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Vegetarian Bacon Bits Alternative That Will Blow Your Mind

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I love discovering new ways to cook food. When I discovered this delicious vegetarian bacon bits alternative I was super excited. Why? Because they are easy to make, taste delicious, and satisfy even the vegetarian in my house. 

Vegetarian Bacon Bits

When I decided to never throw my potato skins away again, I was so excited, mainly because you can make so many yummy goodies with them. Then, it dawned on me, that they have a bacon-like consistency and taste to them. That’s when I tried a different technique with the skins and decided to make them as a vegetarian bacon bits alternative. 

Vegetarian Bacon Bits

This time, I decided to chop them up into smaller bit – just like bacon bits! It worked out great. You can use them as a topping for some different foods – salads, mashed potatoes, veggie toppers and so much more! 

Watch this short video on how easy it’s done!

So next time you want to throw out potato peels, don’t! Reuse them and make some yummy vegetarian bacon bits yourself!

Do you have a vegetarian at home or are you one yourself? Well, you will find this simple potato hack delicious and so easy to make. I love pairing it with my main course – you can use them as a mashed potato topper and wow! Talk about delicious! 

Vegetarian Bacon Bits

All you do is add a little salt to them and you are ready to go. I love the crispy golden brown bits this makes – just like bacon bits

Vegetarian Bacon Bits

So next time, you peel potatoes, don’t throw them away! Turn them into delectable bites of bacon goodness! It’s the next best thing to eating the real thing!

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Vegetarian Bacon Bits Alternative That Will Blow Your Mind - Sassy Townhouse Living

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