Why Everyone Is Crushing On Blush Pink Home Decor

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Why Everyone Is Crushing On Blush Pink Home Decor

Home decor trends come and go and it looks like blush pink home decor is here to stay – for a while at least! Are you loving it too? I know I am. I’ve already started implementing some blush pink elements into my home and can’t wait to add more. I don’t think I will tire of it for a long time. It’s soft, subtle and the men love it too!

Here’s some example to inspire you!

Blush pink teams with other neutrals – A soothing shade of pink brings color while also perfectly balancing existing neutral undertones. Here, blush pink is teamed with other muted shades for a harmonious, easy-to-live-with look.

This Master Bedroom is so very pretty in blush pink. Believe it or not, it is common knowledge that we tend to look our best in a pink room. Something about the way the color reflects on skin softens hard edges and seems to add the flushed glow of health. It is the reason women wear blush, nude heels and pink lip lacquer, and it’s also a solid argument for decking your bedroom or bathroom out in barely-there pinks and corals.
Photo by Veronika_Degtyartseva – Browse contemporary dining room photos
Whether it in a cozy corner or draped over huge windows, blush curtains bring a whimsical touch. Alongside quirky artwork and lighting, this Alice in Wonderland aesthetic creates the perfect nook for enjoying an intimate pot of tea.
Dusty-hued drapes – Nothing says romance like floor-to-ceiling curtains in the prettiest shade of pink. This delicate hue is best paired with a neutral palette for maximum impact. 
Spruce up your coffee table – There’s no need to go crazy! Small, simple touches still add some shine to your space without giving you a headache. These rose toned bowls contrast nicely against the charcoal sofa and complement the pink tones in the cushions.
Shy blush. Pink as a neutral? It’s a ludicrous idea to some, but even ardent skeptics may be won over by the subtle charm of this secretive blushpink-gray. In fact, Farrow & Ball named this beautiful hue its 2017 Color of the Year, so you’re not alone if you find yourself falling in love.
Think pink! Pale is good!  Powdery pinks are currently popping up everywhere in the fashion world, but this shade also works brilliantly in interiors and looks surprisingly modern and chic.
Pink also works well with gray walls, which can be a wonderfully soothing shade for a sleep space. Tempted by blush pink? Take a leap and give this fresh new neutral a try in your home. 
I had some crafting fun with blush pink and made these adorable Farmhouse Mason Jars using Rustoleum’s new line of Chalked Ultra Matte paints. I have another project lined up to use it again on one of my end tables. I’m super excited to get it started. No surprise! The color I used on these Mason Jars is Blush Pink! 
 How To Easily Create Stunning Farmhouse Mason Jars
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Why Everyone Is Crushing On Blush Pink Home Decor - Sassy Townhouse Living
Here are some additional blush pink home decor elements to inspire you!

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