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Incorporating Dancewear Into Your Fall and Winter Wardrobe

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Incorporating Dancewear Into Your Fall and Winter Wardrobe

Dancewear is more than fashion: it is designed specifically to move with you and ensure your comfort regardless of the type of dance or skill level. From tights and leotards, tap shoes to ballet shoes and dance costumes, a dancer’s closet is filled with uniforms. But can any of these standard clothing items make it in street fashion? Whether or not you are a dancer, there are a few very cute dancewear pieces to show off this fall and winter.


I have always loved the look of femme fashion, and I try to add touches of it to my wardrobe whenever I can. Adding a ballet dancewear skirt like the one below is the perfect way to add touches of dancewear into your closet. 

Ballerina Pink

While not a specific clothing item, soft pinks are being featured this fall and winter as a trending color. Often referred to as Ballerina Pink, this incredibly adorable color is nearly always in fashion. You may not wear your pointe shoes out to dinner with friends, but you can apply this color to a ballet flat, a soft lace skirt, or handbag for a feminine touch to any outfit.

 I’m in love with this beautiful ballet skirt. And since millennial pink is everything this year, it’s perfectly in style and chic. 


Embrace The Leotard

If you know anything about the ‘80s, you know that the fashion in this decade was truly bold, fun, and a little outrageous. For those of us who have lived through the ‘80s, we might be keen to relive them through recent fall and winter fashion trends. It is only too easy to incorporate a pivotal item in your dancewear into this retro trend: embrace that leotard – the brighter, the better!

This beautiful Mesh-back Sweetheart Leotard BodySuit is the perfect way to add leotard to your wardrobe and using layering elements like sweaters and see-through tops with it. 


Shiny Sequins

It is no secret that dancewear features plenty of glitter and shimmery sequins. When you’re gliding or tapping your way across the stage, showing off your hard work and grace, you may wonder if such boldness is allowed in street fashion: fortunately, it is! This fall and winter you can wear your sequined mini skirt or dress out and about – you’ll be just as glamorous.

This Sequin Bodycon Stretchy Mini Party Dress is perfect for spicing up your New Year’s Eve party and you can layer it with beautiful sweaters or shawls too. 


Layer Up

On the runways for the latest fall and winter fashion trends is an impeccable number of highly layered outfits. While it may not sound very fashionable, it can actually be worked very well into any outfit – if done correctly and with a keen dancer’s eye for detail. Layer a leotard under your skirt and colorful tights, add comfy leg warmers with in-touch leather boots. Layering isn’t a new trend during wintertime but being warm does not mean that fashion has to be thrown out the window.


Speaking of layers, an artistically messy look is more significant this cold season. A typical outfit for this fashionably unkempt and undone look is a pair of torn, old, or distressed jeans with an oversized, comfortable sweater. Feeling tired from a recital or practice? Throw a big, warm sweater over your leggings, slip on a pair of leather boots, and head home in adorable, autumn style.

 Fun, Bold Patterns

What you wear for dance varies: you may prefer subtle, solid colors, or love bold and wacky patterns. If you want to be fashion forward in your dancewear or streetwear, however, there are a few key patterns to recognize. For the fall and winter season, stock up on plaid and checkered patterns, steely metallics; suede and leather are two hot materials for this season as well. Change up your solid-color leotards from Just for Kix, standard tights, and ballet cardigans to remain à la mode.


Of course, as any hard-working professional would know, you are going to be out in public in your work clothes, regardless of how fashion forward the pieces may be. If it is possible to appear fashionable by adding a piece of your dancewear into your street outfit, you can truly show off your personal style.

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Beautiful Fall Wreath

Incorporating Dancewear Into Your Fall and Winter Wardrobe - Sassy Townhouse Living

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