Where To Download & Install Visually Stunning Desktop Wallpaper

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For some of you, you might think posting about desktop wallpaper is like so 20 years ago, but I was surprised to see how many people are not using them. 

Where To Download & Install Visually Stunning Desktop Wallpaper

How To Download & Install Visually Stunning Desktop Wallpaper - Sassy Townhouse Living

Changing your wallpaper is a very fun thing to do! Why look at the same boring wallpaper when you can enjoy something fun and visually exciting? Today, I’m sharing with you, a few of my favorite websites as well as a quick and easy way to change your desktop wallpaper. Note: This is for Windows users :)

Here is a quick video tutorial I created explaining where I like to download them from, how I save them, and how I easily set my desktop wallpapers. Be sure to watch it below!

Now, here is a list of some of my favorite places to download wallpaper. Don’t forget, the instructions are in the video as to how I place wallpapers on my desktop. 

WallpaperfxWallpaperFX offers a great mix of high-resolution pictures (celebrity, animals, nature, etc.) as well as rendered and edited artwork, with resolutions running up to the 4K TV spec (3840 x 2160). I like this site a lot and always can find something interesting on it to use. Here is an example of a few of their latest.


Vladstudio: You can find some of the best eclectic digital art on the web. Vladstudio is the project of Russian digital artist Vlad Gerasimov. His collection of desktop wallpapers is gorgeous and ranges in everything from visually compelling to funny and cheerful!  Note: the desktop resolutions currently top out at 2880 x 1880, but the site includes support for most Apple and Android devices as well as multi-monitor (up to three) ultra-wide images.


MrWallpaper: This site has a great variety of wallpapers ranging from cartoons, and holidays, to nature to space! And as I said in my video tutorial, lets you sort by general categories, filter by resolution or drop keywords into a search box. Another gem of a site! 


Wallpaperswide: This is one of my favorite sites for space wallpapers. They have so many categories to choose from and offer a huge selection of beautiful wallpapers. You can sort by any of those categories, and dozens more! 


Digitalblasphemy: They have been around for as long as I can remember and definitely a pioneer in the industry. Digitalblasphemy offers splendid 3D-rendered original art by Ryan Bliss, who’s been selling his work through the site for years. You’ll find glamor shots of beautified landscapes here that in some cases look so photorealistic you’ll be hard-pressed to discern fantasy from reality.


Superbwallpapers: They offer a huge selection of wallpapers and probably one of the most expansive lineups of categories out there! Another one of my top sources for space and nature wallpapers. 


Deviantart:  We are where art starts”, that’s their tagline, but that’s only the beginning. They are the movement for the liberation of creative expression. They believe that art is for everyone, and we’re creating the cultural context for how it is created, discovered, and shared.

Founded in August 2000, DeviantArt is the largest online social network for artists and art enthusiasts, and a platform for emerging and established artists to exhibit, promote, and share their works with an enthusiastic, art-centric community. They have over 32 million registered members and attract over 65 million unique visitors per month. Their members, known as deviants, upload over 160,000 original artworks every day, everything from painting and sculpture to digital art, pixel art, films, and anime. What a powerful resource!


Interfacelift: A beautiful array of wallpaper for a range of platforms – MAC, PC, iPhone, you name it, they have it. Great resolution and you can choose the resolution you need!


Social WallpaperingThis has to be one of my top three sites to download wallpaper. It’s enticing and easy to use interface leaves you drooling to download them all. 


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and get to start using some visually stunning wallpapers on your computer too!

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  1. I would never have believed there was so much variety in desktop wallpaper. Despite the past two winters, I was especially drawn to the snowy mountain and the snowy forest. Really pretty.

  2. You know what is funny? I use to change my wallpaper on my desktop all the time because I got tired of looking at the same screen. Now I hardly EVER see my desktop screen enough to care what it looks like.

    This is a great tutorial, and I love the many choices you gave us. If I ever get bored I know where to turn if I want to change my screen again.

  3. I’ve been looking for a wallpaper of George Clooney – if you find one would you let me know? :-)

  4. It may be time for a desktop makeover now. So many great choices here!

  5. I’m a Mac person, but great info. I love changing what I look at on my laptop desktop. Never see the desktop on my desktop or my phone.

  6. I love all the resources you’ve given us! Now I can’t wait to change my wallpaper.

  7. Great Post I love the space wallpapers… thanks a bunch. I will go check em all out!!!

  8. Thanks much Crystal. Oh, you have to start changing them again. Since I’ve got my desktop organized with Nimi Places, I can appreciate my desktop again! I love changing them as it’s fun choosing them too. Glad you enjoyed the post! :)

  9. Love this fun post so much. I’ve been using the same wallpaper for a long time and will have a ball finding a new one now. Great tutorial today Carolann.

  10. I love wallpapers, my PC is in the middle of the living room so it has to look stylish or the misses throws a fit lol. And this blog is option central! wow. Thank you very much for sharing.

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