How Coronavirus Will Impact And Change Home Design Trends

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As we all know, the Coronavirus changed our entire way of life in profound ways. Moving forward, it will change home design trends as well.

More importantly, our daily habits are undergoing a “new normal” due to updated cleaning routines. This shift means a cleaner and healthier home but takes a lot of adjusting and yes, extra work.

Evolving Home Design Trends Will Grow In Popularity

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Today, we will take a look at how home design trends will change due to the Coronavirus. Maybe it’s a good time to rethink how we design our homes for optimum sanitary conditions.

These home design trends mean must have changes in real estate demands for new homes too. Let’s take a look at a few ways this dreaded and foreboding Coronavirus will change how we live in our homes moving forward.

Coronavirus Home Design Trends

1 – Mudrooms – Why You Need One Now

Most of us think having a mudroom is a luxury. Well, that used to be true but now, it’s more of a necessity. Having a place to stow away shoes before entering our homes is essential to keep your home properly sanitized.

Even more importantly, what do we do with our face masks and how do we properly dispose of the gloves as well? Having a mudroom solves these problems easily. If you are lucky enough to already own one, kudos to you! If not, not to worry you can create a makeshift mudroom in your home too.

A few months ago, we purchased a Shoe and Coat Rack in our entryway and that solved so many issues. Now, we have a place to stow away our shoes, hang our coats before washing, and many other uses too.

I also added a decorative metal bucket for things like Lysol Wipes, hand sanitizers, face masks, and gloves to either sterilize or discard. Be sure to use a bucket that’s easy to disinfect as well.

Additionally, if you have a small or narrow entryway, you can find a Vertical Entryway Shoes Storage Stand to fit your space perfectly too. And it gives you enough area and option to put your shoes in one tier and save space.

We call it our “drop zone now” due to the Coronavirus. I chuckle when I call it that but it’s our “new normal” now, right? Now, we can leave our germs at the door, and I know exactly what’s clean and what’s not. When it comes to home design trends, we can welcome this easy adjustment.

Coronavirus Home Design Trends

2 – Antimicrobial Materials To Inhibit Germ Growth

Interestingly, antimicrobial materials like brasses, bronzes, cupronickel, copper-nickel-zinc, and others do inhibit the growth of unwelcome bacteria and microorganisms. Home design trends will include products made from these materials.

For example, brass hardware kitchen handles, doorknobs, and light switches made from them will help destroy germs. Moving forward, I think you’ll discover many home decor and design elements featuring them.

Think of how much easier life will be once we don’t have to constantly wipe them down with antibacterial wipes!

3 – Have It Your Way With A Bidet! Home Design Trends For Everyone

For example, toilet bowl bidet attachment sales increased dramatically since the Coronavirus as well as installations during home renovations. Since the whole toilet paper fiasco, it’s actually a great idea and the attachments aren’t that expensive to install.

I guess we were ahead of the curve when I got one for our bathroom last year. I don’t see this trend decreasing any time soon either. Moreover, even with toilet paper slowly making its way back to grocery shelves, these home design trends will grow even more popular.

Coronavirus Home Design Trends
Amazon – Luxe Bidet Neo Self Cleaning Nozzle

4 – The Age Of Air Purifiers

When it comes to home design trends, air purifiers made a huge debut this past year. And coincidentally so!

When it comes to home design trends, air purifiers made a huge debut this past year. And coincidentally so!

Again, it seems we were ahead of the curve. We got Airfree Filterless Air Purifier and this IQAir Atem Desk Personal Air Purifier last year and I love them both. I keep the IQAir in my office going all the time and the Airfree in our bedroom. You can, of course, move them easily around your home as well.

More importantly, Consumer Reports studies show air filtration can reduce the transmission of nasty germs and bacteria. Of course, I’m hoping it kills Coronavirus as well!

Above all, always make sure you replace your home filters especially in your HVAC unit too. Changing your home filters is especially essential with Coronavirus around as well.

Amazon: Airfree Filterless Air Purifier

5 – A Home Office Is A Must Have

Luckily, I work from home, and now, so do millions of others. If you have the extra room, you’ll want to create a comfortable Zen space to work comfortably.

In this post-coronavirus world, home design trends will most likely include a home office. Even after quarantine ends, more and more folks will work from home. What was once a luxury, is not a necessity.

When designing one for your home, use decor elements you love like a desk shelving unit. After all, you are likely to be far more productive in a comfortable, beautifully decorated space of your own.

6 – Home Design Trends Include Zero-Touch Technology

The tech in our homes will eventually evolve further to include zero-touch products. Today, many of us already use voice activated tech with our mobile phones and desktop computers as well.

Right around the corner, evolves a whole new world of touchless tech. Since our tech currently remains detached from our bodies, it’s very difficult not to touch them. This new human-based way of interacting with our tech will impact home design trends as well.

In upcoming months and years, you will see an ever-evolving use of these touchless gadgets in your home as well. For example, voice-activated thermostats like the Google Nest already hit the market and continues to grow in popularity.

Amazon Google Nest

With that said, we will see home design trends continue to grow to protect our homes and our lives. When you think about it, it’s pretty exciting even with the threat of the Coronavirus looming upon us.

How Coronavirus Will Impact And Change Home Design Trends - Sassy Townhouse Living

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