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16 Of Our Top Cleaning Products

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Let’s face it – we hate them, but we all need them. These are my top go-to cleaning products! 

OK, so I’ve established myself as a clean-freak in this post, now I thought I would introduce you to my top cleaning products of all time. I’ve had a lifetime of cleaning and testing various products to know the ropes. These are my staple cleaning products that I come back to time and time again.

At times, I do test other cleaning products but always manage to return to this list of products. I do have a few that I’ve enlisted as per the past two years or so, and now they are a permanent part of my cleaning tribe. 

19 of my Favorite Cleaning Products - Tried and True

Top Cleaning Products I Live By 

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Nineteen you are saying? Really? That many? Once you see the list, you will hopefully understand better as to why so many. I have a sound reason for each of these products I use. Also worth mentioning, I’ve tried the “natural” and “organic” cleaners out there, and honestly, and most never did the job correctly and ended up a waste of money.

Mind you, this is just my opinion as per my experience with them. I am always mindful not to waste any of my cleaning products, and use coupons each and every time I buy them.

OK, so on with this list.

 1 – Fantastik all Purpose Cleaner – Fantastik has been a staple cleaning product in my arsenal for years. I use it for almost everything and everywhere. Bathrooms, kitchen, walls, floors, just about everywhere. It’s antibacterial as well which I adore in a cleaner. I know, I’ve read all the hype about using antibacterial products and how they essentially kill the good bacteria as well – but I think at times, it’s essential to kill them. 

It’s great for bathrooms – bowls, countertops (yes, I use it on my granite tops too in kitchen and bathroom). It doesn’t leave streaks, it leaves a nice shine and clean feeling to everything it touches!  I love how it cleans my stove too. Grease doesn’t stand a chance!


2 – Windex Spray Cleaner – OK who doesn’t use Windex raise your hand. Everyone – good. I’ve tried generic brands like Glass Plus, and yes, at times I will switch especially if there is a good sale. Typically, I always shop for Windex as I find it cleans glass best.


3 – Fantastik with Bleach – This is a powerhouse cleaner. I attack my shower door tracking with this and wow, no mold, no mildew. Do I use it every time I clean my bathroom – no. I do it at least once a week. All you need to do is spray and walk away for around 10 minutes – then come back and flush with water. It’s amazing.

I love it for my kitchen sinks as well. It cleans that brownish film around the drains. You can really use this anywhere in your home. Just be mindful that it’s got bleach in it. You wouldn’t want to ruin any fabric it might come into contact with.

fantastik bleach

4 – Lysol Bowl Cleaner – I have tried so many types of bowl cleaners – the disposable types with the cleaner built into the scrubber brush, the stick type, I think I’ve tried almost all of them and I keep coming back to this – simple, works great, and the price is just right. They also sell one with bleach which I often purchase as well. 


 5 – Lysol Disinfecting Wipes – I keep a container of this product in each bathroom, and in the kitchen. I use them daily to touch-up the bowl, vanity, and floors in my bathrooms. I have 3 bathrooms, so that’s a lot of touching up for me. I’d be lost without these. They make life so much easier. Just wipe and throw away. They are awesome for kitchen clean-up too!

lysol wipes

 6 – Comet Cleanser w Bleach Comet has been around for what seems like forever. I use this when I need a deep clean. It’s great for using on the bottom of your tub, kitchen sinks, anywhere you need to scrub the dirt away. Since it has bleach, it does a superb job of cleaning away the grime.

The flip-top as shown in the image below is the best packaging. This product will get all over the place if you use the older packaging – you know, the one with the little adhesive sticker over the top holes? Yeah, that nightmare.


7 – Endust Stainless Steel Cleaner WOW and WOW – this stuff really works! I’ve tried several other stainless steel cleaners and they all pale in comparison to this one. Endust leaves no streaking, no dull finish, no intense buffing. All you do is spray and wipe – and done! It also prevents grime and streak build-up.

I use this on all of my stainless steel appliances, my fridge, microwave, trash-can, anything stainless! I was, at one point, seriously going to get rid of all my stainless until I tried this product. I tell everyone about it and they all thank me! You will too!


8 – Pledge Furniture Polish Bottom line, Pledge is the best furniture cleaner out there. They have several types now too. I’ve tried them all and I like them all. I usually get the one that’s on sale or the one I have a coupon for. Simply stated – it cleans, shines, and prevents dust build-up on your furniture.


9 – Pledge Multi-Surface   The reason I have this listed as its own product instead of under the blanket of all Pledge products is because it is very different in nature. While you can use this just about anywhere and on anything, I like it for electronic products. It’s not a product I use daily, but I do use it at least once a week to give all of my electronics a good once-over.


10 – Swiffer 360 Dusters – My life has been made simpler because of this product. I am Swiffer crazy! There isn’t a day when I don’t use them. I am always dusting around with these. Up high – down low – you name it. There is also a huge difference between these and the regular Swiffer.

swiffer duster

The 360’s have a dusting fabric on both sides, and wow do they make a huge difference when dusting. You will be surprised at how long they last. While they might seem expensive, you really get your monies worth in durability. I also love the extender wand too. 

swiffer duster extender

11 – Swiffer WetJet Floor Cleaning PadsI really adore this mop. It cleans my floors like no other. It does the job like no other. You have to purchase the pads and the liquid, but I usually always have coupons for them. This product does the trick! Your floors will be squeaky clean! 



12 – Mr. Clean Magic Eraser – Is there anything this little sponge can’t clean? This little sponge is a miracle! Anyplace I see a scuff, or dings, or dirt, or anything! The downside is, they fall apart rather quickly. I don’t like that at all. You really can’t get much use out of each one because of that.  The original type is better at staying together than the other model. I try to stick with the original. As far as cleaning products go, I do use them most every day.

cleaning products

13 – Cascade Complete –  This is another product I keep coming back to. I’ve tried so many types, and I’ve seen the difference Cascade makes – especially the Cascade Complete. My dishes are spot and streak-free. Simple as that! 

cleaning products

14 – S.O.S Pads – These are so much better than Brillo – there, I said it. Well, they are. There is no comparison. They have more suds, more staying power, more scrubbing power, and I love them for those tough jobs like pots and pan messiness! One of my favorite cleaning products of all time!

SOS pads

15 – Downy Fabric Softener – Can my clothes get any softer? I’ve tried so many types of softener and Downy seems to work best. I’ve tried cheaper fabric softeners and there is a huge difference for sure. Plus, it’s concentrated so that you use so much less! 

cleaning products
cleaning products

 16 – Purex Laundry DetergentDollar for dollar, you can’t beat Purex. I find it cleans just as nicely as Tide and is less than half the price – especially when they go on sale and you have a coupon! Purex makes my laundry smell heavenly. It’s great at pre-treating and removing stains too! And with my hubby, I need it. He drops food on everything!

cleaning products
cleaning productscleaning products

I love getting great deals on Amazon for my cleaning products. Be sure to check out their deals before you buy them too. Well, that’s my top cleaning products wrap-up. I hope you picked up a thing or two here. Please let me know your thoughts on your favorite cleaning products too!

16 Of Our Top Cleaning Products - Sassy Townhouse Living
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We participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, Skimlinks, and other Associate Affiliate Programs. Affiliate advertising programs like these allow us to earn fees by linking to affiliated sites at no cost to you. As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases. Please check our Disclosure Privacy Policy page. Thank you for supporting our website.

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  1. This is so helpful (I’m going to pin it so I can come back later too!)! And I agree – those bleach wipes are the best!

  2. I’ve not used all of these cleaning products except Pledge Multi-Surface. From my experience I can say Pledge Multi-Surfaceis very good cleaning product. Glad to learn some other products that actually really helpful for cleaning… Thanks.

  3. I love Magic Erasers!! I will have to pin this post to come back to later since some of these products I have not tried yet :-)

  4. Hi Jill! thanks much for stopping by! Yes! they are wonderful as the rest of my cleaning products. I’ve tried just about everything out there and always count on my favs. Hope to see you again soon!
    Carolann XO

  5. I try to make as many cleaning supplies as I can, but the Lysol toilet bowl cleaner is one that I always make sure to have on hand for a good deep cleaning of our toilets. And Purex is my favorite laundry detergent. Quick question, do you use a rinse aid with the Cascade complete?

  6. Hi Alli! Yes, Lysol is a top priority for us too! And to answer your question – nope, that’s why I adore the Cascade complete, no rinse aid needed and everything comes out sparkling and clean! Thanks much for stopping by, hope to see you again soon!
    Carolann XO

  7. Hi Barb! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I hope you enjoy the list – these are products I have tested over time and they are awesome!
    Thanks! Carolann XO

  8. Hi Carolann! This was a good post. There are SO many cleaning products on the market it boggles the mind. I use many of the same products you use as well.

    Today I want to share with you a couple tricks I use to save money on cleaning products.

    1) I like using sponges for my hand washed dishes, but I don’t like it when they get grungy! The sponges can be sterilized by putting them in a bowl of water and into the microwave for a minute or so, until the wet sponge is very, very hot or you can bleach them, depending on what type of sponge you are using. After doing this a couple times though it is time to toss the old and bring in the new. So to cut my sponge budget in half, I simply cut my sponges in half! I actually like using the smaller sponge, so I’m very pleased with this arrangement.

    2) I also like the Swiffer Wet Jet mop. But buying their cleaning solution and pads really adds up. So, I found a solution to slash these products down to basically nothing.

    First, when you have an empty bottle, in order to get the cap off, heat some water on the stove until almost boiling. Take the Swiffer bottle and insert it cap end down into the hot water. Give it half a minute or so and you can then screw the top off in order to refill it with your favorite cleaning solution. Before putting the top back on, take a nail clipper and remove the little barbs around the top that prevent the top from coming off easily. Now you have an easily refillable bottle (I cannot take credit for this, it’s on the web in numerous places).

    Also found on the web is how to make your own reusable pads. For the Wet Jet style mop, get some microfiber cloths and cut them to fit onto the bottom of the mop head. They will cling to the velcro. If you have the regular Swiffer mop (that is NOT a wet jet), get some fleece fabric and cut it to fit the mop and go around the sides to tuck in to the slots. Either of these can be washed in the washing machine and reused. If using the fleece I recommend prewashing and drying the fabric to preshrink it IF it has any cotton in it. If the fabric is all synthetic, it will not shrink.

  9. Hi Susan! So good to see once again. Wow, I must try the swiffer trick – I had no idea! They are sooooo expensive and at the rate I mop my floors that adds up. I also like the sponge idea. Occasionally, I’ve run them through the dishwasher but never liked the way they come out, so I’m going to try the water and microwave trick I love it! I do have some microfiber rags around and I am going to try making my own for sure. I love tips and trick and appreciate getting them from you! It’s always a pleasure hearing from you!
    Carolann XO

  10. Wow that’s an impressive collection. I still remember the Windex joke from the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, especially now that my son is entering puberty and is starting to get pimples!

  11. What a great list! I am not a fan of cleaning. At all. A lot of my friends tell me it’s good therapy for them. Me? I need therapy after cleaning. Seriously. 9 times out of 10 I find myself on the floor crying while cleaning my bathroom. I find it so overwhelming! So thanks for this list! I do love the Magic Erasers (I remember reading about a trick for making them last longer, but now I can’t remember…). I’m excited to try out the Fantastik cleaner; I’m just not happy with what we’re using. Do you happen to have any tips for cleaning hair out of the bathroom? Even 5 minutes after I clean it, I feel like the bathroom is once again covered in hair. It is very discouraging and I could use some top secret tips if you have any!

    P.S. I’m visiting from SITS…happy day :)

  12. I bought myself a Swiffer Wet Jet back in May. My 4-year old son decided Mother’s Day would be the prefect day for him to test it out. He sprayed that stuff all over the kitchen!! He mopped about as well as a 4YO can, and I appreciated the effort, but, Man!! Did I have a mess to clean up!! LOL!!

  13. This is the perfect list for my apartment–I already love my Mr. Clean magic eraser, I think I’ll be checking out the swiffer dusters next!

  14. Oh, I NEED to try Endust Stainless Steel Cleaner. I have a new dishwasher that has a SS front that ALWAYS looks hideous. It’s not like my fridge, which has one of those coatings that keep it looking pretty good. That dishwasher looks like someone spilled something all over the front…always.
    Over from SITS.

  15. Hi Mary, and thanks so much for stopping over and commenting. Oh yes, swiffer is amazing! I have been using these products for such a long time…all tried and true. Have a fabulous weekend! Hope to see you again!
    Carolann XO

  16. LOL that is so cute Rabia…I just pictured the whole thing in my head. Having raised two of them…been down that road a lot! lol
    Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting…means a lot! Hope to see you again.
    Carolann XO

  17. I had a big LOL at your comment about needing therapy after cleaning….trust me…cleaning is not fun or enjoyable at all. I’m just trained that way from childhood as per my post says. I think it’s a waste of valuable time, and I cry when I clean as well lol. I love each of those products….esp the Fantastic…it’s wonderful, and I use it for everything!!! Bathroom cleaning – YIKES. My least favorite of cleaning is doing the bathrooms…I have 3 of them so it’s 3x’s the nightmare. I use my handy portable vac for cleaning the floor hairs. OMG I get tons daily too. It takes me like 2 mins to clean them now with that portable and cordless vac. I adore it! As far as hair in the shower – I made sure I hose it down with the extendable second shower head (you know, the one with the extra head attached with a long hose). I have them on both shower now and they are a life saver. I use them more for cleaning the shower than anything else. I hope those tips help a bit. See you again soon!
    Carolann XO

  18. Hi Ana! Thanks much for stopping over to comment! LOL Yes – that was a great flick. I know it might seem like a huge collection of cleaning products, but each has a unique function and I’ve tested so many they are always my go-to products. Have a great weekend and thanks again!
    Carolann XO

  19. Hi Jean – thanks so much for stopping over to comment. It means so much! Oh yes, you will love it I swear it’s the best out there. It takes stains right out of anything you use it on. Let me know your experience with it when you get it? I look forward to hearing from you again. Have a great weekend!
    Carolann XO

  20. I do love the magic erasers, and as I went through the list, I was thinking, yep, yep, you have everything I try to keep on hand. I do need to get the Endust Stainless Steel Cleaner. I haven’t seen it in the store, but I am definitely keeping an eye out for it! Thanks for the tips! Visiting from SITS.

  21. Hi Kirsten! Thanks so much for stopping over to say hi. I see we like the same cleaning products! lol You must try the Endust Stainless Cleaner for sure. It’s amazing! Let me know what you think when you do ok?
    thanks again,
    Carolann XO

  22. I believe I am obsessed with cleaning products, especially the Lysol disinfecting wipes — They are everything!

    We go through a lot of those as we each have to wipe the gook off the bottom of our shoes prior to taking them to the closet. Yes, that is OCD indeed and I am fine with it.

    Believe it or not, I LOVE cleaning the bathroom’s in our home, maybe it is because I am the only one who will do it as my husband won’t even try.

    My colleagues and I were just talking today about the Magic Eraser and the miracle they perform with each use.

    I also am a big fan of Soft Scrub over Comet or Ajax.

    Thanks for sharing as now, I would like to try Endust Stainless Steel cleaner.

  23. Hi Yulunda! Oh I agree about the Lysol wipes and use them daily! what a great idea to wipe your shoes wow I have to start doing that! Let me know what you think of the Endust when you get it – trust me it’s the best on the market. I love discovering new cleaning products so if you get any new ones please let me know lol! Have a fab weekend.
    Carolann XO your cleaning obsessed sista lol

  24. Swiffer, Mr.Clean Magic Erasers, and Windex are BY FAR my favourite cleaning products! I make all my other cleaners from scratch.

    Happy SITS day!

  25. I like and have used all of these products. I did used to buy Fantastik and went to 409…maybe I will try Fantastik again though. Weinman used to sell these wood cabinet wipes that I used every week on the kitchen cabinets. I am on the hunt for them again as they disappeared from regular grocery store shelves. I think I saw them at Home Depot.

  26. I like Fantastik because it has anti-bacterial in it and love using it for bathrooms and kitchens. It’s funny we like the same products! Yes Home Depot has them. I saw them there for sure. Happy cleaning! Ugh!
    Carolann XO

  27. Really this article contains huge amount of information. Your top five is also mine a little bit different order though. I think it would be helpful for all. Thank you for sharing with us.

  28. I clean houses for a living and I use a lot of these products myself so it’s definitely a helpful list. I’ll also be looking into the other products as well, thank you!

  29. Cleaning is probably the worst job there is and if you’re a mother you just have to have products that will make life easier for you…products that get the job done properly the first time around and saving you time and money.

  30. Hi Carey, You’re so correct. I can’t stand cleaning and having the best products really makes a huge difference. Thanks much for stopping by and hope to see you again soon!

  31. really very nice collection of cleaning products.As my point of view Swiffer is awesome..

  32. Those are some really good cleaning products…
    Get cleaning products that will help you decrease cleaning time at and affordable price.

  33. Carolann, thanks for taking the time and effort to list out those cleaning product. Most helpful :)

  34. Great article! Nice home cleaning products, we try to use some of these as well. With so many products out there it’s really a trial and error game with them to see how well they work etc, which can be expensive so thanks for trying them out!

  35. Thanks much for stopping by and commenting. I love those cleaning products and have been using them for years. It’s hard to find products that you know work well and that arent’ that expensive. thanks much for stopping by and hope to see you again soon!

  36. I love this post! As a cleaner (http://carpetcleaningbelgravia.org.uk/), for me it is really interesting to find new cleaning products that I can try! Most of them I can’t find them in the UK but I can order them if I am very curious! Thanks for sharing! The only one that I have tried is the Swiffer duster and I am really happy with it! Thanks for sharing! Greets!

  37. This is an amazing list of cleaning products. There are many different types of cleaning products out there, using the right products can make the process more faster and better.

  38. Hi Daisy, Glad you enjoyed the post. I have been using those products for years now and really rely on them for everything. Thanks much for stopping by and hope to see you again soon!

  39. That’s an amazing share! I use the swiffer floor cleaner and duster.They are great.After reading the post,I would definitely try some of these products specially the stainless steel cleaner.It’s really great when you find all the cleaning items in one place.

  40. Thanks Sassy , For such a useful post ..
    Cleaning is one of the major task and doing it properly is a another big problem. Choosing the right product is the toughest task while doing cleaning and your post is making it easier to choose the best one so thanks for sharing such information with us I would definitely try some of these products.

    Have a great day!
    cheers :)

  41. Hi Alvin, Thanks much for stopping by and commenting. I love finding the right cleaning products. It makes the job so much easier to do. Glad you enjoyed the post and hope to see you back again soon!

  42. Hi Sassy,

    I will surely suggest these tips to my wife in order to clean mildew in bathroom. We are preparing for the annual deep cleaning and we want to make a very thorough list of the places we usually forget to clean because this year we want to clean the whole house.

    Cleaning is something that needs to be done with focus. The more you focus the easier it is to go quickly.

    Great information that may help people determining what they really need to maintain health and house belongings. Thanks for sharing!

  43. Hi Anderson, so glad you liked the post. I love my cleaning products. They are always a staple in my cleaning routine. Have a great weekend and hope to see you back again soon.

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