The Most Popular Hairstyles For Long And Medium Lengths

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The Most Popular Hairstyles For Long And Medium Lengths

The Most Popular Hairstyles For Long And Medium Lengths-Sassy Townhouse Living

If you are struggling with your current hairstyle, you have to check out these new looks. Get inspiration from the latest trends! I’ve had long hair since I was a child. While it allows diversity in style, it can often become drab and quite boring. I’m always searching for style inspiration and end up circling back to my favorite cuts and styles and rely heavily on finding images of haircuts to change things up. 

As a former hairstylist, I learned a lot about hair and still do! I really enjoy keeping up with the latest trends, products, and still practice cutting. It’s more like a science to me, and I think lots of folks don’t realize that there is indeed a science behind the theory. 

Generally, there are a few rules I like to follow when looking for a new style. 

1 – Choose a style that will complement the shape of your face. 

You want your hair to be in opposition to the shape of your face. For instance, if you have a square face, you should balance your sharp angles with soft layers or waves.

Knowing your face shape can help you make confident and informed decisions about which hairstyle to choose. To figure it out, pull or comb your hair completely away from your face. Stand in front of a mirror so that you can see your face straight-on, and not at an angle. You can trace the shape of your face onto a mirror with a washable pen or even lipstick to see what face shape you have. It’s a great way to step back and a get an accurate reading on your face shape – or you can ask your stylist. I like to do both. It’s interesting how at times it’s in contrast to what I think. 

2 – Pick a style that works with your hair’s texture.

As we all know, hair comes in different textures. We can have hair that is limp and silky thin or hair that is frizzy and bouncy like coarse hair. You should style yours accordingly and not force your hair to behave against its nature. For example, a short and choppy layered cut that works on straight, thin hair may not look good on someone with thick and curly hair. 

I think one of the biggest problems we tend to have is we force hairstyles on ourselves that theoretically just won’t and can’t work. 

3 – Play up your strengths. A good haircut should direct attention to the things you like about yourself. Ultimately a haircut or hairstyle should make you feel confident and attractive, so use it to your advantage.

A good haircut directs attention to features you like best about yourself. A haircut or hairstyle should make you feel confident and attractive if done properly. If you walk out of a salon and you are not happy with the cut or the style listen to your inner voice as it’s spot on! 

There’s an old saying about getting a haircut that’s not right for you, “don’t worry, it will grow back” – well, I dislike that saying and feel it’s misleading. It takes a long time, even years, for your hair to grow back after a disastrous haircut! That’s why I always take the time and carefully plan the cut I’m after. 

4 – Cover your flaws. Making sure you get the right haircut can help you hide or downplay features you don’t like as much.

If you have ears you are not happy with you can easily avoid a cut that’s too short as well as severe ponytails and buns. 

If you have a broad or a deep forehead you can cover it up with bangs. I love bangs they are very stylish too! 

And, if you dislike the length of your neck you can use long layers as a great way to distract that feature.

According to Pinterest, here are some of the most popular styles that are my top favorites for medium and long length hair. I hope you get some awesome ideas and inspiration for your next haircut! Be sure to follow me on Pinterest for some more inspirational hairstyles! 

 Here are some of the most popular styles for long and medium length hair.

 Popular Hairstyles

And of course, my latest choice in hairstyle! I’m really happy with this cut but I’m sure I’ll have a variation of it for my next appointment. 

The Most Loved Hairstyles For Long And Medium Lengths

I tend to go for haircuts with sharp side angles. I think they really help to sassy up a dull long hairstyle. 

The Most Loved Hairstyles For Long And Medium Lengths

I can wear long layers in the back but they have to be long or my hair looks very choppy. I’m into the whole “bang” thing too for the past few years. 

The Most Loved Hairstyles For Long And Medium Lengths

I hope this helped you find some styles that work best for your personality and face shape. Please let me know if you have any question in the comment section below. I’d be happy to help you choose the cut that right for you! 

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