Old Metal Bucket Repurposed Into Charming Farmhouse Decor

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If you have an old metal bucket lying around your home then you too can easily repurpose it into charming farmhouse decor. Do you love to repurpose items around your home and transform them into beautiful and useful decor? If so, this easy to do tutorial will show you how! 

old metal bucket farmhouse decor

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I’ve always been in love with anything that’s paint-splattered. This old metal bucket repurpose reminds me of that old bucket you would find in the back of your grandparent’s old barn. Even though we own a sassy little townhouse that’s more traditional in design than farmhouse, I still love to add touches of farmhouse decor to my home. 

Let’s get started and, I can show you how I was able to repurpose this old metal bucket into a charming farmhouse decor element. 

Old Metal Bucket Repurposed Into Charming Farmhouse Decor

What You Will Need:

  1. Metal Bucket
  2. Paint – I used chalk paint – Fusion in Inglenook & Dixie Bell in Tea Rose
  3. Efex Embellishments
  4. Rapid Fuse Glue for Embellishment
  5. Paint Brushes
  6. Gold Embellishment Paint

1 – Finding The Perfect Metal Bucket

First, find an old metal bucket. It doesn’t have to be an antique bucket either. You can use one you found at a yard sale or one you find on Amazon too. 

old metal bucket farmhouse decor

The bucket I used was old so cleaning it first is essential. You don’t want any dirt or debris coming through when you paint it. 

old metal bucket farmhouse decor

2 – Cleaning Time

If you have an old metal bucket, be sure to clean it thoroughly first. You will want to lightly sand it down to remove any debris and then wipe it down with a damp rag.

old metal bucket farmhouse decor

3 Let The Painting Begin!

Once it’s clean inside and out, you can begin to paint it. I used some Fusion Chalk Paint I had on hand in the color Inglenook. I love using Fusion Chalk Paint for my crafting projects and my furniture restorations too! 

Whatever paint you decide to use, be sure to use two coats as you want good coverage. 

4 Paint Splatter 

For the splatter, I  used Dixie Bell Paint in Tea Rose. I love this shade of pink. It’s muted but you still get that Millennial Pink look that’s so popular this year. 

I dipped my brush and made sure to have enough paint in the edges of the brush. Then, I whipped the brush with a fast jerking motion over the bucket to create the paint-splattered look. You can do as much or as little paint splatter as you like. Remember, once you complete the next steps, you will be adding more splatter as well. 

old metal bucket farmhouse decor
old metal bucket farmhouse decor

5 – Efex Applique Application

This is where I added my Efex Birds on Branch applique. I love these appliques and have used them on my crafting projects before (check that link for a tutorial on how to apply them) always with such beautiful results! They are easy to use and create the most stunning crafting projects! 

All you do is glue them on and paint over them. Easy as can be! 

old metal bucket farmhouse decor

6 – Painting Over The Applique

Once the applique is dry, I used some Pebeo Gedeo Gilding Paper Craft Wax to embellish the applique. I also added some more Tea Rose paint splattering too.  You can add any colors you want during this stage. I love this gold Pebeo Gedeo Gilding Paper Craft Wax – it’s great for so many projects and always adds a beautiful touch. 

Essentially, you are done! Furthermore, I decided to add more of the pink paint splattered look over the top of the embellishment. Of course, I love the messy look of the splatter but you can decide just how much you like! 

old metal bucket farmhouse decor
old metal bucket farmhouse decor

Above all, I love the way this old metal bucket was repurposed and transformed. I love it outside in my garden or you can use it in your home too. I also added some Wheat Stacks to it too which I think looks truly beautiful. You can add flowers or any decorative item in it you like too.

old metal bucket farmhouse decor
old metal bucket farmhouse decor

I love moving it around outdoors too. It’s such a great way to add a touch of farmhouse decor to your space.

old metal bucket farmhouse decor

Here’s what the back looks like. You can always turn it around and get an entirely different look too!

old metal bucket farmhouse decor
old metal bucket farmhouse decor
old metal bucket farmhouse decor

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Please let me know if you have any questions below. Have fun creating! 

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