6 Beautiful Crafting Ideas That Will Spruce Up Your Home

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We all love crafting ideas that will spruce up our homes and decor. Even if you are not a pro crafter, you can easily create these lovely decorative crafts. There’s nothing more rewarding than creating something yourself and displaying your work in your home. Now, you can find inspiration from these crafting ideas and display them to add charm and warmth to your abode.

Crafting Ideas

Your Beautiful Crafting Ideas Can Take You Places

If you love creating and enjoy sharing your crafting projects with others, consider blogging. Whatever medium you choose for projects, someone out there wants to learn from you. Perhaps you are good with pastels and acrylics, or you’ve made several tapestries. Why not create your series of blogs on a website?

You may attract a following over time and build a fan base immediately. Additionally, you could publish your crafting projects on social media and create an entire network of devoted followers. With some extra work, you can start selling your crafts online as well.

According to COHn Acrylics, you can use a laser cutter and acrylic sheets to make a lot of fun wall art and decor to place around your house. If you’re big into crafting, this might be a fun option for you!

Plus, you can always sell your work on your blog as well. However, an online search shows that passionate craft writers cover everything from quilting to drawing. You can also review the best sewing machines and crochet books or tell you how to sew a basting stitch. Either way, it’s worth considering publishing your crafting projects online for the whole world to enjoy.

Below, you’ll discover six of our favorite crafting projects for you to spruce up your home decor!

Crafting Ideas

 1 –  Repurpose An Old Metal Bucket Into Charming Farmhouse Decor

If you have an old metal bucket lying around your home, you too can easily repurpose it into charming farmhouse decor. Do you love repurposing items around your home and transforming them into beautiful, practical decor? If so, this easy-to-do tutorial will show you how!

More so, this old metal bucket tutorial will show you how to transform any old bucket you have on hand quickly. And this is one of our favorite ways to repurpose items instead of throwing them away. You’ll also add this to your crafting ideas list to feature on your blog.

2 – Easily Create Beautiful Jute Placemats And Chargers

Regarding crafting ideas, we love how easily you can create jute placemats and chargers for your home. This will excite you if you love jute decor and making beautiful crafts from jute. These placemats are perfect decor elements for any tablescape setting or decorative element around your home.

3 – How to Make a Forsythia Wreath

With Spring upon us, it’s time to turn your creative edge into magic with this gorgeous Forsythia Wreath! And craftsbyamanda.com will walk you through a step-by-step process on how to make one. She will tell you precisely what you need to start so you can have one hanging on your door in no time.

4 – DIY Botanical Wall Art

Creating wall art for your home decor adds beauty, depth, and dimension to any wall in your home. This stunning DIY Botanical Wall Art created by canarystreetcrafts.com will show you exactly how to make one for your home too. These crafting ideas will help warm and cozy your house with the delicate floral patterns and farmhouse style.

Crafting Ideas
Image Credit: DIY Botanical Wall Art created by canarystreetcrafts.com

5 – Beach Lantern Tutorial: How to Make Your Own Lantern

If you love the beach and want to perk up your home with a beautiful DIY Lantern, you need to check out this lantern tutorial from thecountrychiccottage.net. Here, you’ll discover a detailed process for making one yourself. More so, when it comes to crafting ideas, this is one of our favorites. Anytime you decorate with lanterns, they create a warm and cozy atmosphere. And the fact you crafted it yourself is even more special.

6 – How To Upcycle Free Olive Garden Coasters – You Need To See Them!

Upcycling things is so much fun! One day, we were dining at Olive Garden and took notice of their disposable paper coasters. I thought about the millions they must dispose of and wondered if they recycle them. So we decided to repurpose them into these adorable Fruit inspired coasters!

At that moment, I decided to upcycle them into something far cuter. The best part is it didn’t cost me a penny to make, and they are super cute and very functional.

Crafting ideas For Your Home

We hope you find these crafting ideas inspiring. You can create one of them or all of them! Either way, they will spruce up your home decor, and your family and friends will admire your hard work. Don’t forget to start a blog if you haven’t already so you can show off your fantastic crafting ideas, too!

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Centerpieces can be expensive – that’s why I love creating my own. When I alternate my centerpieces, it really does give my room a whole new look. It’s so easy to switch them around especially depending on the season. 

6 Beautiful Crafting Ideas That Will Spruce Up Your Home - Sassy Townhouse Living

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