Adding Additional Cabinets Transformed My Bathroom

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Adding Additional Cabinets Transformed My Bathroom

You can easily transform your bathroom space by adding budget-friendly cabinets. When we bought this townhouse, I was so thrilled to finally have my bathroom! It is so awesome having three bathrooms and is a real game changer.

I originally installed one triple cabinet over my vanity, and one above the commode. Being a product hoarder (which I proudly state!), I thought that was going to supply enough storage space – sadly, it didn’t. I am a very organized individual, and my whole house reflects that quality – my bathroom criteria was even more essential because of the variety of products. 

Adding additional cabinets to your bathroom is the perfect way to easily and beautifully update your bathrooms

First, you need to measure and discuss exactly what your needs are and how much space you have to work with. 

Adding Additional Cabinets

I purchase two medicine cabinets with mirrored fronts and they were a perfect choice! As you can see below, they sit flush to the wall. I love them! 

Adding Additional Cabinets Transformed My Bathroom

This cabinet sits above the commode – it’s got three baskets sitting on the bottom shelves, and they are so handy to have for items such as razor blade refills, my Clarisonic skin cleaning system, and other items I grab for constantly. Inside, there is plenty of shelves and space for just about anything!

Adding Additional Cabinets Transformed My Bathroom

The triple mirror medicine cabinet below was the one I had installed prior. This one has loads of room, but it just wasn’t enough! As you can see, it matches perfectly to my new ones!

Adding Additional Cabinets Transformed My Bathroom

 All this extra space has changed my entire bathroom! Now, I can find what I need with ease! I love housing all of my beauty items in them. Maybe, you need a little extra space too!

Adding Additional Cabinets Transformed My Bathroom

Rethink your bathroom! Adding more cabinets just might make your entire bathroom experience wonderful! 

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