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25 Inexpensive Tools Every Homeowner Needs to Own

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Whether you’re a DIY expert or have absolutely no clue about home repairs, having a toolset at home is a necessity, and finding the right inexpensive tools you need is essential!

If you’re a homeowner without a toolkit, this list should help you decide which tools to add to your home repair kit. Not only are these tools available at inexpensive prices, but they’re also practically essential to have around the house.

Inexpensive tools

Inexpensive Tools For Your Home And Office Toolkit

Ever since I started to take DIY and crafting seriously, my tools became essential for my projects. You can’t turn out great projects if you don’t have the right tools!

I’m always excited to add new tools as I move forward with my DIY projects and compile a list of everything important and every homeowner, DIYer, and crafter should own. 

Below, you’ll discover 25 inexpensive tools that every home needs in their toolbox. 

1 – Hammer

Used to pound and pull out nails, tap things into place, or even in some crowbar action, the hammer is one of the essential inexpensive tools every homeowner should own. But, of course, you don’t want just any hammer but one of the best hammers for sure. And you’ll find it very affordable as well.

2 – Nail Punch Set Tool

A Nail Punch Set Tool sinks the nail head below the wood’s surface, allowing you to fill up the surface hole with sand and putty so you won’t see any ugly dents afterward.

3 – Tape Measure

An indispensable tool for estimating quantities of materials you’ll need for a home repair or DIY project. Of course, you’ll want the best tape measure at an affordable price as well.

4 – Level – Inexpensive Tools That Work!

This tool makes sure no objects or placements are off-kilter, leaving no room for error and guesswork. Owning a good Level Tool is not only necessary but essential! I use one for almost every project around the home. 

5 – Utility Knife

When we installed the wallpaper in our bathroom, a good utility knife was essential! We couldn’t have gotten the job done with it. More so, this is an all-around tool with plenty of uses ranging from prying open closed boxes to trimming carpet edges.

6 – Putty Knife – Inexpensive Tools For So Many Projects

Great for scraping paints and dried glue, a good yet inexpensive putty knife is also useful in spreading paste and, yes, putty.

7 – Philips Screwdriver

One of the most common tools in toolboxes, a Philips screwdriver can screw and unscrew x-shaped screws. Ever since they started adding the various bits built right into the base, I’ve been super excited. So I made sure to own several! 

8 – Flathead Screwdriver

You’ll find straight screws used in most light switch plates, so for handling those kinds for jobs, a flathead or straight screwdriver is mighty useful. You can purchase a set of flathead screwdrivers for any project in your home.

9 – Long Nose Pliers

Also called needle-nose pliers, multi-functional pliers that can hold objects and pull, pinch, or bend metal. I use long-nose pliers for so many crafting and DIY projects. I use them a lot, especially when I’m creating jewelry. A very handy tool for sure! 

inexpensive tools

10 – Smooth Jaw Channel Lock Pliers

Dependable assorted pliers are invaluable in plumbing projects, and every homeowner’s toolkit should own one. Typically, a good set consists of an 8-inch groove joint, 8-inch and 6-inch slip joint, 7-inch linesman, 6-inch and 4.5-inch long nose, and 6-inch diagonal pliers.

11 – Combination Square

A combination square not only makes sure your project levels properly. Also, it can verify 45- and 90-degree angles.

inexpensive tools

12 – Hex Key Tool (or Allen key) – Inexpensive Tools For Every Project

In a lot of assemble-it-yourself items like furniture, the screws used have hexagonal sockets. And this is where the hex key tool comes in handy.

We always keep Allen Keys around the house. You’d be surprised how many times we’ve needed one. I was surprised to learn lots of folks didn’t know what they were. I like this set because it has multiple sizes. 

inexpensive tools

13 – Adjustable Crescent Wrench

Owning an adjustable crescent wrench is a must for any homeowner. This wrench’s opening can be adjusted to fit onto almost any hexagonal nut.

14 – C-Clamp

You’ll find assorted C-Clamps very helpful when you need to see, file, or glue together wood, plastic, or metal pieces. Another tool I use all the time, especially when I’m working on furniture restoration

15 – Hacksaw

You’ll be surprised just how handy owning a high-tension hacksaw can be. In addition, it’s mostly an inexpensive type of saw that can cut through many types of materials beautifully.

A good one can even cut through locks if you get locked out without a lock pick set. So I bought my son a lock pick set, and he loves it! He says it’s great for developing motor skills too! 

16 – Power Drill

Power drills can create holes and turn screws much quickly and with fewer muscles, a luxury for tired hands. I can’t do a thing without mine! 

Of course, you’ll need a good pass through socket set as well. This type of socket allows the studs to pass through the tool. Typically, you’ll find three types of socket sets like Stream Sockets, Datagram Sockets, and Raw Sockets.

17 – Wire Nuts and Butt Splices

You’ll find some assorted wire nuts and butt splices come in handy for electrical projects and repairs, such as wiring in new switches and light fixtures. So what are butt splices, you ask? “A butt splice connector is a form of so-called “crimp” connector.

You can use crimp connectors to terminate wires safely or connect one wire to another—first, the wire inserts into the connector. Then the connector is “crimped,” usually with pliers.

18 – Wire Cutters and Wire Strippers/Crimpers

Wire Cutters and Wire Strippers are very important to keep around the house too. You’ll need these in your toolbox for crimping insulated connectors, as well as for stripping wires.

19 – Digital Multimeter

Owning an Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter is perfect for when you start on or delve deeper into electrical projects!

20 – Soldering Iron

You’ll find a soldering iron very useful for replacing parts and components on a circuit board, which saves you from having to buy a new one. So a good soldering iron is a great tool to have on hand.

21 – Flexible Magnetic Pickup Tool – Inexpensive Tools Every Home Needs

You’ll find this Flexible Magnetic Pickup Tool very valuable to stow in your toolkit. Typically, it’s a tool that can pick up a screw, washer, bolt, or any other metal that falls into corners and crevices where your hands can’t reach, and your eyes can’t see. I never knew just how useful it was to own a flexible magnetic pickup tool until I bought one. 

22 – The Tape Trio: Electrical, Duct, and Teflon

Your toolkit would not be complete without a roll of each of these tapes that you can use for practically any project and repair, from plumbing to electrical wiring.

23 – LED Headlamp

While an LED flashlight would more than suffice in providing light to your work area, an LED headlamp keeps your hands free to continue with whatever you’re working on at home or work. Therefore, LED headlamps are another essential tool!

I even use mine when the power goes out or for working under my desk on my computer. More so, headlamps are also great for walking the dog too! So what did we do before all these fab tools became available? 

24 – Electrical Cord

An electrical cord extends your work area by providing power for your tools in regions far from a power socket.

25 – Zip-Ties

To keep your wiring projects neat and specific objects securely hung or tied, a bag of zip-ties of varying lengths will come in handy.

Many other tools can be useful in your home, and you don’t have to stop with just what’s on this list. Build your toolbox slowly by starting with these inexpensive tools that won’t cost you a fortune. And add on more specialized tools as you improve your home repair and DIY skills. Inexpensive tools are just as important as the high-priced tools we use. They are lots of fun to purchase too! 

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