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How To Add Color To Your Existing Decor And Love It

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I love adding pops of color to my existing decor. You don’t have to go color crazy to enjoy the decorative elements in your home but rather using these tips and inspirations, you can safely add color to your existing decor. 

How To Add Color Into Your Existing Decor And Love It

You can use easy creative ideas like a pair of pillows, paint the back of a bookshelf, add color to the floor or the ceiling, a splash of unexpected and beautiful color can change any space from dull to breathtaking. 

Here are some inspirational ways you can add some color to your existing decor. Also, be sure to check out 6 Ways To Easily Add A Pop Of Color To Your Home that I used in my home. 

Pillows, Throws, and Rugs

In the bedroom below, the use of pillows, a throw, and an area rug all in blush pink added some romantic and elegant pops of color. Using subtle colors like pastels can ease color into your home in a delicate and yet beautiful way. 

How To Add Color Into Your Existing Decor And Love It

I love how the use of pastels and grays below added some delicate color to this living room as well. 

If you are willing to take more of a color risk you can add more statement colors to decor like decorative pillows and colorful flowers

Photo by amorybrown.co.uk – Look for living room design inspiration

Clearly, the owner wanted to maintain an all-white living space but yet the pops of color in the decorative accent pillows add depth and dimension instead of a drab white slated living room. 


Refinishing Furniture

Refinishing your furniture is a very innovative way to add colors to your home. Below, the pink pastel dresser added an element of color to this stunning nursery, and the delicate pastel accessories pulled it together perfectly. 

Be sure to check my Furniture Restoration posts out too for some inspiring ideas. 

I was able to add a wonderful pop of color to my office by transforming my cabinet using Fort York Red by Fusion Mineral Paint.  Brightening my office and using coordinating decor elements like the red lampshade and some wall art too really transformed the room. 

It’s so bright and cheerful and has changed my whole attitude about adding color. 

Fusion Mineral Paint

Accessories and Accents

Adding color to decor elements like accessories and accent pieces is the perfect way to add pops of colors. Items like dining room chairs or beautiful bar stools can be a great way to add color to your home.

This kitchen is clearly all white yet by adding pops of color with these stunning bar stools, they were able to add rich elements of color in the most brilliant ways. 

Below, more of a color risk was taken by adding a striking purple chair and other colorful accent pieces. I love the brave use of colors and the dated accent pieces scattered around the room. 

Even a simple Faux Penny Eucalyptus Leaves can be an exciting way to add some color and not make it a permanent change.

Simply find your favorite glass vase and fill them with the branches. Now, you have a wonderful pop of color without permanent changes to your decor. 

How To Add Color To Your Existing Decor And Love It Green Accents

Wallpaper and Gold Element Accents 

If you are willing to take more of a risk you can add a subtle wallpaper design to any room. If you don’t want to take a color risk with the main areas of your home, try adding wonderful pops of color to your bathroom!

Redesigning my half bath with colorful wallpaper totally transformed it. It allowed me to be a risk-taker and I can easily change it if I ever wanted to. 

Use Ceramic Tile To Add Color

You can also add pops of color to your existing decor by using ceramic tiles and then use decorative elements to introduce complementary colors too.

Adding colorful tiles to any room will always transform it. The kitchen below looks simply beautiful with the carefully placed tile and open kitchen cabinets. 

Paint, Rugs, and Accent Pieces

Clearly, the room below uses color in the most inventive ways. The use of pastels and whites pulls this gorgeous room together in a chic and yet subtle way. 

Adding a colorful accent rug paired with a stunning matching centerpiece creates a pretty punch of color. Notice how it breaks up the darker tones from the wood elements in this dining room. 

There are so many creative ways you can add color to your home without having to be too bold or bodacious. Using items like accessories and accent furniture pieces also makes it easy to swap colors more readily too and allows you to add color to your existing decor. 

This way, you are not stuck with the colors and you can constantly recreate and redesign your living space. 

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How To Add Color Into Your Existing Decor And Love It - Sassy Townhouse Living

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  3. Oh I could pin these all day. I adore the blush pink sofa and the ornate gold mirror. There are a lot of great decorating ideas here.

  4. Knowing that there are so many creative ways to add color to our home without having to be too bold or bodacious give us more ideas how to make our home for beautiful. It is good to know that using items like accessories and accent furniture pieces also makes it easy to swap colors more readily too.

  5. I live directly across from a Baseball Park with 8 separate fields so I was completely enthralled by Your WD40 door cleaning solution!! I just finished it and You are so right it looks great I will let My fellow
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    You may already know about MEAN GREEN from the Dollar Tree ( Walmart too) it is fantastic for Grease and at $1.25 a bottle the price is right!!
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