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Recharging And Revitalizing Your Skin Has Never Been Easier

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Recharging And Revitalizing Your Skin Has Never Been Easier

Recharging And Revitalizing Your Skin Has Never Been Easier_Sassy Townhouse Living

When I find amazing products, I feel compelled to share them with you, especially a serum that can easily revitalize your skin. Trust me, it’s not easy discovering what truly works and what works for me might not work for you. I can say with assurance, in this case, I’ve discovered a product that does work…and for everyone. 

Products can change your skin. I know it because I live it. Being told that you look twenty years younger than your age is one of the nicest compliments a person can give. For me, that means everything. No, I’m not claiming a miracle in a bottle please…never, but I can tell you this with assurance, there are products that do improve the texture, quality, and aging process and that’s what I’m talking about! 

You can’t buy happiness. But you can buy youthful skin. And that’s pretty close.

If you’ve read my posts on serums and how this technology has transformed the skincare industry, then you’ll know just how important they are to use daily. Using serum daily is like kick-starting your skin into regenerating. I can’t stress enough how important they are to use. Once you’ve discovered them, there’s no turning back. 

TelomErase Triple Telomere Targeting Serum by RevivSerums is next-gen age-defying technology: a 6-in-1 multi-corrective that erases tightens, brightens, blurs, moisturizes and regenerates. It contains the most powerful combination of new ingredients available to visibly reduce the appearance of sags & bags, dark circles, fine lines, sunspots, redness, pore size & laxity. 


Let me tell you why it works and why you need to try it. 

It’s the first product of its kind with three proven telomere targeters: Cycloastragenol + Renovage® + Telosomyl®. The latest in cosmetic chemistry spotlighting telomere stabilization.

OK, so you’re saying what does that mean and how does it work. 

A conference by Nobel laureate Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn at the recent American Academy of Dermatology conclave in San Francisco underlined the clear correlation between telomere length and integrity with overall health and skin condition. Protecting telomeres is a valid strategy to maintain healthy skin, Dr. Blackburn noted.

A study from Harvard Medical School showed that telomere shortening is a root cause of cellular aging. An enzyme, telomerase, has been shown to slow or even reverse telomere shortening that occurs as we age, but the number of telomerase declines as we get older. The development of a sensitive and efficient telomerase activity detection method has only recently made it possible to quantitate telomerase activity. TelomErase Serum contains three proven ingredients shown to target telomerase.

These are real studies based on real science – that’s why I was super-impressed and couldn’t wait to try this product. After using it for two weeks, it was already hard at work transforming my skin. That’s pretty remarkable stuff. 

TelomErase Triple Telomere Targeting Serum is light and sheer in its consistency – when applied, your skin will drink it in. It doesn’t feel heavy so don’t expect it to feel like a moisturizer – it’s not. It’s a serum designed to treat and repair. Remember that serums are applied under your moisturizer. 

Recharging And Revitalizing Your Skin Has Never Been Easier

Be sure to watch this video explaining the benefits of TelomErase Triple Telomere Targeting Serum – the statistics are astounding! 

In a 30-day, 22-person consumer study of TelomErase, over 90% of consumers tested noted a reduction in the appearance of skin laxity & skin roughness, 88% agreed that the area around the eye appeared improved; 74% of testers also saw a reduction in the appearance of redness and large pores, and 90% agreed that it made their skin more soft or smooth. Those are numbers I can believe in. 

Recharging And Revitalizing Your Skin Has Never Been Easier

Instructions For Use
Apply a thin layer to clean, dry skin (face, neck, chest, and hands) once or twice daily for two to three months, then three times weekly thereafter for maintenance. A slight initial tingling sensation upon application is normal. Suitable for the upper eyelid orbital bone area if tolerated, but avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Decrease frequency or discontinue use if irritation develops. For external use only.

I enjoy applying it to my hands too – they’ve never looked better. 

When applying, all you need is a thin layer which means this product will last for months if applied correctly. You don’t need a lot – just a dime’s worth per application works for me. 

I always appreciate learning a thing or two about the brand. 

Learn About the Brand

RevivSerums, located in beautiful San Francisco California and specializes in a novel and innovative clinical treatment serums. Their unique formulations are next-generation, high-performance, leading-edge — and any other great hyphenated catchphrases you can imagine.

They are here to buck the status quo in standard medical grade skincare and hair care treatment line and have found the vast majority of current popular physician-office products while certainly somewhat-to-quite effective, are no longer leading edge. And most of them contain ingredients that really aren’t that expensive to acquire, compared to their retail price. They created RevivSerums to provide products equivalent to famous physician-office brands so it’s easy to compare, apples-to-apples.  

 As a special introductory price RevivSerums is offering a 10% discount at checkout. Be sure to sue the discount code TIGHT10 at checkout at RevivSerums.com.

Recharging And Revitalizing Your Skin Has Never Been Easier

I’m one of the people who find it essential to learn as much as I can about the ingredients and why they do what they do. If you are like that to be sure to head on over to their website where you can read about the specific details of how each of the ingredients works and why. 

If you want to love the skin you’re in be sure to head on over now and treat your skin the way it deserves. 

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