How To Start Manifesting Miracles In Your Life Today

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Regardless of your beliefs, you can discover how manifesting miracles in your life can unlock the best version of you! The universe designed a specific path for you to follow, and often, we stray from our destined direction. Or we feel our life’s mission path remains a mystery and feel lost and alone.

Above all, you can discover how you can manifest your life’s miracles using your energy and divine light. You’ll find by allowing yourself to open up to miracles, you can live a life of the happiness you deserve.

Manifesting Miracles

Discover How Manifesting Miracles Can Change Your Life

Every day you walk this earth, you manifest one thing or another. You can choose what you decide to manifest by what you attract, your attitude, and the experiences you create daily. We all need to discover the path to true self-love and self-care and know we deserve them both.

For the past decade, we have all heard and read about the Law of Attraction. And this promised us a life filled with abundance without the heavy lifting! The LOA claimed all you need to do is think about what you want to attract, and voila! Unfortunately, we all know life doesn’t work that way.

Above all, you need to believe we are not here to suffer and live a life of misery. Once you open yourself up to the possibility of living a life of abundance, you can come to fruition. And that doesn’t mean material abundance either but rather a life abundant with love, light, happiness, and sharing with your fellow earth dwellers too!

I recently had the pure pleasure of interviewing Michelle J. Lamont and discovered her powerful and transformative podcast. In her podcast, I connected with a part of myself I never before knew. Through her insightful words, you learn how you, too, can find the path to manifesting miracles.

Manifesting Miracles with Michelle J. Lamont

In her podcast, Michelle walks us through a world where it’s possible to discover how we can live the life we truly deserve. Moreover, you will learn from a wide array of topics to move your towards manifesting your miracles every day.

For instance, some of the podcast cover:

Head On Over And Listen To Michelle’s Podcast, Manifesting Miracles Now!

  1. Opening Up Miracles
  2. Rock Bottom Gave Me Everything: My Suicide Story
  3. 5 Things Manifesters Do Before Bed
  4. Life Path Numerology: Decoding Your Soul
  5. Top 5 Vibrations To Attract Your Miracle
  6. Harness Your Sexual Energy
  7. Writing Your Intentions: An Amazon Order to the Divine
  8. Dismantling Your Core Beliefs To Attract Miracles
  9. Manifesting Morning- 3 Practices For Abundance

And so many more!

Michelle J. Lamont

Our Skype Conversation

Furthermore, Michelle and I recently conducted an excellent and informative Skype conversation about Manifesting Miracles. You can watch it below!

Final Thoughts

Subsequently, it’s important to remember these key affirmations for manifesting miracles. Each of us has a true destiny, and it’s time for us all to take off the blinders!

  1. You trust your faith in the universe will bless us with all you need.
  2. Remember to always call on the universe to answer your prayers and guide us towards all abundance.
  3. Put all good energy into the world, knowing all good things will return.
  4. Be a magnet for positivity, abundance, and blessings.
  5. Set your daily intentions to release you from all attachments.

Moreover, Discovering Michelle J. Lamont’s podcast helps me daily walk on the path towards finding my true life’s plan. I know it will help you find yours as well. We are all connected and the world around us. It takes work to unearth our true potential, and in doing so, we can find the happiness and peace we deserve.

How To Start Manifesting Miracles In Your Life Today - Sassy Townhouse Living

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