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20 Brilliantly Upcycled Canisters

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20 Brilliantly Upcycled Canisters

20 Brilliantly Upcycled Canisters - Sassy Townhouse Living

The folks over at Hometalk asked me to curate a board for them about canisters, and I gladly agreed. It’s so rewarding to upcycle anything especially canisters. We all adore mason jars and you will find many of those projects here too! 

I am always astounded at the brilliant creativity in the blogging community. When I see the projects they turn out, I am always inspired and it gets my creative juices flowing. Come check these project out on my group board  – Brilliantly Upcycled Canisters

If you are not a member of Hometalk please be sure to join. I promise you will love it and the many ideas for your garden and home you will find there. Come join me in the fun! You can follow me on Hometalk by clicking here. Be sure to click the “follow” button once you land on that link. And thank you!

Below, you will find a few of the beautiful projects on the board.

Pasta Canisters to Gorgeous Vases – She took her old pasta canisters at the back of her kitchen cupboard and painted and embellished with simple stone beads and twine. Now instead of being hidden away in a cupboard they are a part of my beachy decor!

Pasta Canisters to Gorgeous Vases

Kitchen Canister Printable Labels – Aren’t they cute! She sketched out a quick dress-up that can easily be thrown away at the end of the holidays. (And, you can reprint for next year!) She used Washi tape to attach the labels, but you can use a clear tape or 2-sided tape. The printable PDF file includes blanks with the holiday frames and flowers to fill in your own (cookies, coffee, tea, or any choice of goodies).

Pasta Canisters to Gorgeous Vases

Using Decorative Canisters Can Perk Up Your Kitchen – Check out how canisters can transform your kitchen! I’m always trying to come up with ideas to perk up my kitchen. I found sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest difference. I have a thing for canisters and enjoy hunting for unique ones when I’m out shopping.

20 Brilliantly Upcycled Canisters

This board is always growing with additional canister project ideas so be sure to follow the board and even add your own canister projects! 

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Sharing is Caring! ❤️

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  1. I am always a fan of spray paint. Also, the glued rope canister…thanks for sharing all of these ideas.

  2. So happy you put the link to your canister board that I followed. I like so many of the fun projects there like the Quaker Oats box and Folgers coffee cans which we have a lot of here at home.

  3. These are all fabulous. I used to do this sort of thing though now the only upcycled container in my kitchen is a tall baby food jar I turned into a toothpick holder (poked a hole in the top and painted the lid).

  4. Cute containers! Went to hometalk and signed up — looks interesting! Loved the cobalt blue canister with the fancy lid.

  5. What a cool idea… such creative ideas and re-purposing helps our planet! Thanks for showing us these lovely jars….

  6. So many great ideas here. I may decide not to throw out all the canisters I just cleaned out, after all.

  7. There are some really cute ideas here.They look so nice. I’m always looking for ways to upcycle. Great job. Thanks for sharing.

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