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What You Need To Know When Planning To Adopt A Cat

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When planning to adopt a cat, you need to make sure you have all the information you need beforehand. Not only for your sake but the cat’s sake as well. Including a cat as part of your household offers many benefits. Cats can make great companions and offer a lifetime’s worth of friendship.

More so, when you adopt a cat, it’s a great responsibility, and as with any animal adoption, duties, and expectations. As with any life-changing decision, it’s always best to arm yourself with the information you need beforehand. In this article, we’ll take a look at some essential facts you should know before you adopt a cat.

Adopt A Cat

Do The Research Beforehand When You Plan To Adopt A Cat

As with any animal, cats have specific needs and requirements unique to their breed. That’s why it’s essential to know what you are getting into and feel confident in your decision. Often, we think with our hearts and not with reality-based concerns. While it’s heartfelt and a wonderful gesture to adopt a cat, you owe it to both of you to know everything you can before you do.

Typically, when we feel depressed or alone, we tend to jump into things before doing the proper research. Of course, it’s a blessing to adopt a cat and very commendable to rescue any animal from an uncertain destiny. But regardless of your situation, a cat is inarguably the best pet you can bring home and neck-in-neck when adopting a puppy.

Furthermore, bringing this feline friend home means one thing – you will be the parent and caretaker. Raising a cat is a huge undertaking. To make it a smooth experience for you, below, you’ll find some things you should know when planning to adopt a cat. And don’t forget to cat-proof your home too!

 Adopt A Cat

1 – It’s A Lifetime Commitment

To begin with, cats can have a significantly longer lifespan of up to 20 years of age. Before you adopt a cat, you need to be ready to have them in your life for that long. Doing so should be easy as cats make some of the best companions. Comparatively, you’ll find taking care of cats less expensive overall as well. You’ll also find they don’t require the services of petsitters either.

Since the life expectancy for a cat can reach 20 years, the first thing you need to do is make a lifetime commitment. While we don’t know what the future brings, it’s important to make this pledge to your adoptive cat. With so many cats abandoned into the streets, you at least owe them this heartfelt pledge.

2 – You Cat Should Always Be Well Fed

Just like humans and other pets, cats need to be well fed. As long as you take good care of them and feed them right, you can significantly shorten vet visits. But even if your kitty friend suffers from a specific health condition like kidney disease, you can always go the extra mile to feed him right and keep him healthy.

Additionally, if you read more here, you will discover some of the best vet-recommended prescription foods for cats with this health challenge. These foods often contain very low amounts of phosphorus. Also, before you adopt a cat, know that cats can get overweight. Similarly, this means ensuring that your kitty gets the right diet for her nutritional needs, which could vary by breed, age, and size.

Adopt A Cat

3 – Basic Essentials & Supplies When You Adopt A Cat

As you might know, when you adopt a cat, it’s almost like having a child in your home. Of course, you’ll want to ensure you have all the supplies you need beforehand. Typically, cats need a lot of pampering before they can settle into their new home. That’s why it’s a good idea to stock up on essentials before you welcome them home.

For example, some of these kitty care essentials include:

  • Food dish & water bowl
  • Litter box & scoop
  • Soft bed
  • Cat food – or kitten food (depending on the age of the cat)
  • A cat tree or scratcher
  • Toys for your cat
  • Cat carrier – perfect for trips to the vet
  • Calming aids like collars or calming sprays

The list above should provide you with all the essentials you need when adopting a cat. More importantly, keep them comfortable and safe. Hopefully, you’ll decide to keep them safe indoors, and keeping them comfy is a good start.

4 – Research A Trusted Veterinarian

Before you adopt a cat, you should start researching a trusted vet in your area. With the advent of online reviews, make sure you read and research vets carefully. Now’s the time to ask friends and family for recommendations as well.

Primarily, once you bring your cat home, you’ll want to schedule a vet appointment to ensure they are healthy. They will also recommend vaccination, treatment, special diet, exercise, and any other issues to help your pet stay healthy.

More importantly, if you can’t afford veterinary costs, you can reach out to some helpful assistance resources. It might also be an excellent time to ask yourself if adopting a cat is the right move at this time in your life. Ask yourself if you are ready for the financial burden of pet ownership and might be wise to wait.

5 – Your Newly Adopted Cat Will Settled In

Now, you have your loving new cat home with you, and it’s time to settle in. Of course, they will make friends with their new environment and you as well. It’s a good idea to avoid crowding them in and let them have the space they require to feel comfortable and safe.

Every cat has a unique personality, and you need time to get and know them and discover their whims. For instance, some cats seem timid and offputting, while others are overly active and gregarious. Learning about your new cat’s personality will take time, so have patience and understanding. Make sure you show them where the litter box sits, of course, the food and water location as well.  

You may discover this takes a few repetitions during training, and don’t worry, they will learn fast! You will also need to help your new kitty acclimate to you when it comes to grooming. Cats are very excellent pets if you know your way with them. But before adopting one, you need to know how to take care of them and help them settle in. Before you know it, you and your newly adopted cat will hopefully become best buddies automatically over time.

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