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4 Easy Ways To Keep Your Feet Feeling Cushy, Beautiful, And Safe

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I think all women can agree, we are not happy if our feet are feeling miserable. I’m always on the hunt for easy and inexpensive ways to keep my feet happy and healthy. It started in my teen years, huge platform heels were in style, and I was determined to wear them and make a fashion statement.

4 Easy Ways To Keep Your Feet Feeling Cushy, Beautiful, And Safe - Sassy Townhouse Living

I remember, my parents took me on a vacation to Canada, and I wore my red platform heels there – WOW did I turn heads. That fashion statement didn’t seem to make its way there yet and you would have thought I was a Klingon with those shoes lol. I tried to find a pair similar, and this is sort of what they looked like. 

Red Platform Shoes

It was love at first sight and my poor feet have suffered ever since that day. I wore high-heels ever since then and ended up getting bunion surgery for it! Now, I still adore my stylish footwear, but I wear them wisely now with a much lower heel. I always make sure I have some surefire solutions to make sure my feet are happy and safe. 

Here’s my advice for keeping your feet cushy, happy, and safe!

1. Always Have A Backup Plan: We all love wearing the latest footwear styles, and that means high heels and wedges. If you have to wear shoes that are uncomfortable, be sure to bring a pair of Flats to Go!

These flats are a lifesaver and fit easily into your purse or even your pocket. You have to admit these flats are a brilliant solution! 

These flats are the perfect solution. I take them with me everywhere I go! Need a break from those heels? Alligator print Flats to Go are lightweight and ultra-portable. Designed with a soft sole, flats can be rolled up or folded so that you can tote them in your purse ready for any potential shoe emergency. Designed for indoor use and occasionally on smooth outdoor surfaces. Great for travel too!

The built-in elastic band at the heel ensures a great fit every time. BONUS! Each product comes packed in a mini clear plastic purse pack!

Alligator Print Flats to Go

As you can see from the example I’m wearing below, they look exactly as they do on their website. They are so comfortable, and I love the portability! I know they will be a staple in my purse from now on! Backup plan – Nailed! 

Alligator Print Flats to Go example

And look how easily they fit into your purse! 

kushyfoot travel flats

2. Protect Your Feet With Socks Even In The Summer: It’s so important to protect your feet even in the midst of a hot summer day. The solution – foot covers! They are so lightweight and comfortable.

I make sure to always wear a pair with my open toes shoes or sandals. They prevent my feet from sweating and keep my feet protected from dirt and grime too! 

These Peep Toe Foot Covers are so easy to slip on and stay put too! I can’t express how awesome they are to wear with my open-toed shoes. And they won’t slide or slip off which is why I was always so frustrated wearing them before I discovered these Peep Toe Foot Covers! 

Peep Toe Foot Cover with shoes
Peep Toe Foot Cover Example

And I always wear the full coverage foot covers with my heels as well. I like how these are low-cut so as not to show at the top of the rim of your heels. It’s so embarrassing to have them peeking out of the top! Remember to always wear foot covering with your sneakers too! 

These Kushyfoot covers even have a foot cushion built right into them to ensure a comfortable experience. They almost feel like a mini massage while you’re walking! And the heel guard keeps them from slipping off your feet. Brilliant! 

Kushy Foot Covers

3. Regular Pedicures Are A Must Even In The Winter: Unfortunately, women seem to think it’s OK to avoid getting a pedicure during the winter months. As far as I’m concerned, it’s even more essential to have one every month because the harsh cold and winter boots can wreak havoc on your poor tootsies.

Keeping your feet beautiful and well manicured will ensure beautiful feet during the summer months when you really need your feet to showcase! I always have a standing appointment during the winter for my pedicure. And, if I can’t make it out due to weather conditions, I simply do my own pedicure. It’s easy and relaxing to do your own, and you save money! 


4. Never Go Barefoot: Now, while this might seem like a no-brainer, I’m always surprised at how many men and women walk around barefoot. Your feet are always supposed to be protected. Always wear slippers at home, and when you are at the beach, be sure to wear protective footwear. Wearing slippers will greatly cut back on the number of calluses your feet will develop as well. No brainer! 

These are my favorite style of slippers to wear all year round. These are called Velour Slippers and are available at Kushyfoot as well. They are comfortable, fit securely, and protect my tootsies all year long. 

Velour Slippers

Enjoy your summer and be sure to protect and take care of your feet! 

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  1. Nice post …I love taking care of my feet! Cool idea on Kushyfoot and Flats to Go! I wil chcek them all out!!!

  2. Now I know why I have ugly feet. I don’t take care of them like I should at all. I love the idea of many of these products to take better care of my feet. They look comfortable and easy to add to your daily life without making my feet feel trapped (which is the main reason I can’t stand shoes.) Great review and information.

  3. Nice to meet someone who wears socks and protective weer on their feet even in summer too. The most surprising for me is the Peep Toe covers, plus I never heard of Kushyfoot and the slippers look great.

  4. you find the most awesome things those footies for peep toes oh i so need them and i already carry the flats there awesome to get you threw a party night

  5. I found this post really useful (not because I wear heels, I’m a guy!) but because I travel a lot which involves a ton of walking. This looks like it would be an excellent remedy after those long days and vacations.

  6. Hi Josh, so glad you liked this post! I think both men and women forget how important it is to take care of their feet even in the winter months. glad you liked the post and hope to see you again soon!

  7. I’m also health freak when it comes to my feet. I’m always walking if not running. Always on the go! Thanks for the tips on taking care of my feet.

  8. So glad that you enjoyed them! I’ve had two bunion surgeries and one turned out not so good so I have to really hard on taking care of my feet. Thanks much for stopping by and hope to see you again soon!

  9. Good advice for keeping your feet protected and healthy. Taking precautionary steps is the way to go for sure. Wearing socks is a good idea.

  10. I had never seen the peep toe foot covers before, and I really like that you talk about how they won’t slide or slip off. These definitely are really awesome things to use with open toed shoes so that you can ensure your feet are staying protected against the cold and moisture. There are so many things that your feet can become exposed to that can cause them to dry out or get injured, so getting a foot cover like this definitely would help you to avoid that. I’ll look into these for myself! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I totally agree with your first tip. Wearing heels for hours on end can be exhausting and painful, so having some flats to slip into is a great idea! I was surprised by your advice to never go barefoot, though. I love walking barefoot through sand, grass, or anything soft, and I hadn’t really thought that it could have any adverse effects. I understand that running barefoot for a few miles on dirt and concrete can cause all sorts of problems, but I didn’t think much of normal activities being harmful as well. Thanks for the advice; I’ll be sure to take better care of my feet in the future!

  12. Hi Hazel, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I am surprised you didn’t realize that walking barefoot is not really good for your feet since I see your website is called niagrapodiatry. I’m sure it’s ok once in a while but overall, barefoot is not recommended.
    thank you,

  13. Such a great idea. I think sucks always protect my feet. That’s why I use sucks in any season. But I think all these four ideas are really good for feet. If anyone follow these; they can keep their feet beautiful and safe. Thank you very much for sharing.

  14. Thanks for putting together some tips to keep your feet looking and feeling beautiful. It makes sense that you would want to make sure you wear socks so you avoid getting blisters or athletes foot. You also make a good point about regular pedicures. I would think that it is worth the time and money to go to the spa to make sure your feet are properly taken care of.

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