Benefits of Using Skirting Boards for Your New Home

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Skirting boards, baseboards, or molding are trendy in homes for functional and aesthetic purposes and are always an asset to your property. The visual appeal of a property, both inside and out, is often a consideration for any homeowner.

Moreover, some people redesign their houses or buy new furniture and other home accents to improve the interior décor. However, because they are expensive to deploy, such initiatives can take a back seat regarding home improvement

Skirting Boards

Why Adding Skirting Boards Makes Sense

Skirting boards are ideal for enhancing and safeguarding your home’s interior beauty. And this makes more sense if you are a homeowner on a tight budget. The lower portion of your home’s walls features these skirting boards, also known as baseboards.

Ideally, skirting boards add a protective barrier for the bottom portion of your walls. They help prevent damage from scuffs, kicks, and furniture placement, extending the lifespan of your walls. Furthermore, this helps to reduce maintenance costs.

Additionally, they help conceal imperfections at the junction of the wall and floor. For example, it can help cover uneven gaps, uneven paint lines, or gaps caused by uneven flooring.

Below, we have detailed all the benefits so you can better understand how baseboards benefit your home.

Skirting Boards

1 – Prevents Wall Damage

Preventing wall damage is one of the most significant benefits of utilizing skirting boards in your house. Often, damage to the base of the walls occurs, especially while vacuuming or mopping.

You may scrape the surface of the walls when cleaning the house by banging the vacuum cleaners and mobs against them. Additionally, since mops leave wet spots on the surface, cleaning the floor with wet mops worsens the damage.

For example, installing skirting boards, which you can get from places such as Skirting World in Birmingham, will keep them from becoming wet and stop moisture from destroying their texture. Due to its moisture resistance, skirting is a good option for shielding your walls from wet mops.

2 – Skirting Boards Hide Unappealing Wiring

Ideally, most wiring sits in the bottom portions of a house’s walls. Despite being helpful, the cables might cause unneeded mishaps like electrocution and trip pedestrians if they don’t hide the lines correctly.

Moreover, they also make the residence appear unkempt, disorganized, and unsightly. Hiding the wires under a skirting board can resolve this issue perfectly. The skirting panels shield the wiring from moisture and deterioration and aesthetically hide it.

3 – They Improve Aesthetics

To begin with, the skirting boards contribute to the home’s considerably more polished appearance. The majority of boards often feature some ornamental components. To avoid them interfering with your home’s interior design, you may also decide to paint the skirting boards.

4 – Affordable Installation and Upkeep

One of the strongest justifications for why you, as a homeowner, should consider adding skirting boards is their ease of installation and upkeep. If you know the required measurements and installation angles, you can install them yourself.

You may attach crews, glue, or nails to the walls according to the material you are using. In addition, wipe them down or use a vacuum cleaner as often as possible to keep them in good condition.

Skirting Boards

5 – Budget Friendly

Utilizing skirting boards in your home improvement projects has another advantage in that they are more affordable than other materials. For instance, concealing uneven spaces with them will be significantly less expensive than starting over with the flooring installation altogether.

There is no denying the benefits and affordability of installing skirting boards on the walls of your home. Furthermore, to protect your walls and improve your home’s aesthetics, head to the closest store, Skirting World in Birmingham, and buy the skirting board you choose as a homeowner

Maximize Storage

If you need to maximize storage in your home, consider these furniture options to organize and declutter your space. If your home is starting to feel like a storage unit, not a place to live, it’s time to reclaim your living space.

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