Kitchen Remodeling 101: What You Need To Know First

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When it comes to kitchen remodeling, it’s important to know the basics. Before you begin any project, understanding the 101 first is essential.

As it seems, many people are working on projects around their home and for good reason. Self-isolation seems to inspire the DIYer in all of us. And if you are handy it seems there’s a lot you can do yourself.

People all over the world are currently standing in their bathrooms and kitchens with the same idea. Maybe it’s time for a change!. But before you grab the nearest sledgehammer to take to the nearest counter-top, we recommend you do a bit of research first.

Kitchen Remodeling

Why You Need To Fully Prepare Before Your Kitchen Remodeling

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Above all, a kitchen remodeling could transform your home and even raise the value of your home. Beforehand, we highly recommend a few weeks of research and consideration. This is to ensure that the money spent adds value, rather than leaving you drastically out of pocket.

After living in our townhome for over 15 years, I started thinking about a kitchen remodeling adventure. Of course, we love sharing our finding with you as well. While I’m not about to pull kitchen cabinets out, I’d love to perk up my kitchen with some updates.

I decided to share some guidelines and kitchen design tips for you to follow as well. We took a look at what you should consider when designing the kitchen including how you should budget, and what you need to keep in mind to keep the kitchen function.

We Dream Of The Ultimate Kitchen Design

First, it’s a good idea to know your financial limits and set your expectations from there. We all know the kitchen we dream about and the kitchen we really need. Of course, I would love to redo my entire kitchen, but I set my expectations based in reality. I know there are certain upgrades I can afford realistically and that’s where I’m aiming.

Firstly, there is a huge movement in interior design toward natural elements and bringing the outdoors inside. Natural sustainable elements and textures are very popular right now. Meaning, darker wood tones and pops of color throughout. We all know white kitchen were huge the past few year for kitchen remodeling. It seems things are rapidly changing.

As it seems, these darker, wooden tones are quickly overtaking the white clinical looking kitchen. Trends change and it’s always a good idea to check them out beforehand to see what you really want. Design trends indicate integrating metal textures as well. Plus, these pops of color can include your very own herb garden corners in your kitchen as well.  

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Metallic accents like Industrial Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting add a perfect contrast to the dark wooden counters and cabinets. This type of vintage lighting looks especially gorgeous for a dining room or over your kitchen island.

More so, Quartz Countertops are also quickly taking root in modern design and compliments the natural wood tones and metallic fixtures. They make their début in kitchens and bathrooms everywhere. The various patterns and styles are simply stunning! Since natural quartz is one of the hardest minerals on earth, it makes sense it would make the perfect material for countertops.

Natural lighting in large, open kitchens are an absolute must! Your upcoming kitchen remodeling should include a well-lit space with lots of natural lighting. In addition, you can also add in sleek downlighters as well as accent hanging lights over your counters. This adds depth and complexity to your kitchen space.

Kitchen Remodeling
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First And Foremost Set Your Budget For Your Kitchen Remodeling

This step is going to take a lot of research, but, if done correctly, will end up saving you lots of money. One of the most practical ways of saving money when doing a kitchen revamp is by hiring a professional to assist you with your efforts.

Moreover, if you do it all by yourself, you can make costly mistakes. Hiring someone to assist with the trickier aspects will end up saving you money in the long run.

Once again, here, we cannot stress the importance of doing your research first. You will need to know what the average kitchen unit installation costs in order for you to set that budget. Pick out your designs and wish list of changes and research what the materials cost.

At that point, you can look for contractors in your area and compare their ideas and costs estimates. This will help you to pick out the right company for your budget needs. Also, make sure to get quotes on everything in order to make an educated decision.

A good rule of thumb is to not go for the cheapest materials and contractors. You’ll want to benchmark several professional contractors in your area first. Also make sure you know the price of materials as well. Make sure you receive a quote on paper and no hidden costs for your kitchen remodeling as well.

Kitchen Remodeling

Integrating Design With Functionality

Of course, the layout of your kitchen remodeling will determine just how functional everything pulls together. We all need our kitchens not only to look beautiful but fully functional as well.

The rule of thumb with absolutely any kitchen in to keep the workspace in a triangle. By this, we mean that you should be able to reach the workspace counter, fridge, and sink in simple, triangular movements. So, when planning your kitchen, keep this in mind, and make sure that you integrate this into your design.

You will want to maximize counter space and minimize clutter in the kitchen, so look into creating hidden storage spaces. The modern kitchen is all about clean, sleek looks with wide-open spaces. Look at installing tap drawers under each counter to store everything from your crockery, cutlery, and larger kitchen essentials.

You can also install larger elements to hide your larger appliances so that you achieve that sleek, clean look in your kitchen. Your kitchen remodeling needs intuitive design. This means room enough for kitchen storage as well.

However, you should spend some time looking into designs that include kitchen drawer dividers for cutlery & utensils. And more importantly, pull out storage for things like spices or roll-out trays for pots and pans.

The last thing we suggest you consider when remodeling your kitchen is to consider the smart kitchen trend. Smart gadgets and new appliances can transform your kitchen to create a space more that’s both functional and practical.

Above all, Motion Sensor Faucets are in great demand at the moment, as are motion sensor lighting. Smart technology has also moved into appliances like the fridge, which can now alert you when you are running low on a certain grocery!

Wrapping Up Our Kitchen Remodeling Plans

The options for kitchen remodeling are endless. Regardless, if you simply change the lighting or choosing the perfect paint colors in the kitchen, it’s all about you!

Maybe you want the whole nine yards and decide to start from scratch, it’s essential to have a clear, well-thought-out plan. Including the above three steps plotted out is a good foundation to help you move forward.

Remember, clean, simple concepts and lines, and bring nature in. You can achieve the kitchen of your dreams and within your budget too.

Kitchen Remodeling 101 What You Need To Know First - Sassy Townhouse Living

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