10 Awesome Instagram Tricks You Will Love

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10 Awesome Instagram Tricks You Will Love

We all love Instagram – there are over 600 million of us active users to prove that. That’s about 150 million daily users which means its well-loved for a reason. It’s awesome – that’s why! When I use an app, I have to learn the ins and outs or what good it is? It’s so much more exciting when you learn how to use an app to its potential, right? 

Awesome Instagram

That’s why I know you are going to love these Instagram tricks as much as I do. Once you practice them one time, they will stick in your brain like an earworm (you know, the tune you just get out of your head? Not a yucky actual earworm.) 

By the way, these tips are also great if you use Instagram for your business too. Why not make the most it, right?

Let’s get the show on the road!

1 – Clear Your Search History

In case you didn’t know it, Instagram saves your search queries and displays the recent terms you’ve used in the past when you try to perform a new search. It can get pretty crowded in there! Starting with a blank slate is easy!

 Do it!

  1. Tap your person icon to go to your profile
  2. Then, tap the three dots on Android and the gear icon iOS and go to Options
  3. Scroll to the bottom and then tap Clear Search History – see image below
  4. You will have a chance to change your mind before you commit to the changes

20 Awesome Instagram Tricks You Will Love

In addition, you can also choose to hide individual accounts, places, or hashtags from appearing in your search as well. All you need to do is tap the magnifying glass icon from your homepage and then tap the search up top. Tap and hold the search you would like to hide from your history and tap hide. Easy peasy!

Be sure to check out my post called Gramblr– Easily Post To Instagram From Your Desktop – you will learn how to easily upload photos from your desktop to Instagram! I’ve been using it for over a year now and it’s pretty awesome! 

 Instagram Tricks

2 – Rearrange Or Hide Your Filters

I particularly love this trick because I always have a hard time finding the filters I use and like. You can make it easy to find them by rearranging them and even hiding the ones you never use or like.

Do it!

  1. Go to your filter when posting a pic or vid
  2. Press and hold the filter until a message pops up – see image below.
  3. You can also scroll to the end and use the Manage gear to hide them
  4. To rearrange, scroll to the end of your filters and tap Manage, hold the filter until you can move it, then place in your preferred order. 

Instagram Tricks

As in the image below, you can see how easily you can move and rearrange your filters. Simply press and hold them and move them around in your favorite order. 

Instagram Tricks

3 – Get Notifications From Your Favorite Accounts

They are your favorites for a reason! Never miss a single post from them again. All you need to do is turn on push notifications.

 Do it!

  1. Visit the profile page of the account you want to be notified for
  2. Tap the three dots icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen
  3. Select Turn on Post Notifications

Instagram Tricks 4 – Pin Your Instagram Post to Pinterest

Instagram doesn’t play nicely with other platforms and it’s a shame it doesn’t but, there are workarounds to get stuff done!

Do It – Mobile  

  1. Go to the post you’d like to Pin
  2. Tap the three dots icon located above your post to the right
  3. Select Copy Share URL to copy the post link to your clipboard
  4. Open the Pinterest app on your mobile device
  5. Tap on the person icon to visit your profile
  6. Tap the plus sign icon at the top right of the screen to add a new Pin
  7. An Add a board or Pin menu will appear, select Copied link
  8. Pinterest will automatically open the link saved to your clipboard
  9. Choose the image you’d like to Pin and finish posting as usual

Instagram Tricks

Do It – Desktop

  1. Install the Pinterest extension to your browser
  2. Find the post you’d like to Pin
  3. Use the Pinterest browser button to choose the image you’d like to Pin and finish posting as usual

Instagram Tricks


Once you install the extension, it’s simple from there. Just Pin as you normally would. 

Instagram Tricks

5 – Delete comments – Yours or Theirs

There are times when you either made a comment you regret or whatever reason need to delete – or there’s a comment someone left that you can live without. No problem. That’s easy! It works the same way for both. 

Do it!

  1. Tap the speech bubble icon beneath the post that you commented on
  2. Locate the comment you’d like to delete
  3. Tap the comment
  4. Tap the trash can icon

 Instagram Tricks

6 – Save Posts to A Collection

Ever see a post that inspired you and you wanted to save it for later? Or maybe there’s a post you just don’t want anyone to see. Well, you can easily save it to a private collection.

 Do it!

  1. Go to a post you’d like to add to your collection
  2. Tap the bookmark icon underneath the post on the right-hand side of the screen
  3. Name the new collection and tap save

Awesome Instagram

I love making collections of things on my wish list! 

Awesome Instagram

7 – Hide Photos You Were Tagged In

Like Facebook, at times, we all get tagged in photos we don’t like. There’s an easy fix for that.

Do it!

  1. Tap the person icon to visit your profile
  2. Tap the person in a box icon beneath your bio to go to the Photos of You tab
  3. Tap the three dots icon in the upper right-hand corner to reveal options
  4. Tap Hide Photos
  5. Select the photos you’d like removed from your profile then tap Hide Photos
  6. You can also choose which tagged photos that will appear on your profile – go to the Photos of You page, tap the three dots icon, select Tagging Options, then choose either Add Automatically or Add Manually.

Instagram Tricks

8 – Add Emojis to Your Profile

I love using emojis and if you do too, then you will enjoy discovering you can add them to your bio easily.

Do it!

  1. Click to edit your profile
  2. Copy and paste any emoji from a website into your bio.
  3. Yep, it’s that easy.
  4. Don’t forget to add links to your bio as well! 

Instagram Tricks

9 – Switch Your Account To A Business Account

You can do a lot more for your business by making sure you have it listed correctly in Instagram. You can run ads and get analytics too!

Do it!

  1. From your personal acct, tap the Options icon
  2. Select Switch to Business Profile
  3. Tap Continue at the bottom of the screen
  4. You will have to connect your Facebook account to make this work
  5. Choose the Facebook account you want, and fill in the requested info.
  6. Tap Done to save profile 

If you ever need to switch it back you can do so easily. 

 Instagram Tricks

10 – Save Your Hashtags For Future Use

It’s drudgery trying to get your hashtags ready for posting. Or is it? There’s an easy way to save them for when you are ready to rock and roll!

Do It!

  1. From your notes app, create a new note – if you are on your desktop you can do the same.
  2. Add all of your favorite most used hashtags to the new note
  3. Be sure to save it
  4. Whenever you’re sharing a post, navigate from Instagram to the notes app, copy your text, then paste it in your caption
  5. BAM! #doneanddone

 Instagram Tricks

I know you are going to enjoy these Instagram tricks as much as I do. 

Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below.

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