Five Reason Why I Despise Being a Clean Freak

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Five Reason Why I Despise Being a Clean Freak 

I think it all started when my dad used to wake my sis and me up on the weekends, shouting, “Man the brooms”! He was no doubt a clean freak too. I think I was around nine or ten years old when my connection to cleaning began. My sister and I would quickly jump out of bed in terror, and get started on our cleaning frenzy. And to think, it’s at least, two cups of coffee before I attempt to hold a decent conversation.  

Five Reason Why I Despise Being a Clean Freak

Trust me, we weren’t happy about it – but we did it nonetheless. We dusted, vacuumed, cleaned the bathrooms, and any other choirs my dad had set into action that day. Reflecting back on those days, I think he wanted to give my mom a break, and figured, hey, this is what “girls” are supposed to be doing – cleaning, cooking, and behaving as we were told.

My mom always kept a very clean house, and my dad was just as obsessed with cleanliness as she was. I can’t say for sure whether it’s a learned behavior, but we were surely trained from the cradle.  Oh, and my sis is exactly the same way – she has her own cleaning-cross to bear. With that being said, here are the top ten reason why I hate being a clean-freak, and why I feel today I’m damaged goods.

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Wasted Time – While I’m cleaning, all I can think about is, “I could be out shopping or reading, or playing on the PC, or listening to music. These thoughts are constantly cycling around my head like a dust storm. I start to calculate and ask myself, “Exactly how many hours have I spent cleaning?” It’s impossible to total – so I move on. I would have to say this feeling is my most despised. And what about the cleaning in between the cleaning? You know the “touch-up” cleaning. Spray some Windex here, Swiffer some dust there. Wasting time is for the young – not for my middle-aged rear-end.

Groundhog Day – I know we all do a lot of things that are repetitive in our day-to-day lives, but seriously? It’s the same rooms, the same chemicals, the same pent-up rage inside me. I stare at the bathroom and think, “for the love of God – can’t people just clean-up after themselves?” Sure, it is great exercise – the most cardio I will ever get within a week, but at least if I’m at the gym, I can be miserable comparing myself to every hot young thing working out right?

The Cost – A few years ago, I decided to pare down my use of chemicals. For a while, I used more than eight different cleaning products thinking the more I purchased, the easier it would be to clean. Well, it worked the opposite. Can you imagine the yearly cost? Again, too much thinking involved, but according to the Statistic Brain website – we can spend on an average $42 a month on cleaning products. I figured I could have doubled that. Think of all the shoe shopping you can be doing instead? The meals out I could have enjoyed – instead, the stakeholders at SC Johnson are enjoying them.

brooms photo

Dual-Edged Sword – I think people’s perceptions of me vary on this subject. I feel they are either thinking, Wow, I wish I could be that clean, Wow, this woman has some major malfunction, cleaning the way she does. I know for a fact that I annoy people with my cleaning obsession. Just today,

I had the cable guy stop over for a repair. He rang the bell, I opened the door, and said, Hi, do you have any booties, please? There was about a second between the words hi and do you have any booties, please. I apologized quickly to him, but he huffed away rather annoyed to gather his booties. Mostly, I annoy myself which is so sad when you think about it. I even annoy my sister, and remember? She’s a clean freak too!

Guilt – It overcomes me – Yes, there are days when I don’t feel well and can’t clean the way I normally do. Usually, I lie in bed, sick and nasty, and think crap, I guess I can dust downstairs tomorrow, or, I know I feel like crap, but I bet I can use the portable vacuum upstairs. How can I feel guilty when I don’t clean?

Well, it’s easy. Inside my obsessed brain, there is a person wondering how badly the dust on her furniture is, or how much soap scum is on the bathroom counter-top. The good news – when all is clean and sparkling, all the guilt washes away, and I’m once again that good little girl who has indeed manned the brooms.

I ask myself, “Is there hope for me? – Can I change my obsessed ways?” The answer is clear and loud – no, my dear…

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And as always, thanks so much for stopping by! If you like this post, Five reasons why I despise being a clean-freak, subscribe via email below and never miss a post again!

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