Student Survival Tools To Boost Their Academic Standing

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There are many student survival tools out there that can help with their academic standing and here are some of our favorites! Whether you are in school or your children are, you’ll want to empower them with some of the best tools available. 

Student Survival Tools Academic Standing

Student life can be tough, especially with so many deadlines and tedious academic papers taking up all your time. Fortunately, there are plenty of apps that can not only improve your writing but help you ace your class in order to boost your academic standing.

Whether you’re literature or a business student, you’ll have to do a lot of writing in college. And here are seven apps which can help:

Student Survival Tools Academic Standing

1 – Edubirdie

This an amazing website that checks for plagiarism for free where you can find tools that allow you to write unique and original pieces.

Even if you haven’t borrowed consciously, it doesn’t mean that it couldn’t have slipped in your essay accidentally.

Any material that is not a piece of common knowledge or personal author’s opinion and is given without reference can be understood as a fraud.

That’s why it is essential to check any schooling paper on uniqueness level before you submit it. It makes your paper more original and relevant.

This website is accessible by anyone and requires no registration. The interface is very simple –paste text or upload a file to examine the originality rate and proceed with analysis just by clicking one button.

You’ll get a full report on plagiarism level with underlined words and phrases that have to be altered. There is also a list of sources that have similarities with the examined text. 

2 – Grammarly

The classic grammar-punctuation checker Grammarly comes at $30 per month, but it’s a worthy investment. For students who write countless academic papers and assignments, also emails, this app is priceless.

It not only checks grammar and punctuation but also suggests better word choice, shows the use of passive voice and improves your writing overall. With Grammarly as your secret weapon, academic writing will be swift and error-free.

I use Grammarly every day, and it’s helped me to become a much better writer. Grammarly Premium is the best option and provides you with integrated tools so you can use it in a wide range of internet apps and tools. 

  • Twice as Many Corrections. Premium users correct twice as many mistakes as free users, on average.
  • Get Better Results. Writing an academic essay? Drafting an important business email? We have you covered.
  • Write With Confidence. Our plagiarism feature compares your content against a library of over 8 billion web pages.
Student Survival Tools Academic Standing

3 – Hemingway app

The best alternative to Grammarly is the Hemingway app. It is a completely free website where you paste your text, and it shows how you could simplify it; make it bold and to the point. The app suggests more straightforward word choice, while also showing basic grammar and punctuation errors in your writing.

However, that is not the focus. Hemingway himself was famous for his “economical” writing style which was easy to read and understand. And with this app, you could become like the master writer himself.

I use this app daily as well and it’s the perfect tool not only for students to improve their academic standing but it’s also one of the best Student Survival Tools available for free as well. 

Student Survival Tools Academic Standing

4 – EssayPro

For students who need to get tedious academic essays out of the way fast – EssayPro is an excellent and reliable service. Students usually send “write my essay” requests during the period of exams.

This way they can focus more on studying for exams rather than writing academic papers. With EssayPro you can order an essay of just any subject or complexity and get it done fast. They also have a reliable customer support team available 24/7 to answer all your questions regarding the work.

When I was in college, many students did use an essay writing service but only as a guideline to learn how to write one and improve their skills. They would take the essay and review it line by line and reword it in their own voices trying to become better writers.

Personally, I don’t think it’s a good idea to use the actual essays but rather to use them as a baseline and learn from the style of writing. They can be good tools if used correctly and not for cheating. 

Student Survival Tools Academic Standing

5 – Mendeley

Mendeley is another excellent app for essay writers and researchers. It is a basic research manager used by most students throughout their academic life. With Mendeley, you can easily cite and annotate sources, and make your academic papers better and more concise.

While you can always rely on Google Docs for most of your writing, Mendeley is targeted directly at students who do lots of research in their studies. Organize your papers, access them anywhere, and make academic journals easy with Mendeley.

Student Survival Tools Academic Standing

6 – iTunesU

One of the best ways to revise for a class or study ahead is by using an online university. iTunesU is a good competitor of Coursera and Uldemy because it is reliable and has a wide array of classes available.

If you use an Apple device, iTunesU can be especially useful. Study for complicated courses on the go, prepare for exams and study ahead of your class. Using an online university will significantly boost your grades by giving you a broader outlook on the subject you’re studying.

Student Survival Tools Academic Standing

7 – Academic YouTube Channels

A great alternative to online universities is academic channels on YouTube. The School of Life or CrashCourse (of course, I subscribe to both) can be a quick way to revise for complicated subjects.

They take information and compress it into videos under ten minutes which are not only educational but fun to watch.

If you use these channels to their fullest potential, you can learn much more than you’ll learn in your class. All knowledge is online nowadays; it’s just a matter of accessing it and taking notes.

Be sure and subscribe to our YouTube Channel as well – we also have a variety of instructional tutorials well! 

Student Survival Tools Academic Standing

8 – Evernote

Often cited as the Swiss army knife of academic apps, Evernote is used by most students in college and of course by anyone else who needs to stay organized. It helps easily organize all your notes; all your papers; it has to-do lists and much more. An underrated feature of Evernote is the voice-to-text feature.

Just go to your class, turn on the voice-to-text feature, and you’ll have entire lectures saved as text on your Evernote. This is much handier than using voice recorders or taking physical notes in class.

Most students use Evernote, and they promise that you’ll absolutely fall in love with this app.

 As a business owner and blogger, I’ve been using Evernote Premium for years and that’s how I manage to stay organized and run my business effectively. 

Student Survival Tools Academic Standing

8 – Eduzaurus

When I saw this tool, I knew I had to add it to this list. I wish I had Eduzaurus during my college years. What a great resource!

If you plagiarize, you can suffer great costs in college. And, there are so many guidelines to follow as well. If you are attending college or a content publisher, this tool is invaluable. Of course, I shared this resource with all my friends attending school as well.

Below, you’ll find some details about this awesome tool.

This free plagiarism checker tool is an outstanding tool for any high-school or college student. It is free and accessible at any time without any efforts. It is also extremely easy to use; you can both upload or copy the text in the box.

The website supports all kinds of documents, such as pdf, doc, docx, txt, rtf, and odt. It also helps to check not only university papers, such as an essay but also any other type of text, whether it is website content or resume.

The originality of any type of text or content is essential for its relevancy and popularity. Whether you are a student that wants to be assured of getting the best grade for an essay or a blog creator that wants to be relevant and provide original content for subscribers, a plagiarism checker is a quite necessary tool.

This online program investigates the given text in minutes, depending on its size and gives a great and exhaustive report. In this report, one can see the overall plagiarism level of the text and the list of sources that have correspondence with it.

It helps to find the weak spots and edit them out to make certain that your essay, resume or content is totally authentic.    

9 – Online Thesis Generator For Research Papers

If you are a college student and working on your thesis this tool just might be what you are looking for. This Thesis Statement Generator is an easy to use tool with step-by-step instructions too.

This free online generator is constructed and ensures only the most effective results. This tool will help strengthen your paper by combining your central thoughts into a very powerful claim.

Additionally, if you haven’t written your essay, it will help ground you by pointing you and moving you along in a needed direction.

I wish these tools were around when I was back in college. I know it would have made my thesis paper much easier to formulate and develop.

The Online Thesis Generator is useful for:

1 – Research into the subject generating initial input for further reasoning and citations
2 – Comparison of key points of view on the subject general reasoning
3 – Paraphrasing in accordance with major educational standards as well as tailored to your college/university guidelines for plagiarism/paraphrase


It’s relatively easy to boost your academic standing with these apps. However, don’t expect them to do the work for you.

Academia is about studying and working hard; about investing in your future through knowledge and experience. And that’s something that no student survival app can replicate.

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