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How To Make Your House Look Expensive While Spending Less

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These past two years, we’ve done more home renovations than ever before and we did it with a good plan and spending less than we had originally planned. It’s always a good idea to have a solid plan of action when renovating your home and you can do it spending less than you thought! 

Spending Less

When it comes to making your house look expensive and chic, the kitchen and bathroom are usually on priority to renovate your home. However, the other rooms are also required renovation when you want to revamp your house. Your living room is one of the central parts of your home, and that would be the first room your guests will visit. This room must show your personality and aesthetic.

However, if your home still looks old but you are struggling to manage some budget, this guide will help you give a new style to your living place even at a very affordable price. These ideas are going to help those who are enthusiastic to give a new look to their home.

Before you go ahead, here are few things to consider and answer the below questions to yourself:

  • What is designing goal?
  • How many rooms require renovation work?
  • What will be the use of space you want to renovate?
  • What things to replace and what can you keep?

Once you are done with the answers, these key tips will help you give a luxurious look to your house while even spending less.

Simplify Your Styling

You don’t need to go with the over-styling that look messy and disorganized, instead of looking stylish and classy. Combine all your collection, and only keep the things that are sentimental or that have great memories. A basic space will allow the remaining things to look more elegant. Removing unused things will not cost you a penny, and your budget can stay on track.

Rustic shabby chic for your home will be a good option to keep your room’s style elegant.

I’m in love with these decorative doorknobs! They are the perfect way to add some elegance to your home and you can stay in budget doing it. It’s little decor changes that make a large impact! Perfect anywhere in your home, they re great for holding coats, bags, towels, robes, and more. 

Spending Less

Another inexpensive way to add some luxury to your home is by updating your hardware. A few months ago, I added some new pulls and knobs to my kitchen cabinets. Wow, what a stunning transformation. And it was under budget and very affordable.

Spending Less

Use an Interesting Textile

You can give your living room a custom look using some textile products. It can be done with small pieces of cushions, pillows, covers and upholstered stools, none of these things are expensive.

You can also put a Turkish style rug on the floor that is another simple but elegant piece to put in your living room. To put some unique elements in your room, you can use some rare fabrics that will inject your room and personalize your space.

I love using throws and pillows in my home. They are a great way to add pops of color too and they don’t break the budget either. Adding throws and pillows is a great way to make your house feel like home too!

Spending Less

Include a Piece of History

If you want to give some vintage look to your house, you can set a space to put some historical things over there. For this, there is no need to buy something from a museum. Adding some old-style mirror, a chair or a small side table will help in this regard.  These pieces of history add a personal touch to your home and make it unique.   

Lighten up

Yes, this is a simple, elegant and budgeted way to add some luxury to your home. You can use some vintage style lights to put on the walls and hang with the ceiling. It will give a glamorous look to your rooms. 

Spending Less

Use Tiles

It is beautiful as well as takes less time and money. No, there’s no need to go with expensive tile types you can use subway tiles to be under your budget. Your kitchen and bath are the places where you can use this trick to look at your home luxurious while spending less. 

Last month, we completed a renovation in the foyer with some Fasade Panels – they turned out to one of the focal points of my home.

I decided to choose something that was similar to a tile but more visually interesting and wasn’t over the budget either. I was able to pull it all together while spending less than planned. A win-win! 

Spending Less
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I hope you were able to get some good ideas for planning your next renovation. I know it helped us a lot to be able to have a solid plan of action when renovating our home. 
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How To Make Your House Look Expensive While Spending Less - Sassy Townhouse Living

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