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How To Brighten Your Outdoor Space With Solar Powered String Lights

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There is something very uplifting about outdoor lights. Discovering solar-powered string lights was a real game changer! 

How To Brighten Your Outdoor Space With Solar Powered String Lights

We all love outdoor lighting but dealing with electrical cords and plugs is such a hassle. I was so excited when I discovered solar-powered string lighting.

You can use them indoors or out. And of course, using them outdoors means no more wires and plugs. Since they are solar-powered, you save on your electric bill as well which is a win-win for sure! 

I purchased two sets of the multi-colored at a discounted price and was given the white set from the folks at Jobelle. They are called – Solar Fairy Multi-Colored LED String Lights and are on sale for $12.99 a set. You can find them on the link below. 

This beautiful light string is the perfect accent for your indoor or outdoor living space. Drape, wrap, or hang – these charming LED blossoms will surely enhance that fun backyard BBQ with friends and family, or an ordinary night on the deck.

string light

Simply attach the solar panel to the garden spike, and insert it into the ground in a spot where the solar panel will be exposed to sunlight.

After a 6 hour charging period (depending on the intensity of the sunlight), you will get 8-10 hours of continuous functioning, as darkness starts to fall.

Use the mode switch to choose between a warm continuous glow for that special ambiance or a flashing variation for that festive mood.

There is enough excess wire (6.5 ft.) from the last flower until the solar panel to accommodate almost any application.

Let me show you how beautiful they are! 

The base fits easily into the ground and pivots to position towards the sun. 

string lights backyard

See how beautifully they light up at night with nothing but the power of the sun behind them. I love using these Solar Fairy Multi-Colored LED String Lights!

solar powered lights at night

Here are some more shots in my backyard. I have three more sets to put up. I’m so thrilled with the atmosphere they create. Perfect for the winter months too. Think of how beautiful they will look against the snow!

backyard lights solar powered

I have them installed on both sides of the yard fencing. 

solar lights fence area

We used these simple hooks to install the lights. It took less than a 1/2 to install. 


Be sure to check the back of the light as that is where the options are located. You can set them to solid or flicker easily. That is where the power button is located as well. 

solar powered light with stake
back of box
solar light set

They make a beautiful addition to any backyard fence. And since the  Solar Fairy Multi-Colored LED String Lights are made from durable plastic, you never have to worry about them breaking or fading. 

jobelle solar fairy blossom lights

I hope you get to enjoy these Solar Lights as much as I am. They add an atmosphere of relaxation to your outdoor space and will last for years to come. 

How To Brighten Your Outdoor Space With Solar Powered String Lights - Sassy Townhouse Living

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  1. So pretty! I love those fairy blossom lights and am definitely going to look for them. They would make the backyard so much more appealing!

  2. These solar light are adorable! I need to get some, I’m always forgetting to turn off our outdoor little lights until I notice the light switch is on in the morning.

  3. Oh I’ve been wanting a set of these and now that I see how beautifully they really do look. I will certainly be getting more than one.

  4. These Outdoor Solar Powered String Lights are so practical, pretty, and at a good price. Love the pops of color! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Like one of your commenters, I hate it when I forget to turn off outside lights too. These lights are one of the cutest I have ever seen and they look fantastic. I want to get a few sets for outside and will be back to order them from you soon.

  6. Hi Mary, thanks much! They really are adorable. I’m enjoying them in my backyard each night. I plan on getting a few more sets too. Solar power rocks! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  7. Hi Diane. always good hearing from you. Oh yes, these lights are my favs for sure. The solar power is amazing and they are always so pretty to look at. Not bad for $12.99 either. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  8. I really need to invest in some of these. They are beautiful and would work perfectly on my front porch. Thanks so much for showing how wonderful they are. I can’t wait to get a set (or 3) of my own!

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