Five Techniques To Improve Your Emotional Freedom!

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Five Techniques To Improve Your Emotional Freedom!

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As time passes, it becomes much easier to see how hard we are on ourselves. We are all racing around, doing, getting, prepping, making, care-taking, and when we stop to enjoy the beauty of all of our creating, we are still plotting, planning, and scheduling our next moves. 

Why can’t we just…relax? My mind is constantly doing the same thing. I have to fight the impulse to stop the noise of it all. I call these my emotional freedom techniques. 

It’s always been that way, busy with life 24/7 – never cutting myself a break. OK, what does that mean exactly? Well, you can interpreter it two ways – you can give yourself a physical break or a mental one. I think it’s easier for us as humans, to give ourselves a physical break.

We can and do vacation when the opportunity presents itself. We take weekends to sleep in, or nap during the day if needed. We find time for that much need physical break and most of us take it!

What about the mental/emotional break? What about giving yourself some slack when it comes to the bombardment of thoughts, worries, fears, and general anxieties about life? I ask myself, is this something we can actually do something positive and healthy for ourselves?

Yes, I believe we can. I know I can and do!  Here’s what you can do to cut yourself an emotional break! These tips work for me, I hope they do for you as well.

Here are Five Techniques To Improve Your Emotional Freedom! 

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1.   Comparison – Please stop comparing yourself to other people or other people lives – this one is a big one for me. Cognitively, I know how unhealthy it is to do this, but emotionally, I lost the connection of that message. Then one day, I told myself to just stop doing it. It was really that simple. It was so destructive to my day, so I forced myself to be aware of how unhealthy it is to compare yourself to anyone. My day, my life, my DNA, are unique to me.

You live an extraordinary life, and we all must realize that each of our paths is meant to be walked individually. And more importantly remember this, Everything is not always the way it seems. Facebook is really destructive for folks going through a hard time with the comparison. Take a Facebook break if it affects you negatively.

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2.    Imagination – You can use your imagination in a variety of ways – for both positive and negative thoughts. Be aware when you are thinking in the negative. Suddenly, a flourish of negative thoughts will enter my mind –  all racing from different directions.

Worry sets in, then anxiety, fear, and dread. STOP – I shouted internally. And suddenly, it all calms down. Using the word STOP works wonders for me. When I find myself wandering into this dangerous territory, I use this technique and all is good with the world again. This one is my favorite trick. I am always amazed at how well this works for me!

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3. Anxiety – Ask yourself, what do you really feel anxious about? At the moment, panic starts to set in, do this little task. I find when I do, the reality of the situation starts to set in, and I can see things more clearly. If it’s something worth being anxious over (for instance, someone was sick, or in an accident), my “get into action” mode kicks in, and I start to plan a solution to the problem.

If it’s me feeling anxious over “something intangible” and not worthy of experiencing anxiety over, asking myself the simple question, “what am I really feeling anxious about?” – provides me with enough time to pause, see the global picture of it all, and place that anxiety away where it belongs.

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4. The Future – We all worry about the future. We are constantly asking ourselves a series of “what if” questions. Similar in emotion to experiencing anxiety, but different in the experience. Occasionally, I find myself wondering off mentally and bombarding myself with “what if” questions. (ex. “What if I get sick? What if he gets sick?

What if I get another dog and he dies on me too?) Doing this can lead to unnecessary experiencing anxiety, fear, and worry. This is where HOPE comes in. I always try to feel hopeful that things will work out for the best and that not everything is bad, or negative. We have all had good and not so good things happen to us right?

It doesn’t have to always be bad….there – I said it. Just reminding yourself of this simple idea works wonders on your emotions. Have hope, and faith, that something good and positive might happen!

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5. Be Here Now – Right now, in this moment of time, this is all we are given. There are no guarantees, no promises, just now – you in this moment. When I awake in the morning, I open my eyes and say, I’m alive. I know that might seem creepy, or scary to think, but it’s not  – it’s actually the opposite.

I am grateful for each moment, each day I get to spend with my family and loved ones. When life seems overwhelming, when despair is clouding your judgement, or when the weight of life bears down on you, be grateful, be here in the now, be ever-present and, know that at this moment, this very place in time and space, you were meant to be there…and nothing will seem clearer.

  • Also, if you are a religious person – add 1 cup of prayer
  • If you are spiritual – feel your connection to the universe
  • If you are atheist – use your morals and value system

As with all my “thought posts,” these are clearly my opinion as a human with experiences. I’m not a professional, just a professional human.

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