What You Need To Know About Shopping Sustainable Fashion

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It’s more important now than ever to start shopping for sustainable fashion. Unfortunately, the clothing industry constantly contributes to the continued demise of our environment. And there’s a growing concern over human rights and fair labor practices as they continue to require our attention.

Sustainable Fashion

How The Industry Prepares For A Sustainable Fashion Model

Water use, chemical management, and greenhouse gases continue to pose severe threats to people and the environment. And in addition, this threat affects consumers and seen throughout the apparel supply chain. As a result, the entire business model of the fashion industry focuses on guidelines for sustainable fashion. And they are making changes every year to accommodate these changes.

According to SustainableFashionAcademy.org, “Natural resource depletion, environmental degradation and widening social inequality threaten future economic growth and human welfare. And the apparel industry is not immune to these challenges.”

More importantly, we all need to reuse, repair and upcycle our fashion and other goods in our homes. While change for companies involves risk, they all will embark on this meaningful stainable journey moving forward.

Sustainable Fashion

Our Part To Support These Positive Changes

It’s essential to know what we can do to play our part when shopping for sustainable fashion. Then, it’s up to us to focus on purchasing fair trade and sustainable products. It’s important to know what sustainable fashion means—also known as eco-fashion, this movement and change process to the fashion industry and products.

Moreover, their goal is to create greater ecological integrity and social justice. And how long the life span of a product is before it reaches the landfill. The overall arching goal is to reduce the environmental impact of fashion on air and water pollution and climate change.

It’s important to support brands that prioritize ethical production and eco-friendly materials. Fair Indigo is a standout example, offering a collection of clothing made from organic and sustainable materials. By choosing brands like Fair Indigo, consumers can contribute to a more responsible fashion industry that values both people and the planet.

Sustainable Sneakers

For example, founded in 2018, kokolu.eco focuses on protecting the planet by making the most sustainable products to exist, products that originate from nature and can eventually integrate back into nature, therefore enhancing the harmonious coexistence of humans with and in nature.

Sustainable Fashion That Looks And Feels Great

I recently tried their Comfort Knit Sneakers and flipped out over the style and comfort. These sneakers feature products from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and other natural materials. With a blend of natural and recycled rubber, their greenksole® outsole is lightweight, durable, grippy, and designed for multi-environment traction.

I adore the functional side zipper, and it makes sliding your sneakers on and off so easy. You can wear them with jeans, a skirt or dress, and your favorite sweatpants outfit. I feel good about wearing them, knowing I’m doing my part to ensure sustainable fashion succeeds.

Not only do you experience comfort and style with these sneakers, but you know you are doing your part for sustainable fashion. They come in 3 nature-inspired shades. And the fit sculpts your feet with more comfort than ever before. These Comfort Knit Sneakers breathe as you move and bring new meaning to a low-carbon footprint!

I believe it’s up to us to keep driving how crucial sustainable fashion is and how consumers can help promote change. As a consumer, our obligation to help support this movement and help companies realize their sustainable goals. If you have never bought eco-friendly products, be sure and do so this year. Start with a pair of these Comfort Knit Sneakers from kokolu. eco, and begin feeling and looking great about your shopping choices.

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What You Need To Know About Shopping Sustainable Fashion - Sassy Townhouse Living
Sustainable Sneakers

If you haven’t heard about sustainable sneakers, you‘ll miss out on this significant trend this year. Also called eco-friendly or ethical sneakers, they feature organic materials and a smart design. It’s crucial to know what they are and why you might want to start wearing them.

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