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My Latest Earring Obsession – Threader Earrings By Cecelia Designs

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If you love wearing earrings as much as I do, then you are going to love these threader earrings by Cecelia Designs.

Threader earrings are, by far, my favorite earring style and as so comfortable and easy to wear. If you’ve never worn them before, you are going to see why they are my latest earing obsession! 

hreader Earrings Cecelia Designs

Earrings are one of the most important jewelry statements you can wear to kick up any outfit. They draw attention to your face, are basically foolproof and crucial to any outfit, are available in a multitude of styles and shapes, and are constantly evolving. 

If you’ve never heard of or worn threader earrings then you have missed out on one of the most comfortable and stylish earrings this side of the century. My earlobes are super sensitive and can often become red and irritated but these threader earrings are so comfortable you hardly know they are on your ears! 

threader Earrings Cecelia Designs

I’m always on the hunt for new jewelry designers, and when I saw Cecelia Designs stunning array of jewelry, I knew I had a try a pair. Threader earrings are designed for pierced ears, are uniquely different from all other types of earrings. They are made of a length of fine chain which can be made of silver, gold or any other metal. In order to wear them, you must have pierced ears.

threader Earrings Cecelia Designs

I’ve purchased threader earring before but not nearly as lovely and chic as Cecelia Designs, I Am Love Threader Earrings – these stunning earrings are made of 14k gold crystal and are handmade with a 14k gold posts and gold-plated crystal pendants.

The pendant drops just below the ear and is complemented by the threader post that dangles behind the pendant. They are reasonably priced at $78.00! Be sure to check below for an awesome discount code too for 15% off your order!

threader Earrings Cecelia Designs

What’s more wonderful is Cecelia Designs has committed to her love for nature and for every piece of jewelry sold, one tree is planted! I love her care and concern for our trees and have pledged to continue planting trees! 

threader Earrings Cecelia Designs

You can find Cecelia Designs jewelry line in over 130 boutique stores in the United States! Her designs are unique, chic, and simply stunning! Be sure to check out all of her other collections of custom-made jewelry too! She has hundreds of beautiful and affordable styles to choose from! 

threader Earrings Cecelia Designs

I love wearing these I Am Love Threader Earrings with every outfit. They are perfectly paired with everything from dresses to jeans! I love the beautifully placed crystals throughout the earrings – they are perfectly sassy and give your face that outer glow that we all love and desire. 

threader Earrings Cecelia Designs

The folks over at Cecelia Designs Jewelry are offering our readers a 15% discount off any purchases on their website until November 2nd so hurry on over and get yourself some gorgeous pieces today! 

Be sure to use the code – SASSY15 – upon checkout for 15% off until November 2nd!

threader Earrings Cecelia Designs

And don’t forget to check out a beautiful pair of threader earrings for yourself too! I promise they will be the most comfortable and stunning earrings you’ve ever worn! 

threader Earrings Cecelia Designs

If you love expressing your love with jewelry, be sure to check out this gorgeous name tag necklace too. 

threader Earrings Cecelia Designs

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My Latest Earring Obsession - Threader Earrings By Cecelia Designs - Sassy Townhouse Living

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  1. They are gorgeous earrings that look exotic Carolann. I have never tried threaded earrings and I am happy to know about them now. Thanks for the discount.

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