top priority, you know it will help move all of us in the right direction. We can make a difference, one step at a time.

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We participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, Skimlinks, and other Associate Affiliate Programs. Affiliate advertising programs like these provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to these affiliated sites at no cost to you. As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases. Please check our Disclosure Privacy Policy page. Thank you for supporting our website.

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