Are We Raising Smarter Kids With High Levels Of Creativity?

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Evidently, IQ rates are on the rise and more so in our children. Over the past decade, the rate of smarter kids rose by nearly 30 points. Basically, this means IQ rates of our population since the 1900s increased substantially.

Today, children seem to do most everything at accelerated rates, including learning how to read and write. When you look at their tech skills, it’s evident their levels of creativity are on the rise as well.

Does this mean we are raising smarter kids today than decades ago? If so, what accounts for the rise in IQ rates? In this article, we will take a look at some of the variables that account for the percentages of smarter kids today.

Smarter Kids

Are Kids Today More Advanced?

While it seems we are rasing smarter kids today, are they more advanced as well? While this might seem true, it’s essential to look at all of the variables. More so, that doesn’t mean kids of past decades weren’t smart.

More importantly, intelligence is a complex concept and often difficult to access. We need to look at environmental factors, diet, lifestyle, and opportunities as well. Plus, the current flow of changes in our super dynamic society does open doors for learning. It also paves the path to advanced learning for everyone, especially children.

Additionally, it’s essential to ponder if we have genetically engineered brains that account for the increased IQ numbers. Are smarter kids today smarter because they have access to more resources?

1 – Children Today Have Easy Access to Unlimited Resources

Clearly, the Internet houses an endless resource of information. More importantly, we need to weed through useful and non-useful data and even more so for our children. In a single tap or click, a whole library of resources appears right before their eyes.

And the information, not limited to the perspective of their parents, teachers, and textbook authors, is widely available. They see one topic from the eyes of millions of other Internet users from all over the world.

 You can ask, are smarter kids today utilizing this endless resource of information accounting for their higher IQ scores? While children do have unlimited educational resources, does this mean they are more intelligent and creative?

In fact, is all this information boosting cognitive skills as well? Studies show a boost in IQ as high as six points of the course of nine months by engaging in more complex tasks. Studies also indicate using the Internet boosts mental and social performance as well.

Recently, the Internet security software giant, AVG, released an interesting study. It states by the time children reach the age of two years old, 90% of them already have an online history. And by the age of five, half already own a tablet or other Internet-connected device. The study goes on to say that by the time they reach age seven or eight, many play video games regularly. This study begs the question, are we raising smarter kids because of Internet access?

Smarter Kids

2 – Attending School Longer Produces Smarter Kids

Historically, over the past two centuries, the educational system underwent a significant expansion in our educational system. With that said, global literacy rates climbed over the past two centuries. Mainly, this is due to increasing enrollment in primary education.

Also, there’s a rise in secondary and tertiary education globally as well. Obviously, some countries lag with literacy rates below 50% among the youth. When looking into why smarter kids with increasing IQ scores continue to grow, it’s important to access literacy globally.

In short, primary school enrollment around the globe increased dramatically. More so, this can account for the rate of smarter kids around the world today. Although, while this is true, primary school attendance remains a challenge in developing countries.

In short, our world is a lot more educated than ever before. More so, due to a significant expansion in education over the past two centuries. Kids today appear highly encouraged, if not coerced, to attend higher education.

Additionally, early childhood education carries a higher quality. The focus seems directed on making a child a well-rounded individual. For example, academics, music skills, and a focus on sports or the arts, and other various other life skills as well. The curriculum is entirely different from the curriculum’s focus in the early days, which is bookish memorization alone.

3. Society Advocates For Healthy Upbringing Of Children

It’s also essential to note society allows children to grow and develop according to more natural standards. Plus, old school templated scales of progress seem outdated and no longer used to access their abilities.

In the past, the education system applied a heavily coded set of rules that suppressed thinking and expression. Today, kids have the freedom to express their emotional creativity and thought which can account for the rise in smarter kids too.

4 – The Relation Between Society And Intelligence

Many studies have supported the claim that IQ has continuously crept up over the years. And most attribute this progress with their environment and behavioral sciences. Conversely, some researchers claim humans are getting better at taking IQ tests. Other researchers state moves from rural to urban communities account for these spikes in IQ.

5 – Creative Thinking

One hundred years ago, brains worked within an almost untouchable abstract environment. Today, children function unbarricaded from technology. As a result, creative thinking seems limitless and allows for creative thinkers.

In schools today, creative thinking prospers due to the breaking up of old ideas and making new connections. Schools today remove the limits of knowledge and create an environment of wonderful and exciting ideas.

6 – Health And Nutrition Producing Smarter Kids

As we know, the world has become borderless. Foods that were inaccessible in the past are readily available in nearby grocery stores. Most parents are also more aware of nutrition guidelines for kids and are keener to provide a balanced meal. This awareness aids in better physical development in kids.

Due to the increased availability of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and an overall healthier diets promotes better behaviors in children. Overall, this can assist in producing smarter kids today than ever before.

Smarter Kids

Technology Alone Won’t Produce Smarter Kids

As we know, technology isn’t the only solution or pathway to produce smarter kids. Plus, not even the plethora of educational apps will help make a child smarter. The duration of exposure as well affects one’s brain. And overexposure can, in fact, cause damage to young brains as well.

Too much can cause a child to think less, adopt less pleasant behavior, and seem less logical when making decisions. Human exposure, environment quality, and real-life experiences still play significant roles in developing a person.

Too Many After-School Activities Won’t Make Them Smarter

Forcing kids to do an endless amount of activities, academic or not, after school can cause them to lose interest. It could also hinder them from developing other vital skills in life, like social interaction, communication, and problem-solving.

Moreover, while after school activities boost academic performance, it’s also imperative to keep open lines of communication as well. These programs do help reduce risky behavior and allow a structured environment for kids too.

Attaining Perfect Is Not A Standard

Have you ever heard of the “good child” syndrome? It pertains to the psychological problem in a person that begins during childhood. For example, kids grow up focused on approval for the love and appreciation of a parent or parents. Obviously, pushing our children towards perfection can only prevent their development and growth.

Above all, children experiencing this syndrome end up dealing with mistakes, failures, and rejections. Some can develop psychological issues or psychosomatic disorders. While advancements in technology do help smarter kids prosper, we should never push towards perfection.  

With much data available on the research of smarter kids, it’s important to remember these studies are not necessarily conclusive. Does raising smarter kids translate into happier kids as well?

Also, it’s essential to encourage our children to think for themselves and develop moral, societal traditions too. After all, connecting with our children on emotional levels and keeping strong family values can help make smarter kids happier.

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