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Get Perfect Curls That Last With 5 Easy Tips

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Do you dream of perfect curls? Today it’s easy to make those dreams come true. There is a great number of tools that can give you any kind of curls you want and using all of them is rather easy.

Most importantly, there are solutions that will ensure your beautiful ringlets will keep their shape for quite a while. Therefore, as long as you know what to do exactly, you can give yourself a beautiful curly hairstyle anytime.

Perfect Curls

How to Style Your Hair into Perfect Curls and Make Sure They Last

This year came with some huge hair changes for me. I finally added highlights to my hair using the Balayage Highlighting technique and wow, do I love it!

Below, you can see how much my new highlights have really brightened up my entire look. But, that’s not the only change, I also started curling my hair, and I have to admit, I love it!

Even though some days my curly style ranges from intense to moderate, I still want to have the perfect curls and have them hold! 

Balayage Highlighting technique

Five Tips for Keeping the Perfect Curl! 

1 – Find the ultimate curling technique for you

There are dozens of curling methods you can try today. They range from using many types of rollers to using curling or flat irons to special speed-curling techniques. The important thing you need to understand when choosing how to make your dream curls is that there is no ultimate method of doing this.

Perfect Curls

Rollers, irons, and even tricks like tying a special type of bun to sleep on all work well. They produce different types of curls, but even for that, some techniques are interchangeable. For example, if you want to make tight ringlets, you can use Flexi rods or thin curling iron.

You must try all of them to choose the best curling method. However, the only conclusion one can make after doing this is that all methods are good, depending on the situation. Therefore, you should master all of them and then pick one for the day, depending on your mood.

I love using my favorite flat iron to get the perfect curls. Yes, you can use your flat iron to get the perfect amount of curl or bend in your hair. 

flat iron to curl hair

2 – Prep your locks with styling products

To make lasting curls, you need to apply styling products on your locks before you get to the actual curling. The prep should have a few stages, depending on your chosen curling method.

If you plan to use a flat or curling iron, you’ll need to apply a layer of heat protection spray first. Next, you should apply a suitable styling product. The exact type of product doesn’t matter as much as its quality. You should forego store brands and choose professional-grade products to make your curls last.

perfect curls

Colored hair requires an even more specialized approach. Since I started bleaching my hair, I have to ensure I’m using some of the best hair care and styling products. Even if your hair is not color-treated, you still have to ensure you are using the best products, too. You don’t want to damage your hair! 

 Perfect Curls

3 – Skip the wash before curling

If you want your curls to last as long as possible, you shouldn’t apply any of the aforementioned curling techniques to clean your hair. While squeaky-clean locks feel amazing, they don’t hold shape very well.

But if you start curling on the second or even third day after washing, the curls will take shape easily and stay that way with a little help from styling products. Waiting after the wash will also ensure that your hair doesn’t get too “fluffy”. This means that frizz won’t ruin your curling efforts.

Since I wash my hair every day, this haircare tip was difficult for me to process, but it does ensure you get the perfect curls that hold. 

perfect curls

4 – Use a smaller barrel size when heat styling

Using a curling iron, go for a barrel of about 1-1.5’’. Curls created with this tool will last longer and generally look amazing. They will ‘unwind’ a bit during the day, and if you want looser ringlets than those created with such a small barrel, you should smooth them out a bit with your fingers right after curling. Use a hair spray to fix the curls exactly where you want them.

You can also use a curling wand with the same barrel size to achieve similar results. However, this tool offers more freedom for ‘customizing’ the size of the ringlets you get in the end by using different techniques.

I also love using my favorite curling wand to get perfect curls. I personally find it much easier and faster than a curling iron. 

curling wand
Photo by Element5 Digital from Pexels

5 – Fix your curls until they cool down

The most effective method of getting your curls to last longer is a bit time-consuming, so plan your prep time accordingly. This method focuses on letting your newly formed ringlets cool down in the same shape they have immediately after you release the hot styling tool.

I love this tip best! Fix the ringlet with a Bobby Pin immediately before moving on to curling the next section of your hair. By the end, your head must be covered with bobby pins holding ringlets, making for a quirky hairstyle.

perfect curls

Let the hair cool for a few minutes without adding any styling products. Then, remove the pins gently and finger-comb your locks to get them into a shape you like. Fix them immediately with hairspray.

I hope you learned some awesome tips for getting perfect curls. I know they’ve helped me with my new hairdo, too!

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