Bright, Bold, and Beautifully Inspired Framed Art Ideas

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Bright, Bold, and Beautifully Inspired Framed Art Ideas

Bright, Bold, and Beautifully Inspired Framed Art Ideas - Sassy Townhouse Living

Whether you’re decorating a new place or sprucing up a room, adding art that you love is not only a great way to decorate but also to say something about yourself.  Framed art plays a large role in my home’s overall comforting and visually interesting appearance. 

Art can be a conversation starter, a showcase for your favorite things, a source of inspiration, a reminder, a promise. Art can make a house a home or transform a space into an office. Art can be powerful. When you decide to add art to a room, you shouldn’t just choose something to hang on the wall – you want to fall in love with art. That’s how I feel about each framed art I choose for my home. Each piece holds a special meaning, and I know that’s how most people choose wall decor as well. 

When I was decorating my kitchen, I wanted it to be a special place for me to make a statement about important it is for us all. I thought about what we loved most – coffee, cooking, and cake! The three c’s of the kitchen. 

When shopping for framed art, I think it’s important to choose carefully. I quickly became disillusioned shopping for top quality framed art locally. I know my decisions shouldn’t be based on what shops are selling locally, but rather what pieces speak to me the loudest. We all gravitate towards purchasing art that is visually interesting, holds endearing meaning or matches our decor. That’s why I was thrilled when I tripped onto a website called  I was searching for some framed art for my office and quickly was astounded by their selections as well as how their site was organized. I darted over to their page and knew this would be the shop where I’d make my selections. 

I’ve been anxious to redesign my home office – I’m still wavering on exactly how I want it to look, but at the same time, I knew the color schemes I wanted and the color red would still be a key design element. So, I wanted to find framed art with the core colors I knew I would be using in my redesign. That’s when I saw this – and new it held special meaning for me as well. 

 The lineup of rustic flower art prints is stunning. This is one I chose. 

Jo Moulton - White Cupboard

I think this selection works perfectly in my home office! The matting I choose works perfectly with the color theme of my office too.

I was super-impressed with how has a built-in selector that lets you choose exactly the way you want your framed art to look. You can choose from options for frame selection, mat, and glass selection.

And they also have a section for me to choose another framed art selection easily by showing me other choices from the same series.

Here’s another shot up close. Stunning detail and top quality! Shipping was a dream too – everything came packed perfectly and professionally!

Their menu options are like none I’ve seen offered. They are easily categorized for searching for exactly the style you have in mind!

I was so impressed with the detail on the back of the framed art too – look at the Quality American Craftsmanship pledge on it! It’s even signed by my custom framer!

It’s a cinch to hang – have you ever seen an extra bracket like that included as well? Marvelous!

My entire experience with was wonderful from start to finish. I was so excited that I approached this company and asked them if I could review one of their framed art selections and they were kind enough to send me one to review! I loved it so much, I decided to purchase two – one for the living room and one for my bedroom. I’m excited to get them. 

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