Why You Need To Start Using Microsoft Edge For Windows

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Here’s something to think about. Are you a dedicated Chrome user,  or have you ever thought about giving Microsoft Edge a try?

As a Chrome user for years now, I finally decided to give Edge a try and I think you might to as well! 

Microsoft Edge

Why Microsoft Edge?

For the past few months, after using Microsoft Edge, I discovered just how much I like it!  I think you just might discover the power this browser features too! 

We all love learning new tech hacks and when it comes to Edge, even more so! 

Microsoft has been doing its best to improve the current version of Edge using the Chromium rendering engine, which makes the browser perfectly compatible with “every major desktop platform.”

Considered the fastest and safest browser available on the market, Microsoft Edge is making strides with major improvements. 

Microsoft Edge features an intuitive interface not overburdened with sophisticated options much like its predecessor Internet Explorer. Back then, many options were hard to locate and tweak.

Microsoft Edge For Windows

Maintain Your Online Security

Moreover, it can significantly speed up the browsing experience and help you maintain online security.

Surprisingly, when Microsoft Edge released almost four years ago, not all users appreciated the usability, efficiency, and security features. If you think about it, this is an inexcusable omission.

Interestingly enough, you can enjoy Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 as well as other versions too. With that said, you can make the most of your browsing experience by giving Edge a try today! 

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But before you start surfing the Internet with the new browser you may want to tailor some of Edge’s settings to suit your needs. 

Microsoft Edge

Changing Privacy Settings

The first of the settings the majority of users want to tweak is Edge’s not-so-perfect default privacy settings.  You can also do the same quite quickly.

First, you need to open Edge on your computer. Then, select the “…” option that is located in the upper right corner of your screen and click “Settings.”

Navigate to the bottom of the pop-up menu and select “View advanced settings.” After that, check out the following switches: “Send Do Not Track requests,” “Block pop-ups,” and “Block only third-party cookies.” All of these listed features should be enabled.

More importantly, make sure you protect your online privacy then proceed to tweak out the other settings. 

Adding Bookmarks from Other Browsers

Another handy feature Edge boasts is its ability to import bookmarks from other popular browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.

To add a specific bookmark, you need to choose the “Hub” option and click “Favorites.” Then, select “Import Favorites.” After that, the selected bookmark should appear in your browser.

bookmarks in Edge

Some users may experience some difficulty importing bookmarks from Firefox. If you still experience issues importing bookmarks from Firefox, try this method instead. 

Open your Firefox and export the specific bookmarks as HTML files and add the selected items to Internet Explorer. After that, you can easily import them into Microsoft Edge from there.  

Disabling Cortana

You probably know that Cortana, Microsoft’s digital human-like assistant, is always there for you whatever you want to do on your Windows 10.

Cortana’s recommendations also can come in handy when you’re browsing the web. Nonetheless, not all users are comfortable enough with Cortana instructing them with the way they use Edge.

Should it be the case, you can remove Cortana integration from Edge without deactivating the program completely.

In your browser, click the familiar “…” button and then navigate to “Settings.”

Then select the “View advanced settings” option. Locate the “Get Cortana to assist me in Microsoft Edge” toggle.

Just switch the feature off to disconnect the digital assistant from your browser.

Changing Search Engine

Different people prefer different search engines. Edge aims to cater to every user’s needs. Therefore, it allows you to quickly change the default search engine, Bing, to any other option. Remember, it must be compatible with the OpenSearch standard.

Visit the search engine you want to use as your default, for instance, yahoo.com. Then, click the menu button on your browser and head to “Settings.” Select “View advanced settings” and navigate to “Address bar search.”

Click the “Change search provider” button, select your engine and click “Add as default”.

Sharing Web Pages

Another feature you may find particularly useful is the ability to annotate and share various web pages using Microsoft Edge.

To avail yourself of this feature, select “Web note” option from your browser menu.

Then, you will have access to multiple tools wherewith you can annotate the page that interests you. To save the changes, select “Save.”

If you want to share the web page, click “Share.” Edge enables you to share items saved in your Favorite of Reading List using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many other platforms.

Microsoft Edge For Windows

You can also accompany your post with captions or messages.

I think you might be completed surprised at how fast, intuitive, and effective Microsoft Edge is. While I still use Chrome from time to time, I enjoy using Edge too. It’s becoming my go-to browser for most everything. 

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