Our Plans To Replace Carpeting With Engineered Wood Flooring

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Our Plans To Replace Carpeting With Engineered Wood Flooring

Making a decision to replace carpeting throughout your home with engineered wood flooring is a big decision, but one we are excited to be planning. We replaced our carpets about six years ago and having them professionally cleaned is just not working for us anymore. It’s time to take this project on and we are in the planning stages for this exciting home improvement!

Replace Carpeting Engineered Wood Flooring

Thankfully, we only have three bedrooms that we plan to replace carpeting with engineered wood flooring as the rest of our home already has wood flooring. When we had this home built 15 years ago, I thought having carpeting in the bedrooms would be cozy and warmer during the winter months, looking back, it was not a good decision! Carpeted bedrooms always start out looking and feeling great but over the years, the carpeting loses its luster and becomes desperately in need of replacing. Instead of continually cleaning them, it’s time to replace them with some stunning wood floors! 

Replace Carpeting Engineered Wood Flooring

Below, are some of my thoughts on Engineered Wood Flooring and why we think it’s a great option. 

There are many major decisions that need to be made when renovating a house, and I believe that the most important decision surrounds flooring. I have never found this decision easy and this is down to the large variety of flooring options that are now available.

You genuinely could have a different type or design of flooring for every room of your house, however, I would not recommend this as it would look fairly messy! Unfortunately, I can’t tell you the type of flooring you should install as it depends on the room and personal preference. I have done some research and I can tell you the current most popular flooring trends.

Replace Carpeting Engineered Wood Flooring

Many households and going back in time and creating a very traditional style of home, that I have to say does look extremely classy. This may sound difficult to give your floor a traditional appearance; however, it is a lot easier than you may imagine due to new manufacturing techniques. Real wood flooring can be split into solid and engineered wood flooring.

Solid wood flooring is in very simple terms, one real piece of wood that has been manufactured into to shame and finished. Whereas engineered wood flooring is made up from multiple layers of plywood or HDF, which are then topped with a wear layer of real wood. If you are installing engineered wood flooring you’ll want to learn more about laminate flooring underlay as well. 

Replace Carpeting Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring has now become the most popular out of the two as engineered can be installed on top of underfloor heating as the wood is able to cope with fluctuating temperatures. As the products are real wood, they feel great underfoot and as there are multiple styles and finishes available you are able to select your perfect product. Real wood flooring can now be purchased at a reduced cost due to manufacturers finding cheaper ways to produce flooring.

Replace Carpeting Engineered Wood Flooring

Following on from the traditional trend, parquet flooring has become a firm favorite within the last year. The two most popular styles are Herringbone and Chevron, which were traditionally installed in ancient French Castillo’s. Traditionally parquet flooring was made from wood, however, due to the high costs, many individuals have opted for laminate or vinyl parquet flooring at the cheaper price.

Below, you can see examples of Herringbone, Chevron & Parquet wood flooring. I’m in the deciding stages of exactly what pattern we are going to choose. 


The main disadvantage of parquet flooring is that it can be incredibly hard to install depending on the shape of your room. However, even with the extra cost of a professional fitter, the rewards of a stunning new floor is almost priceless.

Replace Carpeting Engineered Wood Flooring

At this point, you may be confused about how vinyl can be installed in a parquet style as many individuals still imagine vinyl as being a large plastic sheet. However, luxury vinyl tiles have now replaced the large vinyl sheets. They are installed by using adhesive to glue them down and you are able to create some amazing patterns that would be expensive and very difficult to install with real wood flooring.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Just remember that when choosing your dream floor it comes down to personal preference, it is good to listen and take advise, however, at the end of the day it is purely your decision. I’ll be sure to update this post when we complete the project. I am super excited to replace carpeting with Engineered Wood Flooring. I know it’s going to be a huge home improvement!

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