How You Can Gain Inspiration From Five Successful Business Owners

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You can learn crucial indicators from successful business owners to help you grow and succeed with your business endeavors. Moreover, entrepreneurs worldwide rely on success stories to gain direction and inspiration. When you’re running a business, no matter how successful you are, it helps to take inspiration from other business owners.  

Successful Business Owners

Successful Business Owners Learned The Hard Way

Regardless of what you think, success doesn’t happen overnight. Instead, successful business owners struggled with success and often failed at first. Furthermore, many started with nothing and never gave up the fight for their current success. And many experienced humble beginnings with little to no capital, experience, and often little education.

Aside from inspiring stories, it’s essential to understand what it takes to run a successful business. For example, you need to know your competition, have good organizational skills, stay consistent, and remain focused. But, of course, a lot more goes into it, and you should have clear plans. But we all benefit from hearing stories about successful business owners as well. Below, you’ll learn why staying inspired is essential to living an entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Successful Business Owners

1 – David Spector

David Spector, ThirdLove co-founder, experienced many successes during his career. In 2019, he and his wife were awarded the title of EY Entrepreneur of the Year. More so, this was thanks to the success and growth of ThirdLove, which the two of them co-founded.

Now, their company keeps expanding with over 350 employees and an extensive range of bras in 78 sizes, besides other lingerie and activewear ranges. Just this year, they acquired the gen z brand, Undergarments. Both new and established businesses can take inspiration from David as he never stops looking for ways to improve, learn and reach more people.

2 – Jennie Ripps

Jennie is the co-founder and CEO of Owl Brew, a company specializing in ‘boozy tea’ using only clean ingredients. So, no artificial flavors or unhealthy sugar substitutes. Jennie and her business partner Maria have won several awards, including Forbes 30 Under 30, Abe’s Golden Bear Innovation Award, and the winner of the Good Food Awards.

Furthermore, they’re an inspiration to other business owners because they took two common ideas (tea and alcohol) and put them together, addressing many people’s concerns about unhealthy ingredients. Fortunately, successful business owners like these continue to share their inspiring stories.

Image Credit: theowlsbrew.com

3 – Kara Goldin – Successful Business Owners Sharing Their Inspiration

Kara Goldin is also an inspiration to business owners. Her business, Hint, is another to listen to what people want. With so many consumers trying to eat and drink healthier options, her subscription service allows them to subscribe and save on water. And in various exciting flavors, appealing to anyone who finds plain water boring.

It’s a simple idea that made her successful, professionally and financially. More so, this proves that lucrative businesses don’t require complex ideas to enjoy success. When it comes to Successful Business Owners, Kara continues to enjoy success and share inspiration with us. enjoy success.

Image Credit: drinkhint.com

4 – Eric Yuan

Even if you’ve never heard of Eric Yuan, you will have heard of Zoom. Eric founded it in 2012. Although he foresaw the need for a video platform to keep businesses connected, he could never have predicted how crucial Zoom would become for maintaining businesses in communication with each other, their employees, and clients in 2020. Zoom is already a success, but now, over 750,000 companies use its services.

Image Credit: zoom.us

5 – MaryBeth Hyland

MaryBeth Hyland has overcome many personal challenges to get to where she is today, making her business success even more remarkable. She now utilizes her company Spark Vision, to help businesses form better connections with employees through meaningful collaborations. Successful business owners like these, help us push through the challenges and climb to success!

In addition, she worked through confidence issues, and her workshops now help others. These workshops help folks overcome barriers such as lacking confidence to create better work relationships, benefitting both businesses and employees. Finally, she has proven that helping everyone to communicate effectively is beneficial for all sides.

Typically, it takes a lot more than inspiring stories to reach the level of desired success, but they can help us reach our goals. Each one started with an idea and worked tirelessly to see it become a reality. So, let inspiration guide you to continue on your journey to success!

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