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Love Living In The City? Residential Options In The Biggest Cities

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When we decided to move to PA, I didn’t think about the impact commuting would have on my lifestyle. There weren’t too many residential options open to me at the time, and I should have thought about at more carefully. 

Residential Options

Residential Options In The Biggest Cities

I know lots of folks who have dual residences. It’s not as crazy as you think. In fact, there are many residential options open to folks these days. I worked in NYC for over 15 and the commute from PA by bus was honestly brutal, but, you do get used to it. It seemed at the time, I could have the best of both worlds – living in the country and working in the city. 

I was born in NYC and will always love it – I have so many reasons for loving NYC. It’s not that I didn’t love living there – it’s just too expensive raising a family there. There are some awesome residential options for you if you have a similar situation at hand. 

Perforated Living

Residential Options

A perforated line, or a dotted line, is one that is separated by spaces. Imagine the line between traffic on a highway, as an example. Now imagine traditional living is a straight line that has no breaks. This can help you understand perforated living in brief. For detail, further explanation is required.

Many business professionals must travel between massive cities in order to maintain their business interests. If you’re spending a month in Chicago, a month in LA, and three months in New York, you’ve got a few different options. You could buy permanent homes in all three, live in hotels when you travel, or maintain an apartment in each city.

For many business professionals, the latter is most desirable. It’s like stretching out one residence across multiple cities—it is a “perforated” residential situation. But there are complications with this lifestyle worth considering. Dust adds up over time, especially when an apartment isn’t lived in for a few months. They need to be cleaned regularly.

Spotless Cleaning Chicago is a great way to keep an apartment spotless whether you’re there on a daily basis, or just maintain the apartment for when you’re in town—according to the site, Spotless provides: “constant communication and continuous on-the-job training that helps deliver Spotless results for clients.”

Choosing A Unit

Residential Options

Once you get the background minutiae of your perforated residence figured out, now it’s time to actually choose a unit or several of them. Where you live, and how you live, will again depend on your personal proclivities. Also, it will depend on your budget. However, if you’re willing to spend a little more, you can usually find some fine options. 

Toronto is an amazing place to live. Condo living is the perfect solution for so many people. The beautiful city of Toronto has some of the finest condos in the world with mind-blowing views. Some of the top ones in Toronto provide pure luxury and condo living has been on the rise for years now. The impressive architectural designs of these condos all have distinctive features and worth considering when making your decision.

When I visited Toronto, I was so impressed at how clean it was, I seriously considered buying a condo to use as a vacation retreat. If you’ve never been there, you need to add that to your travel list! 

Residential Options

If you’re looking for some residential options, NYC Apartments For Rent in Financial District, 15 Cliff features fine residential living solutions—according to the site, the community features: “…upscale amenities and a vibrant location. Enjoy stunning river and city skyline views from our landscaped rooftop deck, work up a sweat in our fully-equipped fitness center, and recharge in our on-site café.”

That said, many believe that the upper east side is where to live—according to the site, “Renoir House provides the quintessential New York City rental experience. Residents indulge in newly redesigned apartments with modern kitchens, baths, and barnwood-style flooring, renovated lobby, corridors, and elevators paint a perfect picture of luxury…”

Where you decide to live is ultimately up to you, and going the luxury apartment lifestyle isn’t cheap. But at the same time, you need not to live in such an apartment permanently. If you’ve got a few grand and feel like a taste of the “high” life, you can rent out such an apartment for just a few months, and see if you like it.

Strategic Financial Actions

Residential Options

Still, in terms of residency, if you want your money to grow, you want to foster it as carefully as you can. Get the luxury apartment for convenience sake, and because you can. But also start a mortgage in a secure location where property values stand to appreciate with time. This way if you can no longer maintain the apartment, you’ve still got a place to live.

You may be surprised at some of the “deals” out there today. For example, in Detroit, where property values have plummeted, you can outright buy a property for only tens of thousands of dollars; almost like you would a car. Granted, there isn’t much around Detroit to recommend such a purchase, but you get the idea!

So decide what kind of living best suits your lifestyle, do the footwork to acquire the right living situations, and have a backup lined out just in case.

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  1. Fun and good ideas. My friends relative kept an apartment in Chicago for their company’s guests and out of town employees and we got to use the apartment one weekend. It was a beautiful high-rise apartment that I will never forget having the chance to stay in and shop downtown Chicago.

  2. Oh wow, that much have been a blast! What a great idea. I wish I had the funds to keep a place in NYC and still keep my home in PA too. I do know a few folks that did it and some were lucky bc they found rent controlled apts and the rent was super cheap! They scored!

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