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Top 10 List of Life’s Annoyances

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Top 10 List of Life’s Annoyances

Top 10 List of Life's Annoyances

Do you have a list of annoyances? If so, I’d love to hear them.  My sis and I have a running joke. It unfolded because we were once talking about things that annoy us most in life, and I said to her, “since my name is Carolann, I’m going to create a website and call it Carolannoyed (get it? Carolann + oyed). Brilliant she said! Ever since we always talk about what annoyed us that particular day and laugh ourselves silly at some of the things that made the list. I decided to share some of the annoying things that made the Top 10 List of Life’s Annoyances.

Please note, these are just some annoyances are not in any particular order as some are more annoying than others. I’m sure you can at least relate to some of them. Please let me know what your annoyances are! I really would love to hear them. 

1. The sticking sheets of lint roller paper almost every time I use it. Evercare Lint Roller – OK,  this is a big annoyance of mine. I use lint rollers all the time. I can’t stand fuzzies or lint on anything I’m wearing. When I had a dog, I was even more obsessed with using lint rollers. I like lint rolling my sheet in-between changing them.

Normally, I change my sheet every other day because living with a man who sheds like a dog is great fun (sarcastically stated, of course). To keep them clean and lint and hair free, I like to lint roll them. This is where the nightmare pictured below happens (look at that mess!).

I emailed Evercare once to tell them of their faulty sheets and explained exactly what transpires. Got an email back that was uncaring, which asked me to email them the receipt and the damaged roller and I would get a refund. I was like, yeah sure, that’s exactly how I want to spend my next two hours – shipping back a defective lint roller that sticks to everything! It happens with every roll! Why do I keep buying them – because they are all like that so it’s a loss either way. Evercare just does not get it or change it, or ever care (Pun Intended!).

Nevercare Lint Roller
Nevercare…well that’s so true – they never care!

2. Dropping my razor in the shower – It never fails. I shave daily, and I drop my razor almost daily. The head flies off in one direction and the base in another. Then, I have to bend over and pick them up, put the razor back together all while risking the possibility of falling and cracking my noodle.

Annoyance ranking rates high on the scale! This is what that debacle looks like! This is why I invented this new product and I hope (finger’s crossed) to bring it to market one day! Come check it out here, please!

Neverdrop Razor
This happens nearly every time I shave!

3. Turning on the fan switch in the bathroom when I meant to turn on the light. OK, so you are thinking, big deal right? Well, it’s annoying because it happens 8 out of 10 times. Mind you, I’ve lived in the same house for over 10 years now, ya think I’d get it? Nope. I still hit the fan switch and am left standing in a dark bathroom, getting cold air blown on me, and thinking, you ass you did it again. This is especially annoying at 4 AM! 

4. Smudgy prints on my reading glasses. I figure that I clean my reading glasses about 10 times a day. This is annoying. I make a conscious effort to not touch them but somehow they are loaded with smudges and debris. I don’t know how this happens.

I am ever so careful and even paid top dollar for lenses that are supposed to be smudge-proof and scratch-proof neither of which work! I think there are trolls living with me. Yep, that’s it…those little buggers!

dirty glasses
Trolls are smudging my glasses!

5. The check writing and coupon-obsessed ladies on the line in front of me. I am a person of patience most of the time when I am faced with situations where a good level of patience is required, I usually manage to hold my act together with one exception. The lady in front of me in the grocery line who insists on writing a check to pay for her items. Let’s face it, who uses checks anymore? I never see anyone writing a check anywhere with this one exception. And to boot, they are always in front of me at the check-out.

I also notice she seems to have great difficulty filling it out and signing her name. This process and I say process correctly, usually takes her about 10 solid minutes to complete. I have to take a deep breath and hold my act together. There is also the coupon lady who takes 15 minutes to sort and get her coupons together – can’t she do that at home? Yikes!

check writting lady
This happens way too many times. The check-writing lady. Photo Credit

6. Loud Chewers. I would think this would just about annoy everyone. I am particularly annoyed by this when done in restaurants. For God’s sake, close your mouth when you chew. Not you, of course, you always close your mouth when you eat right? :)
This is what it sounds like…seriously…it does! 

7. Pharmaceutical Commercials ALL OF THEM! It seems as if we are being bombarded with pharmaceutical commercials on almost every channel. I can’t watch the news or a sitcom without being affronted with someone suffering from some wretched disease and a pharma company trying to sell me some quick-fix drug for it.

Life is hard enough without having the be reminded of all the sickness and suffering we are liable to get without having to see some poor soul suffering the effects of restless leg syndrome, mesothelioma, COPD ( I especially hate that one with the elephant sitting on top of someone chest!), Diabetic nerve damage, bladder control issues, and the list is virtually endless! I find these commercials offensive as well as annoying. I leave these decisions up to my doctor as to which medication I need, and not some pharma company trying to impose these drugs on me.

This is one of the main reasons I record almost everything I watch on TV, so I can fast forward through this crap! Unfortunately, you can’t really do that with live news so I have to suffer watching these commercials. I usually leave the room when they air. This video says it all and is so right on and funny! 

8. Strangers chiming in my private conversations. Just because I’m speaking to someone in a public place doesn’t mean my conversation is deemed public too. It seems like everywhere I go folks are doing this. I don’t do that to others, so why are they doing that to me? Here’s an example: I’m in a restaurant sitting with my hubby, or sister, or whoever, and we are talking in what I think to be a low volume conversation.

Suddenly, I say something like, Wow can you believe it’s been raining for 3 days straight? and out of nowhere, I hear, Oh yeah, that’s because of global warming. And from there, all hell breaks loose. They start giving me a reason for the event happening, or at times it can be just a quick short statement or opinion.

At that point, I politely acknowledge their comment and quickly look at the person in front of me and change topics. Why oh why do people do this? Why don’t they just sit down with us and join in on our meal too while they’re at it? Yikes!

9. Bringing the crowd with me wherever I go. Is it me, or does it seem like when I enter a store that has hardly anyone in it, an entire crowd of people walked in behind me? Let me give you some examples: I feel like having coffee, so I walk into a Dunkin Donuts and there are like one or two people there. I get online, and bam, I turn around and now there are 8 people in line behind me.

This happens in most places I frequent like Starbucks, Panera, CVS, anywhere! What’s annoying about it you ask? Well, for starters, I feel pressured to hurry up in line. I can’t get a table and sit in peace and quiet as I intended. There are times when you just don’t want to deal with a crowd!

starbucks line
This happens almost every time!

10. Dropping things. I know we all drop stuff. This is normal and happens, but what about when it happens all day long? Have you ever had that happen to you? It’s like a chain reaction. You drop the first item, then an hour later another, and another after that. I swear it’s a plot created by the universe.

Maybe it’s the universes way of telling me I need more exercise? Who knows? All I know is it so annoying. Ask this cat…I think she’s behind it all!

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Sharing is Caring! ❤️

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  1. lol some of them were pretty darn funny carolannoyance!! lol I happen to be a load chewer my gma always complained at me. I swear it is closed it just i chew load lol.

  2. LOL Anj – I’m sure you don’t chew loudly if your mouth is closed. Too funny. I just had to write a post about these things…real life ya know? lol. Glad you enjoyed reading them. My list is really a lot longer. I just didn’t want people to think I was high maintenance lol. Have a great weekend!
    Carolann XO

  3. Got a laugh out of your carolannoyed idea and enjoyed reading your list. It’s the little things in life that drive us crazy sometimes!

  4. G’day Thanks for the much needed chuckles today! Pinned
    Cheers! Joanne

  5. Hi Joanne! Always great hearing from you! I’m glad you got a chuckle from my post. If I don’t take those annoyances and laugh at them I’d be lost! Thanks much for stopping by. Love IBA! and your blog rocks :)
    Carolann XO

  6. Hi Diane! Glad you got a chuckle from my posts. Yes, it is the little things for sure! It’s so good we can laugh at them :) Always good hearing from you! Have a fab Sunday!
    Carolann XO

  7. The drug commercials are also one of my biggest pet peeves. After a few, I may as well lay down and die since I’m sick or the side-effects killed me. Make them stop.

  8. This was absolutely hilarious! I am a coupon shopper (well use to be real extreme not so much now) so you would hate to be behind me back in the day. My biggest pet peeve in the word is someone that chews with their mouth open or talks with their mouth full. I dont even have to say anything to my kids any more .. they just get “the look” Thanks for the morning chuckles. I enjoyed this very much!

  9. lol that was funny Sue…and yes. It feels that way. I’ve even gone as far as emailing and telling them how awful their commercials are. They don’t care…all they care about are profits! I wish I could make them stop trust me lol.
    Carolann XO

  10. This is hilarious. And I LOVE your idea for the Never Drop razor! That is genius! And my glasses are always smudgy too. It’s annoying because I know for a fact that I never touch the lenses, so how the heck are they getting so gross all the time? I’m convinced that the extra money we pay for antismudge/antiscratch coatings on our glasses is just a scam. I’ve never really noticed a difference.

  11. Hi Megan, always a pleasure to see you! lol thanks glad you liked it. Thanks too for the lovely complement on my razor – that means a lot to me! You are so right on about the glasses thing. I swear that drives me nuts lol. It is a scam for sure. Next time I will know better!
    Carolann XO

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