Why You Need the Best Earrings for Newly Pierced Ears

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With newly pierced ears, it’s always best to take precautions to avoid irritation and prevent possible problems. If you recently pierced your ears, what kinds of earrings are best for them? You do not want to get an infection or any other kind of injury because it can be pretty dangerous! But, If you want to avoid redness, the good news is that many different earrings are available today.

Newly Pierced Ears

Your Newly Pierced Ears Need Tender Loving Care

Of course, with newly pierced ears, you’ll want to treat them in the best way possible, especially regarding the type of jewelry you choose to wear. Also, you’ll want to follow the safety guidelines and keep your hands away from your ears when possible. And this means more if you have sensitive skin and ears.

Wearing the best earrings will make your newly pierced ears heal faster and safely without any problems from wearing the wrong type of earrings. But what are the benefits of using the best earring types for your new ear holes? Below, you’ll discover the best earring types for your newly pierced ears and why.

Newly Pierced Ears

What Are the Best Earrings for Ear Piercing?

The secret to selecting your starter earrings is finding the jewelry that complements your unique anatomy. And will aid in your quick and trouble-free recovery. In addition to selecting jewelry made from a suitable metal, you should search for items that don’t have nicks or scratches.

These are places where bacteria can flourish and lead to infections in your newly pierced body. In addition, you don’t want any uneven surfaces because your piercing will heal around them, and moving jewelry will irritate you and cause scar tissue to form.

Below, you’ll discover some of the best types.


Right after the initial piercing, gold is a good choice for piercing wire or earrings. Jewelry made from gold is less likely to spread infection because it is less reactive than other metals. Most people like wearing gold after receiving their newly pierced ears for style and ease of wear.

Gold helps to facilitate more effortless tissue movement and blood flow in the vessels. Therefore, wearing gold earrings helps to control the body’s oxygen flow. Following ear piercing, gold hoops or stud earrings are ideal.

Sterling Silver – Another Good Choice For Newly Pierced Ears

Regarding your newly pierced ears, sterling silver is a good option for any piercing. Moreover, it won’t cause irritation or other problems to your body. You can find this material in many jewelry stores, online outlets, and home improvement stores.

For example, you can find them at stores like Home Depot or Walmart that sell tools for carpentry work on real houses (not just virtual ones). The most common type is 14k gold-plating with a minimum thickness of 0.5 mm (1/16 inch). It will help protect against bacteria growth while keeping everything clean all the time!


Titanium has become an increasingly popular choice among consumers due to its strength against bending under pressure but still being lightweight enough—not too heavy when worn over time. In addition, it makes it perfect for newly pierced ear holes, which are still tender and sore.

Because they don’t typically combine titanium with other metals, it’s an excellent option for people with sensitive skin. Those prone to redness, swelling, rash, or other symptoms caused by metals can comfortably wear titanium jewelry.

Importance Of Having The Best Earring Types And Three Significant Benefits

Reduces Swelling

Earrings are a great way to reduce swelling, so picking the right earring type is essential. The best kind of earrings to use after getting pierced is one that will help in faster healing and will not cause pain or discomfort on both sides. If you do not get the correct type of earring, you risk having a swollen earlobe.

Swelling is often painful and uncomfortable, so do your best to avoid it. You must consider what kind of jewelry works best for your piercing before purchasing any jewelry!

Promotes The Healing Process For Newly Pierced Ears

Earrings help promote healing by letting air circulate through them so that any excess moisture from sweat, blood, and any puss will evaporate away from their surface area (which means less chance of infection).

Additionally, wearing earrings helps keep away those little skins growing back around the ear hole that cause blockage of the piercing. Continuously rotate the earrings every time you wash them out to avoid sticking from these tiny skins and clotted blood.

You Will Avoid Getting Infections

If you use low-quality earrings, you will more than likely experience infections. In addition, because some earrings don’t have the proper materials, they do not protect against bacteria and other germs. Remember, you’ll always want to see your healthcare provider to treat the infection properly.

When it comes to piercings, many factors can contribute to developing an infection. One such factor would be how long you have had your new piercing done. For example, if someone has their ears pierced since childhood, they might be at risk of developing an infection due to all those years of wearing cheap jewelry!

On the other hand, if someone has recently gotten their ears pierced, they should ensure their new jewelry is made of high-quality materials to prevent infection and protect against allergic reactions.

Newly Pierced Ears

Consider Your Preferences When Buying

Having the best earring types is very important for your newly pierced ears. Moreover, many people wonder whether they should buy gold or silver earrings. Of course, the answer to this question depends on your personal preference.

The most crucial part is ensuring they protect your freshly pierced lobes until they heal completely. And then you can wear whatever you want. However, it would help if you also considered wearing hypoallergenic earrings to prevent future problems.

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