A Guide To Saving Money When Mattress Shopping You Need To Know

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A Guide To Saving Money When Mattress Shopping You Need To Know

Mattress shopping has grown to be a seriously expensive investment, especially if you’re looking for quality bedding and saving money.

Thankfully, the whole process has become less tedious and more rewarding because of the advancements made in the industry. There’s a lot of things mattress companies don’t want you to know, but we’ve found some of the best tips so no worries! 

Saving Money Mattress Shopping
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We spent a lot of time doing the research before committing to a mattress. We wanted saving money to be a top priority in addition to comfort and quality when mattress shopping.

Because we were able to do a lot of researching on the internet, we were able to get the mattress of our dreams while saving money too! Here’s some great information we learned along the way!

If you love saving money shopping online, be sure to check out these awesome shopping tips too! 

Saving Money Mattress Shopping

In recent years, it’s been established that the quality of beds we use has a direct impact on the quality of our sleep and health in general.

The advancements in the sector have made it possible for consumers to get quality mattresses at affordable prices. There are other tips and tricks that will guide you save big on your mattress and they include:

Type of Mattresses

Before you start researching, it’s important to know the types of mattresses available to you. There are many different styles and levels of comfort you can choose from. Below, you can see eight of the most popular types of mattresses. 

  1. Memory Foam
  2. Gel
  3. Pillow Tops – this is the type of mattress I prefer. If you don’t have a mattress with a pillow top, you can always add a pillow topper to an existing mattress as well. 
  4. Innerspring
  5. Water Bed
  6. Air Bed
  7. Latex Mattresses
  8. Adjustable Bases

You can always walk into a bedding center near you and try them out and make sure you know which type you prefer.

Saving Money Mattress Shopping

Where to Shop

Technological advancements in the various sectors have revolutionized marketing and businesses in general. Today, many of the physical mattress stores have become phased out, and only a handful have remained standing.

That’s because many brands have taken their business online. You can take advantage of both shopping online as well as in a store too.

As I mentioned earlier, you can try out the mattress you prefer in a store, make sure you take good notes as to the type, style, size, and how you felt while testing it out.

Then, find an online company that gives you the best deal especially if saving money ranks highest on your list. 

The advantage of such an arrangement is that the whole process has become less tedious but most importantly the prices have been significantly slashed.

Online shops eliminate the warehouse fees, and sales agents’ commissions making it possible to purchase high-quality bedding at affordable pricing.

Saving Money Mattress Shopping
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Your timing to shop is a critical part of getting quality mattresses at significantly slashed prices. There are days, weekends and seasons when the bedding is sold at discount prices. Examples of holidays to watch out for include:

  • Veterans Day – 11th November
  • Memorial Day – 28th May
  • Labor Day – 3rd September
  • Cyber Monday – 26th November
  • Black Friday – 23rd November
  • Amazon Prime Day – 14th July
  • And the 4th of July, among others

On the above days, you’ll be able to purchase your dream mattress at heavily discounted prices. I find the best deals on mattresses are after some of the major holidays as well. Two weeks after Christmas you’ll notice some really deep discounts as well. 

Saving Money Mattress Shopping


Several mattress brands use coupons to advertise their products. In recent times, if you’re keen online or a frequent newspaper reader, you’ll likely come across coupons.

Sometimes, your subscription to magazines will include the coupons. The challenge with using coupons is that many times they have special terms and conditions attached to them and as such one has to be careful when using them. A good example is NovosbedCoupon.

Saving Money Mattress Shopping

Sales and Promotions

Other than the above mentioned holidays and mega shopping events, there are other times when stores can have promotions and sales.

Such special circumstances are especially popular with brick and mortar stores.

Promotions and sales are particular to a specific brand or store and they’ll most likely advertise them in local TV and radio stations.

Brick and mortar stores have limited space and will often have sales to clear items that have overstayed in stock.

Other sales and promotion events include during Valentine’s and Halloween. The trick is to be alert, staying vigilant waiting for such sales.

Free Shipping and Returns

There was a time I was shopping for a bed, and out of the excitement of finding the one I had dreamt of having for so long, I bought it without a second thought. Even though it was quite affordable, I hadn’t considered whether it would suit my sleeping needs.

In the end, I had trouble with the mattress but luckily some of the brand’s perks included free returns and shipping.

Therefore, when you go shopping, aspects to consider and which might help reduce cost is the availability of free shipping and returns, take advantage of them.

In Conclusion

There’s no denying that mattress shopping isn’t what it was a couple of decades back. Major advancements in the sector have led to production and sale of quality bedding at affordable pricing.

The above tips and tricks will come in handy especially if you’re working from a tight budget. Importantly, you also don’t have to worry about the quality being compromised.

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A Guide to Saving Big On Your Mattress You Need To Know - Sassy Townhouse Living

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