Playing Golf is Good For Your Health: Here’s How to Start

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There are so many benefits to playing golf. Not only is it an enjoyable, rewarding, and fun way to spend an afternoon with your best friends, but it’s also a great way to keep active and healthy. Plus, it’s a great sport and extremely popular as well.

However, many who are new to golf find it a daunting prospect to start playing. Many newbies worry that they will slow down others or not fit in at the golf club when playing golf. More so, you should start the game with a positive attitude and try it. We spoke to experts and pro golfers to better understand why golf is right for you. And how you should go about starting as a golfer.

Playing Golf

How To Start Playing Golf

Of course, playing golf doesn’t mean you should run out and buy expensive golf clubs. Nor does it mean you should join a ritzy golf club, either. As with any sport, you should take it nice and easy and pace yourself. In fact, before you start, ask around and see if any local neighbors or friends play. This way, you can network with them and start playing golf nice and slow.

Borrow some clubs, rent some balls, and start learning how to feel out your golf swing. The experts over at not only told us how to make a start with a golf swing but also made some excellent recommendations.  First, “anyone interested in golf should simply learn by hitting some balls for fun in a non-competitive situation.”

Honestly, we couldn’t agree more. Read up on how to grip and swing a golf club, then hit some balls for fun. See how it feels and if you think you’d enjoy taking it further. You’ll discover plenty of locations now explicitly dedicated to amateur golfers. This way, you swing away for as long as you like while trying to hit fun targets or score points for distance. Please don’t put any pressure on yourself, go and enjoy it.

Playing Golf

Golf Lessons

Now that you established you want to start playing golf, it’s time to swing that club and start taking lessons. Once you start learning, you can start with the nuance of your swing, the game’s finer details, and how to play off different surfaces. There are hundreds of golf instructors in every county looking for new talent just like you.

Moreover, many golf teachers are ex-professionals and long-time players of the game to help you improve. As with most things, we recommend seeking out some reviews and prices for different coaches before committing to one, as they usually don’t come cheap.

Playing Golf

Buying or Renting Clubs?

If you are still not sure about the longevity of your interest in playing golf, you may not want to invest in a full set of clubs. And this makes sense. As you learn more, you can decide to invest in a good set of clubs at that point.

There’s no need to financially invest a considerable amount into something you aren’t entirely sure about yet. Borrow clubs from a friend or rent them from a club. You’ll find most clubs offer this facility. Make sure you call ahead to check if rentals are available before turning up. Once you start to settle into golf a little, you can begin to build your collection of clubs.

Additionally, many brands sell starter sets, including a driver, four or five irons, and a putter. These are a great place to start and won’t break the bank. Over time, you can upgrade and expand your collection, such as collecting golf stand bag. Though it may seem expensive, remember that a well-looked-after set of golf clubs can last over ten years, so treat them. They will repay you!

Health Benefits Of Playing Golf

Let’s quickly take a look at some of the benefits of playing golf for your health. First and foremost, golf gets you outside for what is effectively a long walk. Walking is excellent for your joints, low impact, and helps you get some lovely vitamin D from the sunshine. Walking 18 holes once a week will boost your cardiovascular system as it gently raises your heart rate and gets the blood flowing.

Similarly, this will naturally lower your risk of heart disease, cholesterol, and other serious cardiovascular issues. As well as this, golf can help release stress and tension in the brain and body. If you are feeling down or in a bad mood, channeling that energy into a productive and enjoyable activity such as golf is a great way to move through your emotions.

Exercise and activity release endorphins, which boost your mood positively. However, we must warn you if you’re playing a competitive game and things go awry, we can’t guarantee that the mood boost will last too long! You’ll discover playing golf will help decrease your stress and anxiety as well.

So, there you have it. Not only is golf a lot easier to get into than you may have thought, but it’s also perfect for you. Not to mention the fact that it’s also simply a great way of spending time with friends. Good luck starting your journey into the world of golf.

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