You Need To See These Beautiful Top 10 Living Room Trends

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Trends come and go like the seasons, and living room interior design is constantly evolving. But, as its name suggests, the living room is where life truly unfolds. Living room trends may seem to come and go, but this year’s trends will help inspire a beautiful, chic living space for all to enjoy.  

Living Room Trends

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While we all enjoy following trends, we also want to avoid trendiness and find our unique creative style. So whether you need to perk up your space or looking for a total revamp, this is where inspiration lives. Let’s face it, we all enjoy ideas from interior designers or magazines. Well, with these living room trends, we know you’ll discover tips. And ideas to spark the living room of your dreams.

Above all, our living room helps us create ever-lasting memories. And, of course, where we share intimate moments with our friends, family, and loved ones. After all, we all deserve a safe place of solace and comfort. And your living room can be just that with this year’s top 10 living room trends, hand-picked by top interior designers for the comfort of your living room.

Living Room Trends

1 -Bright, Eye-Catching Accent Colors & Prints

Accent colors and prints are super in right now, especially when they have a retro or neon look! Large, fun-colored prints and unique, accented decor items like vases and art pieces are hot items for decoring your living room! Additionally, funky throw pillows, blankets, and rugs can give your living room an artistic, contemporary feel. These are sure to be the talking points of your living room.

For example, this chic, Colorful Antique Sofa Loveseat will add a jolt of color to your home. This sleeper makes a perfect fit whether it is the living room, den, or bedroom. Multicolored upholstery brightens up any room, while sturdy wood legs add a sophisticated finish. In addition, the soft cushions make an ideal place to lounge with books in the afternoon. We gladly welcome living room trends that brighten up our space and bring joy to our homes.

Colorful Antique Sofa Loveseat

2 – Vintage Furniture & Decor

They say trends always come back, which could not be more accurate regarding vintage furniture and decor. Repurposed furniture is becoming all the rage, partly due to the supply chain issues caused by COVID-19 but also because the ever-lasting style and quality of vintage furniture are undeniable.

Of course, repurposing things means more earth-friendly outcomes. And easier on your wallet too. And this all happens while giving your home an interesting, eclectic look. But, of course, you don’t have to be a collector, as a lot of contemporary furniture now has vintage-inspired elements.

And just in case you can’t find any vintage pieces you love, you can always add them new too. For example, this stunning Vintage-Style Round Side Table makes a perfect addition to your living room. And the price tag is very wallet friendly. Living room trends like these set your space apart and create a welcoming environment.

Living Room Trends
Vintage-Style Round Side Table

Conversely, you can add this Decorative Sofa Table to your living room. A wood veneer table top with rounded edges adds a hint of softness and rustic charm to this sturdy piece. We love this as a stand-out piece for the foyer too. Expect to see many mid-century modern dupes hit the market in 2022!

Decorative Sofa Table

Last year, gallery walls hit the scene and made a huge splash! This year, they continue to gain popularity in a more significant way. More people are collecting unique (or vintage!) looking frames and prints to create an eye-catching collage on a designated living room wall.

Furthermore, gallery walls are a great way to spruce up a plain wall, primarily if you use color-complementing prints. For example, you can purchase a Gallery Wall Frame Set and quickly transform your living room into an art gallery! Finally, if you like to support local artists, you should consider filling your gallery wall with local artwork!

Gallery Wall Frame Set

For the past few years, minimalistic decor styles have followed that trend. But, now, the maximalist style seems to trend at breakneck speeds. And you’ll see many people repurposing their living rooms for other functions. Interior designers believe these living room trends are here to stay.

Multifunctional furniture made a huge comeback as folks need to make the most of their living rooms. For example, you can see how people added a Computer Writing Desk for their computers to maximize their living space. This way, they can work from home and not stress over their smaller homes or apartments.

Regardless, the arrangement and amount of furniture remain sleek. The decor is becoming an abundant collection of frames, prints, vases, books, plants, and so much more, filling the shelves to the brim. This contrast between minimalism and maximalism styles can give your living room an interesting, well-rounded contrast. And make the most of the space in your home while keeping your decor up to date.

Newport Series Home Office Computer Writing Desk

5 – Rounded Furniture

Speaking of furniture, you may notice the corners and edges of furniture pieces start to round out. Perhaps gathering inspiration from many retro-style furniture items, this year’s furniture is beginning to adopt soft, rounded curves. Round coffee tables, round throw pillows, soft poufs, and couches with diffused corners are coming in hot! You can also use layered, fluffy rugs to give the room a soft, cozy look and feel.

For example, this stunning Woody Coffee Table and Nesting Stool Set are much more than your average coffee table. Featuring three stools that are as handy as they are stylish, Woody combines contemporary style with convenience. The perfect centerpiece for any living room, rest bowls of snacks on the tabletop for an indulgent movie night, or pull out the stools to provide extra seating at your next cocktail party!

Woody Coffee Table and Nesting Stool Set

6 – Houseplants, Houseplants, & More Houseplants!

Plants are making their way indoors, onto the shelves, tables, and virtually all open spaces. Houseplants can add a vibrant pop of green to every corner of the home now, especially the living room. Not only do they attract the eye, but they also give the room a very homey, healthy atmosphere.

Not to mention, houseplants are a great way to purify the air around you naturally. So, of course, you’ll want a list of beautiful houseplants to help start your collection. But, do not worry; you can always start with beginner-friendly houseplants for those without a green thumb!

7 – Sustainability

Sustainability in interior design is here to stay. Creating a natural environment with plants and natural materials is the way to go regarding living room trends. In addition, many people choose to upcycle, recycle, or build their furniture. And, of course, it is much more sustainable than buying mass-produced furniture or decor.

As a result, more people are becoming more comfortable purchasing their items secondhand, whether at a thrift store or through resellers. Older furniture is typical of high quality, too, ensuring that these pieces last and look stylish.

8 – Feature Walls

Feature walls in your living room always create a focal point of interest. There are many ways to feature a wall and make it a focal point of your space. As mentioned before, bright, patterned accent wallpaper can give your living room extra visual appeal.

For instance, choosing a retro pattern to sync with your vintage furniture will create an exciting space. Outside of wallpaper, board and batten is still popular choice for a feature wall. And easy to DIY, board and batten walls give the room added dimension and depth.

Stikwood - A Stunning DIY Peel and Stik Wood Planking Solution

Light walls and wallpapers are a thing of the past. Instead, dark wall paint and wallpapers are in style in a big way! As a result, dark emerald, navy, or even black walls enter the living room. While the thought of such dark walls makes most people feel uncomfortable, remember that feature walls are a big thing! Chances are you’ll only see one or at least two walls painted with a dark color. Living room trends like these add depth and dimension to your space.

Living Room Trends

10 – Mirror, Mirror on The Wall

Mirrors are great for making your living room look and feel bigger. Especially in smaller spaces, hanging up mirrors are a great way to expand the illusion of the size of your area. Mirrors are a significant decorative element to the gallery walls or a gorgeous full length mirror leaning against a wall. Surrounded by plants, books, or other decors can upgrade your living space.

PexFix Arched Full Length Mirror

As trends change, this remains the same – your living room is one of the most intimate rooms in your home, giving you and your loved ones a space to fully unwind, let go of the day, and make ever-lasting memories. Upgrading your living room to make it a warm, cozy, and friendly space will help you achieve just those things.

Thankfully, these living room trends are more affordable and attainable than ever. So, what trends will you be incorporating into your living room this year? Will you choose from houseplants, mirrors, funky wallpaper, gallery walls, and bright prints? What trends will you incorporate into your living room space?

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