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New Dog At Home? What You Need To Know To Prepare

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If you have a new dog at home, you’ll want to prepare properly to ensure you and your pet have all you need for a happy coexistence. Since 2020, there’s been an influx of dog adoptions, and it’s no surprise why. Approximately one in every five adults in the U.S. lives with a mental health disorder. Furthermore, studies have shown that dogs can reduce anxiety, depression, and stress.

Of course, owning a dog is a big responsibility. And ensuring your home is ready for their arrival is essential. So here’s how to prepare your space for your new furry friend.

New Dog At Home

Why We All Need To Prepare For A New Dog At Home

About four years ago, I welcomed Oliver into my home. Abandoned, starved, and severely neglected, I knew I had much to prepare at home. Moreover, I pledged only to adopt my next dog and did that with much anticipation. Today, I feel so blessed to have him and his unconditional love. Before you get a new dog at home, it’s essential to understand how to ensure everyone, including your pet, is comfortable and has what they need, including your home.

Adjusting to a new dog at home comes with a learning curve. That’s why it’s essential to know what to expect before you bring a new pet into your abode. Even if you have owned a pet before, every dog comes with new rules and lessons from the past. Below, you’ll discover some essential tips on what to do if you have a new dog at home.

New Dog At Home

Make Sure You Protect Your Furniture

According to a survey, up to 95.1% of consumers expect their furniture to last for many years. But dogs love to chew, scratch, and jump on furniture. So it’s essential to take preventative measures to protect your furniture before your new dog arrives. Even if you plan to train your dog not to climb onto the furniture, it may take some time before they learn.

Furthermore, to protect your furry friend from accidentally ingesting something they shouldn’t and your couch or tables, consider getting a dog-friendly couch cover and table corner covers. Of course, you can also provide your dog with their designated space, such as a dog bed or crate. But, more importantly, this helps protect your furniture and creates a comfortable and safe space for your dog to relax and enjoy.

Cover Hardwood Floors With Rugs

If you have hardwood floors at home, investing in some rugs before bringing a dog home is a good idea. Dogs love to run around and play, and their claws can cause damage to your floors over time. Rugs will not only protect your floors, but they can also provide a soft and comfortable surface for your dog to lie on.

It might also be a good idea to install carpet in your home if you don’t already have it. While some homeowners may be wary of carpet, especially with a new dog, the carpet cleaning sector in the U.S. brings in just under $5 billion every year.

This way, you can rest assured knowing professional cleaning options are available. In addition, carpets and rugs are a great way to minimize the damage caused by your dog’s nails on your floor. They can also be better for your dog’s paw pads as they age.

Have Plenty Of Toys For Your New Dog At Home

Dogs are naturally playful and curious creatures. They need a lot of stimulation and exercise to keep them happy and healthy. Providing your dog with plenty of toys is essential for their well-being and can also help prevent them from damaging your belongings.

Toys can help satisfy your dog’s natural urge to chew. Moreover, this can prevent them from chewing on your shoes or furniture. They also provide mental stimulation, which can help prevent destructive behavior resulting from boredom or anxiety.

When selecting toys for your dog, consider their size, breed, and personality. Some dogs love to chew, while others prefer to play fetch or tug-of-war. It’s essential to choose safe and durable toys and avoid any small or easily breakable toys that could pose a choking hazard.

Finally, having a variety of toys on hand can also help keep your dog entertained. Ideally, this can prevent them from becoming bored with the same toys. Rotate their toys regularly to keep them engaged and interested. With it, your new dog at home will feel happy and entertained.

Plenty Of Pet Supplies

Aside from dog toys, you’ll want to ensure you have other pet supplies you and your pet need. For example, check out the list below.

  1. Dog food – some owners prefer hard dog food, while others mix soft food with it.
  2. Food and water dishes
  3. Beds – you can place dog beds around the house to ensure your pet can relax comfortably.
  4. Pee-pee pads – if you have a new puppy, these pads can help train your pet, especially when you are not home.
  5. Dog collar and lease
  6. Training crate

Of course, those are a few of the essential items you will need for your new dog at home. You’ll discover other things you might need with time. Typically, it can take up to about three months for your new pet to become comfortable and settle into your home. Then, after about three weeks or so, they will settle in and know your home is theirs too.

Preparing your home ready for a new furry friend requires some preparation. But the rewards of a happy and healthy dog are worth it. Plus, with a little effort and love, you can create a welcoming home that you and your dog can enjoy for years.

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