Beautiful And Realistic Faux Plants That Will Brighten Your Home

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Beautiful and realistic faux plants are the answer if you love flowers and plants but don’t have the time or proper lighting in your home. While we all love our homes, not every room has sufficient light to grow live plants. Many of us fear that faux plants will look artificial and never give them a try.

Furthermore, you’ll soon discover that artificial plants can look as natural and even more beautiful. You’ll also see examples of how to decorate with our beloved faux plants.

Faux Plants

Faux Plants Make Sense For A Busy Lifestyle – Or A Lack Of Natural Light

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While I have plenty of live plants in my home, I also have many faux plants. Having the mix of both makes life easier, and my home decor looks brighter and super chic. Of course, no one can tell they are artificial unless you touch them.

And no one does that, so it’s a win-win! Let’s face it. Caring for live plants can be a huge PIA if you have a busy lifestyle. As much as we love them, they can cause a lot of extra work unless you have easy to care for indoor plants.

In addition, if your home doesn’t offer a lot of natural light, watching your live plant die isn’t always pleasant. On the other hand, if you love decorating your home with plants in high places, watering them can feel like a nightmare.

I’m sure you know how awful it is to clean up dripping water all over the area. But don’t fret! That’s why we adore faux plants, and below, you’ll discover some beautiful and realistic ones you’ll also want. Remember, there’s a solution for everything, and everything has a solution!

Faux Plants

The Beauty Of Faux Plants And Flowers That Look Beautiful In Any Room

Morrow Artificial Tabletop Snake Plant

Bring a botanical touch to your home with a popular houseplant that just got even more fun-loving and easier to manage. This beautiful artificial tabletop Snake Plant is the perfect accent to your decor without the high maintenance of a real plant.

Featuring distinct upright leaves, this lifelike plant is sure to enhance your home with the look of fresh verdure. Tastefully crafted and pre-potted for convenience, this faux plant is ideal for decorating any empty spaces in your home with subtle style and modest looks.

Golden Dieffenbachia Silk Plant

Liven up your decor with the lush greenery of this Silk Golden Dieffenbachia Faux Plant. Subtle wire supports give this plant a realistic shape and texture, while its blend of dark and light green foliage creates a fresh, natural look. This plant’s compact size makes it perfect for smaller spaces such as a patio or home office. And looks so real – no one will ever know!

Faux Plants

Artificial CallaLily Stems Real Touch Fake Flowers Coral Pink

The Artificial Calla-Lilly Bundle by Pure Garden has the appearance of natural flowers and provides a fresh look to your home, office, or special event. Made from high-quality latex foam, each flower in the 24-piece bundle offers a practical alternative to real flowers. However, they look just like actual calla-lilies. The color of the flowers easily blends with various accents and color schemes to add a natural element and come in eight vibrant colors!

Artificial Eucalyptus Plant in Planter

Now, you can place this stunning Artificial Eucalyptus Plant in Planter in Gold Marble 4.5″ Ceramic Pot anywhere in your home to create an indoor Oasis. Hand-crafted by Artisans, this tea Leaf in Gold Marble 4.5″ Ceramic Pot will help upgrade your plant game in style. Made of ceramic with a marble finish, this tabletop greenery in the pot will add a bit of chic nature to your living space. Additionally, with faux plants you never have to worry about watering real plants again! Now, you can experience the beauty without the pain of caring for real plants.

Adcock Artificial Palm Tree in Pot

Are you feeling a little landlocked? Bring a taste of the tropics into your abode with this potted Areca Palm Tree! This botanical offers organic allure without ever having you worry about watering or finding the perfect slice of sunlight. It is nestled inside an understated, round black pot for versatile appeal, but you can always tuck it into another pot of your choice, so it fits right into your ensemble. More importantly, this areca palm tree will create a sunny atmosphere wherever you place it. This stunning faux plant will brighten your home and look stunning.

Nearly Natural Ficus Artificial Tree

Unlike the real Ficus tree (which is finicky and practically leafless in almost any home light conditions), this realistic and beautiful Faux Ficus Tree is eternally verdant and deep green. And it features 756 individual leaves on several sturdy branches. Measuring five feet in height, this wonderful reproduction Ficus would look lovely in a picture window, home entranceway, or even the office. In addition, shoppers love it with over 13,000 five-star reviews.

Kazeila Faux Palm Tree with Handmade Seagrass Basket

This stunning Faux Palm Tree features lush branches and leaves that mimic the real tree thanks to the lifelike details and natural shapes. More so, you can hardly tell it from a real one when looking from short distance. Above all, it’s perfect for indoor decor in any room.
It comes in a decorative handmade natural seagrass basket that’s exquisitely made to achieve functionality and beautiful appearance at the same time. Additionally, the rustic and stylish seagrass basket adds to the natural sense of the faux palm tree. Place it up high on a shelf or on the floor. Either way, it’s beautiful and affordable.

Green Faux Banana Leaf Plant Foliage 

This Green Faux Banana Leaf Plant adds naturalistic greenery to any interior. Moreover, you can make a statement with this unique décor on the mantle, console table, or any living space. Add some greenery to your décor with no keep-up effort with this faux plant today. For example, you can place it in any corner of the room and instantly bring the beauty of the outdoors inside. Anywhere you put it, it will beautify your space instantly.

  • A classic and timeless style of design for your traditional setting home
  • This artificial foliage is crafted using polyethylene and a plastic planter
  • This artificial Swiss cheese plant carries glossy leaves and stems
  • Decorative foliage is an artificial copy of the Swiss cheese plant
  • Plant measures 27″L X 22″W 49″H; and weights 6 lbs.

Faux Pampas Grass Plant

The Faux Pampas Grass Plant look as close to reality due to the delicate design. More so, this decor allows you to feel the presence of nature indoors. And this lifelike faux pampas grass in a stunning planter will bring green life and freshness to your living space.
Additionally, you don’t need to maintain or care for faux plants and don’t require trimming or watering. More so, it will neither die nor fade and will stay fresh-looking all year long. Place it on your coffee table, floor, or shelf to brighten any carefree and maintenance-free room.

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