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You Need To See These Surprisingly Stylish Table Fans

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Personally, I love table fans, especially when I don’t feel like running the AC. The caveat is they typically are ugly and not a pleasant sight to see. Even my floor fans are a sight for sore eyes.

Likewise, I discovered some stylish table fans that blew me away (pun intended)! I already ordered a few for my home as well. Of course, I just had to show you my top table fans picks too!

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Ugly Table Fans Move Over!

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Above all, a table fan is a great way to save money on the expense of running your Air Conditioner too. Let’s face it, our summertime electric bills can skyrocket running it day and night. Plus, running a table fan is so much better for our environment as well.

Additionally, I love running my bedroom table fan for white noise too. I find it very calming and it lulls me to sleep faster. Luckily, we have a boatload of table fans to choose from now with surprisingly stylish styles.

Below, you’ll discover you can use these table fans like a decorative element for your home. Between the colors, styles, and superior craftsmanship, they are a joy to own!

1 – Vornado VFAN Sr. Vintage Air Circulator Fan

This Vornado VFAN Sr. Vintage Air Circulator Fan has elegant and old-world style. This table fan is perfect for your table or you can place it on the floor too. It features 3-speed settings and a multidirectional airflow too!

More so, it’s available in three chic colors, Chrome, Vintage, and stylish Mint Green. I love the gold metal accents on the Mint Green color. And it comes with an adjustable tilt head that allows you to direct the air where you need it. This adds a stylish way to add to enhance your room’s decor too.

Furthermore, you can also order the floor lamp model Vornado VFAN Sr. Pedestal Vintage Air Circulator Fan. It’s just as stunning and perfect for any room in your home. It includes all the same features as the table lamp as well.

2 – Himalayan Breeze Bronze Fan

This vintage bronze Himalayan Breeze Bronze Fan adds personality to any room. The tilt-adjustable head allows you to direct airflow wherever you want. You know lots of folks will ask where you purchased it from! The design elements go beyond that of any table fan and brings elegance to any room.

Similarly, in addition to the beautiful Bronze Chrome color, it also comes in Red, Silver Chrome, and Matte Black as well. Either way, this will make a beautiful and unique addition to your home.

3 – Dyson Hot + Cool Fan Heater

Straightaway, the sticker shock of this Dyson Hot + Cool Fan Heater sends folks over the edge. However, not only does it cool you down, but it warms you up in the cold winter months too. It features long-range heat projection, so you feel direct heat throughout the room. As well as powerful airflow and velocity to cool you effectively.

Moreso, you know Dyson’s reputation goes beyond most brands out there for electronics. As far as design, it doesn’t have any visible heating elements and a safe tip-over cut out. It’s available in White/Silver and Black/Nickel as well. And much less conspicuous than most table fans on the market.

Image: Amazon Dyson Hot + Cool Fan Heater

4 – Vornado Flippi V6 Personal Air Circulator Fan

However, when it comes to table fans, this Vornado Flippi V6 Personal Air Circulator Fan is the one to have. It’s perfect if you don’t have a lot of space on your table or floor as well. The 2-speed manual control is easy to use and allows you to dial in your comfort. And, at $19.99, very affordable too.

The super cute design blends perfectly in any room’s decor. Additionally, it’s available in several colors as well. If you love pops of color in your home like I do, this one fits the bill!

5 – GreenTech Environmental PureFlow  – Bladeless Quiet RC Oscillating Table Fan

Now, you can circulate air throughout your entire room keeping the air fresh and clean! The GreenTech Environmental PureFlow does all that and more.

For example, it features a unique design to cycle air more quickly than traditional fans. And it keeps your room temperature consistent and comfortable.

Everything about this fans design is to reduce power usage and increase airflow. It uses as little as 2 Watts it can provide twice the circulation speed and coverage of a normal fan.

Moreover, the GreenTech Environmental PureFlow provides a safe alternative to traditional bladed fans because of its bladeless cooling design. And it’s safe for use around children and pets. Customize your comfort with 12 individual fan speed settings, offering airflow from a gentle breeze to a full gust of wind and everything in between.

6 – Rowenta Extreme Turbo Silence 12-Inch Manual Table Fan

In general, we all know the Rowenta brand name, and the reviews always reflect a 5-star story as well. Similarly, this Rowenta Extreme Turbo Silence Table Fan features sleek design elements and ideal for home or office.

In addition, it delivers exceptionally strong airflow (up to 1695 Cu. Ft./Min.) for summer cooling or general air circulation year-round. And includes 12″-diameter oscillating head and 5 effective blades.

Above all, the user-friendly turn dial with 4-speed settings, including Turbo Boost and extra-quiet Silent Night mode. And it has a top carrying handle to ensure easy transport from one location to another.

Image: Amazon Rowenta Extreme Turbo Silence Table Fan
Image: Amazon Rowenta Extreme Turbo Silence Table Fan

7 – LivePure Oscillating Bladeless Vortex Whole Room Fan

When it comes to table fans, this LivePure Oscillating Bladeless Vortex Whole Room Fan is a winner! It doesn’t feature fast-spinning blades and safe for use around kids, pets, and while cleaning.

More so, the lack of blades prevents dust from blowing around the room. That’s always a plus when it comes to keeping your home clean. I love the fresh indoor breeze and how it quickly cools down a room. It features a 45-degree oscillation and a powerful, smooth stream of airflow.

It has an innovative sleek design and a modern appeal as well. And takes up minimal space in a bedroom, living room, kitchen, nursery, office, or even a countertop.

In addition, it features a soft touch control panel. The remote control allows you to easily adjust settings. Additionally, the sleep timer features preset intervals up to 8-hours. My favorite feature, it comes with 4-color LED accent light for night light or decoration. And 3 fan speeds for quiet operation.

Image: Amazon LivePure Oscillating Bladeless Vortex Whole Room Fan
Image: Amazon LivePure Oscillating Bladeless Vortex Whole Room Fan

8 – DecoBREEZE Oscillating Table Fan 3 Speed Air Circulator Fan

Last but not least, we have the DecoBREEZE Oscillating Table Fan 3 Speed Air Circulator Fan. Personally, it’s one of my favorites as I love the detail to design. This elegantly designed table fan provides complete air circulation throughout the room.

Moreover, it features a quiet 3 speed motor with a 10-inch oscillating fan head that tilts for directional air circulation. I love the old-world design elements and the quiet nature of this fan.

You Need To See These Surprisingly Stylish Table Fans - Sassy Townhouse Living

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