You Need To See These Easy To Care For Indoor Plants

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We all love the look and feel of green plants in our home and office. Not everyone has a green thumb or the time to maintain them. Now, you can enjoy them with these easy to care for indoor plants for your home and office. More so, you can now have the best of both and with little maintenance.

However, since we all love the look and feel of green plants where we live and work, why not enjoy them? Well, with these easy to care for indoor plants, you’ll enjoy the best of both! Subsequently, you’ll discover some indoor plants that require low light and little maintenance!

 Indoor Plants

Why These Indoor Plants Will Beautify Your Home And Office

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More than likely, every home and office you visit will feature lush indoor plants. We all know how owning plants benefits our health and wellbeing too. Additionally, they help purify our air, brighten our surroundings and lift our spirits.

Plus, featuring indoor plants at work helps increase productivity and creates a peaceful harmonic environment. However, with some plants, there’s lots of work involved to maintain them. But did you know some indoor plants require little maintenance and care? That’s why it’s good to know which indoor plants you should invest in for your home and office.

Of course, if you’re going to invest in house plants, you’ll need to find a reputable supplier of house plants online. It’s the simplest way to order your plants and feature them in your home and office. Shopping for plants online makes it so easy to choose what you need. And it’s a trouble-free way to save time and money too.

Let’s take a look at some low maintenance and easy to care for indoor plants you’ll enjoy in your home and office!

Indoor Plants

1 – The Beautiful And Low Maintenance Spider Plant

When it comes to indoor plants, the Spider Plant makes a perfect addition. Not only because they are easy to care for but beautiful and unique plants as well. And they feature beautiful slim variegated green and white leaves. This plant is very easy to look after. It prefers partial light but can do well in darker corners of the office.

Additionally, you can water your beautiful Spider Plant once or twice a week with no additional care. This plant is a favorite especially for beginners and loved during the Victorian era. Plus, you can feature them anywhere and look great for shelves, tabletops, mantels, or anywhere in your home or office.

When it comes to light, you can offer them low or high amounts of light and thrive in either situation. And they send out baby shoots that flower and eventually grow into baby Spider Plants as well. If you see yourself as houseplant challenged, then spider plants are for you. Furthermore, Nasa studies also show this plant cleans the air of formaldehyde and xylene.

 Convinced yet? We are, and we highly recommend you feature them in your home too! When it comes to easy-to-care-for indoor plants, the Spider Plant is a must-have!

2 – The Trustworthy Beautiful Cactus

Of course, most of us know what a Cactus plant is and think of them as thorny spikey uninviting plants. But that’s the furthest thing from the truth. In fact, Cactus plants bloom beautiful flowers and need very little care or water. More so, this plant does prefer direct sunlight, which means you’ll want to place it near direct light.

Typically, Cactus grow great together in gardens or any container. Many cacti can thrive in the sunniest or the most neglected areas of the yard. But they also do well in containers and part-sun locations. If you have doubts, try adding this Assorted Live Cactus Mini Collection to your home or office. Not only will you add lush green plants but also beautiful flowery blooms too!

 3 – The Snake Indoor Plant – Don’t Let The Name Fool You!

First, it’s good to know Snake Plants require very little sunlight. However, they prefer indirect sunlight or dark corners. And this means you can display your Beautiful Snake Plant anywhere in your home or office. Not only are they easy to maintain but hard to kill as well.

Moreover, they flourish at room temperature and can go days without water. Of course, you can give them a little water when you’re doing the other plants. Again, make sure the top inch of soil is dry to avoid overwatering them.

Sansevieria has several common names, such as Snake Plant and Mother In Law’s Tongue.  Plus, they are perfect for the forgetful gardener and first-time plant parents. There a few color variations of this plant as well. Now, you can dive right in and know your Snake Plant will thrive in your home and office perfectly!

4 – Aloe Vera – The Healing Indoor House Plant

As you might know, the Aloe Vera plant has a cool gel inside of its thick, toothed leaves. These sun-lovers grow best near a sunny window. Plus, they have a drought tolerance and only need water once every two to three weeks.

Aloe Vera is a great choice for your home or office as it is a beautiful green color. And will offer stunning flowers on occasion.  Don’t forget, Aloe Vera gel has healing properties. If you sustain an injury or burn, you can always use some of the aloe to help soothe and heal your wounds.

More so, this beautiful Aloe Vera Plant will add beautiful variegated white and green colors to your decor. As a matter of fact, add two or three of them around your home for a pop of glorious color and healing properties.

The beautiful Golden Pothos, a trailing vine plant, features beautiful pointed heart-shaped evergreen leaves. And is one of the easiest houseplants to grow. It’s also a fast-growing plant which can make it very difficult to kill. And it is the most popular home and office plant in the world!

It’s also perfect for beginners, low maintenance, easy-care, and requires very little attention. You can feature them on shelves, tabletops, and counters in the dorm, home, or office. Besides, houseplants make your home more beautiful, purify your air, boost your mood, help you sleep, and relieve dryness by raising the humidity in your rooms.

Remember, they love bright indirect light, so make sure you place them near a window. It’s also ideal for patios, porches, decks, stoops, fire escapes, and window sills. Of course, you’ll want to move the Golden Pothos inside to avoid frost or temps under 60 degrees.

Notably, even though the Pothos likes indirect sunlight, it can also flourish in darker corners of your office. It needs infrequent watering. You can check the soil periodically, and when the top inch is dry, give it a little water. These plants are vivid green and look fantastic in any location, especially your office.   

6 – The Gorgeous Dragon Tree Plant

The Dragon Tree plant features a gorgeous head of narrow, bright green leaves edged with red or pink stripes. Easy to grow and one of the most popular houseplants around, you’ll love this easy-care houseplant.

The stunning Dragon Tree plant also prefers indirect sunlight. Although it does like bright areas, don’t put this one in a dark corner! If you leave it in direct sunlight, the leaves are likely to become scorched.

More so, this plant requires minimal watering and low maintenance. Check the soil, and when the top inch is dry, add a little water. It prefers to live under-watered rather than overwatered.

The plant offers a very distinctive look, And similar to a small palm tree crossed with a fern. It’s a great addition to your home or office. You can place it in corners and not worry about it! That’s what makes this one of the perfect indoor plants to enjoy.

Shop this stunning Dragon Tree plant

7 – Chinese Evergreen Bursting With Color

Additionally, the beautiful Chinese Evergreen is another one of these easy-to-grow plants. Not only, it’s full of bright colors and slow-growing. This simply beautiful indoor plant will fill your home or office with a welcoming color pop and clean the air.

Furthermore, you’ll find it doesn’t need a lot of water.  Check the pot every couple of days and, when the top two inches of soil are dry, add a little water. It prefers direct sunlight, making it a good option for your window.

More so, the evergreen leaves flourish in appealing tones of rose-pink splashed with dark green blotches. Indoor or outdoor, these easy-to-care-for and low-maintenance plants make a perfect addition to any room.   

8 – The Majestic Palm Tree Plant

Personally, we love the Majestic Palm Tree Plant best! When I walk into my living room, this plant greets me with its beautiful lush, dark green foliage. It makes a wonderful addition to my home decor as well. As you can see in the image below, this plant loves its home not far from the window.

Plus, it works well with most color schemes. And the palm’s classic texture allows it to fit in most home decor styles naturally. You can use palms to break up a blank wall section, fill an empty corner, and soften the edges of windows or furniture. And it can act as a living sculpture at the end of a side table.

This plant grows best near an east or west window. You can water when the top couple inches of the soil feels dry. These easy-to-maintain plants make a great addition to any home or office. When it comes to indoor plants, you simply can’t go wrong!

Final Thoughts On Indoor Plants

All these indoor plants will benefit from good draining soil and holes in the bottom of their pots. More so, this will help to ensure they are not sitting in water. In fact, the mixture of good drainage and holes in the pots will allow you to empty any water that collects below the pot. Doing so will make it virtually impossible for you to overwater the plant or cause root rot.

Once you have tried some of the above plants, you’ll find that it’s much easier than you think to have plants in your home and office. And these indoor plants make a great way to brighten the environment up while improving it for everyone.

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