Small Details That Will Make You More Productive At Work

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We all want to be more productive at work, and most times, it’s the small details that can help. Mostly, a set of small amendments can make a big difference to the working day.

These days the internet is awash with ‘how-to’ articles, top tips, and life hacks. Actually, they can be beneficial, and many of the suggestions don’t have to cost a lot. More so, this applies to ideas for work productivity too! Rather than making one significant change, a set of small amendments can make a big difference to the working day.

Productive At Work

Little Things Help Us To Be More Productive At Work

In this article, we will take a look at several small details you can do to make you more productive at work. At times, it is the little things that matter and make a difference.

When I worked in corporate America, I always appreciated looking and learning from my peers. In doing so, you can learn to become more productive at work. I then took notice of some but significant things they did and started implementing them into my day.

Whether it’s your first professional position working or the fourth, there are always lessons to you can learn. In fact, these lessons are both personal and professional to maximize your experiences. At work, we always strive to do our best. And if it’s the little things that get us there, so be it.

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the things to help you become more productive at work.

More Productive At Work

1 – Preserve Your Drinks At Perfect Temperatures

I remember clearly while working at my desk, I always enjoyed keeping a beverage at my side and still do while working from home. Yes, it’s a small detail but a notable one at best. I found it frustrating when my hot coffee or cold drink lost the perfect temp. Every hour, I found myself stopping work to either heat it or add ice.

Always stopping and starting work didn’t help me to be more productive at work. In fact, it would interfere with my workflow and confuse my stop and starting points. However, there’s an easy solution to this and one that works perfectly. When you click on this link, you’ll see the experts recommend insulated travel mugs because they can keep drinks warm or cold for hours. You’ll discover a few of my personal favorite there as well.

2 – Always Follow a Priority List To Be Productive At Work

I discovered, following a priority list always beneficial. At the start of each day, I created a list of tasks I knew took top priority. Then, I categorized them using a numbered list of 1-10. Above all, doing so kept me in check and on target with the most essential at the top.

Primarily, we tend to do the easy stuff first, especially in the mornings. Then, by the time the afternoon arrives, we grow tired, and the tougher stuff pushed back until the next day. Creating a list and prioritizing it keeps you on track to be more productive at work. Try it and see. It always worked for me, and to this day, I start my day with a good list of priorities.

Also, you can try journaling to keep you organized and productive at work as well. I always keep a good journal at home and often cross-reference it for my work tasks too.

Productive At Work

3 – Take Regular Breaks With No Distractions

As you know, it’s essential to take regular breaks so we can feel more productive at work. Without a break, our mental and physical stamina decreases. People who take regular breaks will increase productivity and feel better, as well.

Additionally, breaks can help you keep your goals in the spotlight. While some prefer a quick break every 25 minutes, others prefer longer breaks at longer intervals. Taking breaks allows us to clear our minds, rest our eyes, and stretch our legs. Physically, it’s good for our backs and bodies overall.

It’s good to have specific times in the day that colleagues know they can’t contact us. Emails can have a ‘do not disturb’ function, and so can work software like Slack. During this time, turn your phones off and take the “me” time you deserve. Don’t be a hero, and avoid your breaks.

More importantly, breaks can prevent decision fatigue and reasoning ability. More so, taking breaks can restore motivation, especially for long-term goals. During your break, go for a walk and don’t think of anything work-related. Remember, during a rest period, the brain reviews and ingrains what it previously learned.

You can take a break and boost your health at the same time with IV treatments at home, such as Washington IV therapy. IV therapy provides both hydration and vitamins to support your health and wellness. Treatments generally take 30 – 45 minutes, during which time you can recharge and boost your productivity.

Above all, take the break you deserve. Have a hot cup of tea or coffee, kick back, and give your body and mind a chance to relax and recover so you can be more productive at work.

4 – Laughter and Music Helps You To Be More Productive At Work

It’s always a good idea to add some laughter and music to your workday. Studies show laughter helps improve physical and mental health. It also helps with our relationship at work and enhances creativity.  

Overall, laughing helps get our heart pumping, burns calories, decreases stress hormones, improves immunity, and releases pain-reducing endorphins. As you can see, laughing helps us become productive at work and fosters good relationships at work.

Besides, listening to music at work is always a great way to increase productivity. Of course, this depends on the type of music you listen to as well. It’s important. Studies show 61% of employees listen to music at work make them happier and more productive. And 90% of workers perform better when listening to music.

Optimally, it’s a good idea to wear headphones and not disturb others at work. If your company objects to this, you can always try small, less obvious earbuds. Either way, music at work is a good thing and will help you to be more productive at work.

5 – Keeping Meetings Productive

Did you know, if seven people meet for one hour, that’s the equivalent of one of them having a day off work? As always, you want your meetings efficient as well.

If it’s a short meeting, why not have standing room only. Be clear in advance as to what you want to achieve, and be strict with finishing on time. Remember, someone may be covering your job while you’re talking. Meetings that run over often lead to people staying later at work to finish everything.

Moreover, you can try various ways to approach meetings. For example, you can try a walking meeting. This type of meeting has health benefits and reduces the overall meeting time.

Also, create and distribute a meeting agenda well in advance. Have a clear and concrete agenda for more successful outcomes. Plus, do away with status update meetings and use email updates instead.

6 – Find Repeatable Shortcuts And Stick To Them

Typically, we all enjoy a fast and easy shortcut. Whether it’s shortcuts for our computers or our personal lives, shortcuts make life easier. Using shortcuts doesn’t mean you can successfully multitask either. Remember, not everyone can multitask effectively.

As you know, shortcuts will help you complete tasks faster and, typically, more efficiently. You can try learning some new desktop shortcuts and share them with your coworkers. At that point, you can put together a standard operating procedure for everyone to follow. This way, they can quickly complete their assignments productively.

In closing, I hope these small steps help you and your team to become more productive and develop better interoffice relationships. Which one is your favorite? Do you have good relationships at work, and if not, what will you do to foster them?

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